The Cat and the Canary

The Cat and the Canary

Rich old Cyrus West's relatives are waiting for him to die so they can inherit. But he stipulates that his will be read 20 years after his death. On the appointed day his expectant heirs arrive at his brooding mansion. The will is read and it turns out that Annabelle West, the only heir with his name left, inherits, if she is deemed sane. If she isn't, the money and some diamonds go to someone else, whose name is in a sealed envelope. Before he can reveal the identity of her successor to Annabelle, Mr. Crosby, the lawyer, disappears. The first in a series of mysterious events, some of which point to Annabelle in fact being unstable.

Relatives of an eccentric millionaire gather in his spooky mansion on the 20th anniversary of his death for the reading of his will. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tim J (br) wrote: When you finish this movie you will experience a high like you have never experienced and a craving for bacon.

John W (ag) wrote: Good school friends hold a class reunion where all is not what it seems, unresolved issues still lurk, and everyone is still jockeying for peer approval. Not bad, but a bit light. Characters were very two-dimensional without a lot of depth. Would like to have seen more real angst, less shoegazing and more farce, less suggestion of farcical situations (seriously, have you NEVER seen a John Hughes film?).

Chilli H (de) wrote: to be honest, I really didn't understand the story behind this film. It was a little slow & could have been so much more interesting if the script was better. The entire film may well have just been 25 minutes long

Ryan C (nl) wrote: Unfortunately for most, this anti-capitalism film struck out with them, but for me it is a fascinating and profound look into a very near future that may warrant the messages this movie provides.


Shawn W (gb) wrote: Rare women in prison film with a well known cast - John Vernon, Sybil Danning, Henry Silva all in support. Linda Blair stars as a naive new prisoner who ends up uniting warring racial factions in a riot against the usual corrupt administrators.

Cita W (mx) wrote: It was not bad. I kinda love the dancing.

Steve M (nl) wrote: if this movie doesn't bring a tear to your eye--you're dead

Jennifer T (it) wrote: Good for a laugh. The weirdo with the crazy eyes is totally worth the time spent watching it.

Mloy X (br) wrote: "I'm Margaret DaLorca, Sergeant - as you said , Edie would nevah hurt a fly!" --- Bette Davis (as Edie DaLorca pretending to be Margaret DaLorca).Superb film! Bette Davis was amazing (as usual), she played both twin beautifully to where each lady had very distinct mannerism, not just physical attributes. Karl Malden was pretty awesome too, but the real kick for me was seeing a very young Philip Carey (who played Sargent Hoag, but I will forever fondly know as the magnanimous Asa Buchanan). Although the cast was simply stellar, I have to admit that the real star of this movie was the plot. Granted, by today's standards, the ruse would quickly unravel through the use of modern forensic and evidence gathering but methodology was a lot more simpler then and much of the investigation went by sheer gut-feeling and instinct. The scheme was kind of diabolically clever albeit a wee bit dark, especially given the era. This movie was thoroughly engaging, a little ironic and a little heartbreaking.

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