The Cat o' Nine Tails

The Cat o' Nine Tails

A reporter and a blind retired journalist try to solve a series of murders. The crimes are connected to experiments by a pharmaceutical company in secret research. The two end up becoming targets of the killer.

A newspaper reporter and a retired, blind journalist try to solve a series of killings connected to a pharmaceutical company's experimental, top-secret research projects and in so doing, both become targets of the killer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nate T (br) wrote: Worth while but off-beat film has strong performances but struggles to figure out it's pacing. Stick with it though.

Kedean M (it) wrote: Not as good as the first movie

Christopher B (br) wrote: Epic civil war saga of two Korean brothers that have different ideas on reaching the same goal: supporting their family and keeping them safe.

Lavina E (us) wrote: White Chicks is a senseless yet hilarious movie. It is about two FBI agents Marcus and Kevin, who are assigned to escort two women Brittany and Tiffany, who are going to be used as bait to lure their criminal. Things don't go as planned so they decide to go undercover as them. Finally, a man who knows how it feels to be a woman. They get to learn the joys of shopping, clubbing and sleepovers but more importantly how to be on the cover of Hampton's magazine. It's is a movie packed with "Yo Mama" jokes, break dancing and action! White Chicks is a senseless yet hilarious movie because of the catch phrases and dialogue incorporated in the script. In one scene when there was a battle between the Copeland brothers and Vandergeld sisters Kevin said "Your mother is so dumb she went to Dre. Dre for a Pap smear! Something's wrong Dr. Dre my coochie's is doing a beatbox," (Copeland). This joke was funny because Dr. Dre is a music producer. In a concluding scene Marcus reveals his identity to Latrell that he is an undercover African-American FBI agent. Latrell's facial and verbal reaction is hilarious he said, "You mean to tell me you're not...WHITE?! Didn't anyone tell you this was an all-white party, huh? Someone get this jiggaboo away from me," (Spencer). This was one of the best scenes in the movie because they were indeed attending an all-white event but it was referring to your clothes not the color of your skin. Another comical thing about his statement is Latrell contradicts himself because he too is African-American. Mike Clark from USA Today mentioned in his review "It's hard to imagine anyone but a real stick being offended, because the entire movie is so sassy and over the top that just about anything goes," (Clark) There is an assortment of scenes that are similar to a comical racial observation. Even though there are a lot of racial comedy scenes it doesn't cross the line to make you feel offended unless you're sensitive. The overall movie is comical yet senseless because the men are dressed as women with interchanging voices throughout the movie. The most famous and memorable line from the movie is when Marcus, who is lactose intolerant, ate a whole plate of quiche so he sprinted to the bathroom. There was a woman exiting who was in his way he pushed her and said "Move Bitch," (Copeland) in a deep masculine voice and kept running. It was humorous because it's unexpected. Mike Clark movie critic from USA Today agrees stating "Funnier than expected in ways you wouldn't expect," (Clark). Throughout the movie there is a rivalry between Marcus and Kevin versus the wealthy Vandergeld sisters. Megan Vandergeld tells one of her guy friends to throw a football "accidentally" towards Marcus. He gets splashed with water from the football and said in a masculine voice "Hey, Yo! You do that again; I'm going to bust..." (Copeland) he then realizes he's in a female disguise he changes his voice back to a feminine. The facial reaction of everyone surrounding him on the beach was the most hilarious thing ever. In another scene a burglar snatches Kevin's Prada bag from him and takes off running. Since he is an undercover FBI agent he had his gun and badge in the handbag therefore he decides to chase after him. While he was running he was making grunts in between his breathing patterns. The whole time he was chasing he was talking in his natural masculine voice. As he flipped over the car then proceeded to say to the thief, "You messed with the wrong blonde today pal," (Copeland) after that he tackled him like a football player. Picture a muscular 6-foot tall white woman, with long blond hair, chasing a burglar and then see if that doesn't make you laugh. Audiences will enjoy the movie because of its mockery of the stereotypical wealthy white woman. There is a scene where Kevin Copeland has to show identification but he is in disguise. So he throws what they call a "BF" otherwise known as a "bitch fit." In order to distract the receptionist, he states "I wanna speak to your supervisor! Better yet, I'm going to write a letter! Dear Mister Royal Hampton. I am a white woman, in America," (Copeland). Many people would agree with the stereo-type that wealthy white women are rude and love to report someone. It's hilarious because they did it in a dramatic way, instead of speaking with a supervisor