The Case of the Bloody Iris

The Case of the Bloody Iris

Beautiful young model Jennifer Lansbury and her goofy friend Marilyn Ricci move into a swanky high-rise apartment after the previous tenant gets brutally murdered. Pretty soon Jennifer is being stalked by the mysterious killer. Probable suspects include a predatory lesbian neighbor, a weird old woman and her deformed son, and even the building's handsome architect who suffers from a severe blood phobia.

Beautiful young model Jennifer Lansbury and her goofy friend Marilyn Ricci move into a swanky high-rise apartment after the previous tenant gets brutally murdered. Pretty soon Jennifer is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alfin N (kr) wrote: Of course this is not paradise. This is earth. There's only money, no love.

PJ P (it) wrote: Like 'The Circle', Offside is about sex discrimination in Iran. But golly! This is a different beast altogether from Jafar Panahi's earlier film. After the Islamic revolution football matches were one of the things barred to women. It became common for young women to disguise themselves as boys to watch games. Apparently the inspiration of the film was an incident when Panahi's daughter was refused entry to a football match (she snuck in anyway). Offside is set against the 2006 World Cup qualifying match between Iran andBahrain in Azadi Stadiumin Tehran. As the crowds enter the stadium we become aware that singly, young girls disguised as boys are attempting to slip pass guards on the look-out for such deviant behaviour. One by one, girls who are caught are placed in a holding area outside the stadium where they can hear, but not see the game. One of the young conscript soldier guarding the girls provides a commentary for them and a lively discussion about football and women's position in society follows - a lovely, gently mocking film, which nonetheless again questioned contemporary Iranian society. All set against the on-going match, of which Panahi used real footage.For the soldiers the girls are a bit of a nightmare: their faces are painted in the Iranian colours (apart from the girl who manages to see the first half disguised as a soldier), they smoke, they argue, and they know absolutely loads about football. But as the two groups get to know each other the girls are awarded some respect. Just as well, the only young lad on the bus taking the delinquents back into town is rude to the girls and one of them drops the nut on his face. There is a happy ending too, as the soldiers, the girls, and the country celebrate victory. After the film was made a group called the White Scarf Girls who protest at football matches in Iran (they are mentioned in the movie) began carrying banners saying "We don't want to be Offside". After many brushes with the Iranian authorities Panahi was arrested and imprisoned in March 2010. In December 2010 he was convicted for "assembly and colluding with the intention to commit crimes against the country's national security and propaganda against the Islamic Republic," andsentenced to six years imprisonment and a 20-year ban on making or directing any movies, writing screenplays, giving any form of interview with Iranian or foreign media. He was not allowed to leave Iran except for the Hajjormedical treatmentSubsequently he has spent the time under house arrest, and despite the election of the 'relatively' liberal PresidentHassan Rouhani, there he remains still under the 20-year filmmaking ban, still not allowed to travel.But since the election several Iranian cultural figures have been released from detention and Iran's guild for filmmakers, the House of Cinema, has been re-opened - we should try to be optimistic.'Offside' has glorious moments of farce. The nice young soldier who has to escort one of the girls to the gents' (there are obviously no ladies') makes her cover her face with a poster of an Iranian football star so that it is not obvious that she's a girl - she walks along with this male face-mask tied to her head. He first makes sure all men have gone; this is not that difficult because the match is on, but a few have to be hurried and an indignant couple of young men have to prevented from entering. By now she is hopping up and down: he instructs her to put her hand over her eyes before going in. From behind her male poster masks she wails in bafflement, "Why should I do that?" "So you can't read." "Read what?" "The walls" he announces. Let's hope that Hassan Rouhani doesn't follow the soldier's instruction.

James C (nl) wrote: Morrie teaches a lot about life, people learn better when they are on their death bed

Dustin G (it) wrote: I remember being very fond of this when I was a kid. And watching it again, I realized, what's not to love. Obviously if you love baseball there's even more to get out of this, but I'm not a fan and I still loved this movie. It's a great prospect, for kids especially, to have a move where a thirteen year old becomes the owner and manager of a professional ball club. This movie know a lot about baseball. It also knows how to film a ballgame. I'm no expert, but the scenes sure look like a real game. It's also funny, interesting and just fun to watch. Makes me want to go rent Rookie of the Year and see how well that holds up to current viewing.

Cameron M (br) wrote: at first i thought this was goin to be a rip off of child's play, but it kind of wasn't, it was actually really good and its a real creepy movie

Scott M (ag) wrote: I thought the story was really silly. A hit man tells a cab driver he's going to kill a bunch of people and that he wants him to drive him around the city to do it. But it was fun anyway.

Cam E (au) wrote: This is the best Diary Of A Wimpy Kid film without a doubt. There are more laughs in this than the other two. I was impressed with how well this film was made and the acting remains fantastic as I expected. I like the idea how Zachary Gordon finally makes a love connection with his crush Peyton List while his brother fails a love connection with his crush after wrecking her 16th Birthday Party. I am glad that this film turned out to be good and David Bowers has definitely improved much more than the second one. Great film.