he was going to write a letter to the owner of the company. The movie is based on a mockery of Paris and Nicole Hilton. Mike Clark refers in his blog "The hammered-home Paris Hilton connection is inspired, and, in fact, more than half of Chicks' non-African-American female characters are blonde, spoiled and on their way to terminal rot in the Hamptons" (Clark). One of the stereo types is that they all get breast implants. There's a scene in the movie where Kevin Copeland checks in at a hotel knocking over everything with his fake breast "Sorry. Um...Um...They're new. Dr. Dorfman did an amazing job," (Copeland). It's amusing because even though there are numerous of wealthy white women that get breast implants not all of them do. Anyone who knows Paris Hilton knows she is a wealthy daughter who dresses in the finest clothes and carries her chiwawa in her bag everywhere she goes. The writers make fun of that by adding a scene when Marcus and Kevin arrive to their hotel they hand over there dog to the doorman "Here take Baby. Clean out the bag. Poor thing pooped everywhere," (Copeland). Many stereos-typical phrases are mentioned and what makes it funny is that some statements are true such as wealthy white woman with a dog in her bag. On the contrary some may find this movie undeniably ignorant and childish. Everyone's perspective is different therefore what one may think is humorous another may not. Take film critic Roger Elbert who says, "Audiences who see the TV commercials and attend "White Chicks" will want sharp, transgressive humor," (Elbert). Film critics tend to be stricter especially because they are comparing to other comedy films, but even though Elbert despised the film you can see his point of view. Throughout the movie there are a numerous amount of immature scenes. Someone who classifies themselves as a serious minded person would think the opening scene is immature and unamusing. The movie opens up to comedians Marlon and Shawn Wayans dressed up as two Hispanic men in a convenient store trying to catch criminals in the act. One might think why they have these horrible costumes with undoubtedly faux mustaches on with counterfeit accents? The entire movie is about two black men pretending to be two wealthy white women and all they do is shop and party. Sounds like a great lifestyle fit for a teenager. Which would make sense as to why a lot of young viewers enjoyed the film. Viewers may observe a scene where the two main characters, Kevin and Marcus Copeland, did a "Yo Mama" battle against the Vandergeld sisters and observe that as childish. The very first time they run into the Vandergeld sisters they greet by sabotaging each other with mother jokes. The Vandergeld sisters approach them by saying "Look who just flew in from the slums of Beverley Hills. It's the Beverly ho Billie's," (Vandergeld). Then they proceeded to say "Your mother is so stupid that she exercises when she could just get liposuction and stuff," (Vandergeld). One might think what are we in middle school doing mother jokes? They may question how is this even relevant to the topic? Did the writers really take their time to thoroughly think out the script, or did they just throw pieces together? If this movie is based on celebrity stars Paris and Nicole Hilton why was there a dance battle scene? Since there is a rivalry between the Wilson and Vandergeld sisters why do they run into each other at a nightclub and decide to battle by dancing. What more perfect way of proving you are more popular than to do a dance battle in the middle of the floor? To end it all Marcus and Kevin decide to bring a little hip hop breakdancing to the dance floor and they immediately take the win. Viewers might think this is so immature and pointless. There is a numerous amount of questions one could ask of why there would be irrelevant child-like scenes throughout the movie. Not only are there childish scenes but ignorant as well. When Brittany, (Kevin) and Tiffany, (Marcus) first arrive to their hotel they run into a group of old friends. Somehow their horrible makeup, height and facial structurer doesn't notify them that they are not the real Brittany and Tiffany Wilson. A conversation occurs between the two when they notice that Marcus and Kevin don't immediately recognize them. When they begin to notice that there is something different about them they notice that their lips are bigger and they are taller. They don't notice the fact that they look completely different from head to toe. Marcus and Kevin's response is they got surgery done on their lips and they got their knees done. Yes, that's right they fell for, you can get taller by getting your knees done. Believing that statement alone has got to be one of the most ignorant statements to date only a bimbo would believe.Viewers who are a little bit more sensitive could take the racial comedic dialogue to heart, the entire movie is packed with jokes related to race. In the scene where Kevin and Marcus arrive to the hotel they run into a Hispanic doorman Gomez who is their co-worker undercover. Marcus hands him the bag with the dog in it and says "Here take Baby and clean out his bag. Oh and teach him how to say "Yo Quiero Taco Bell" thanks a lot Rico Suave," (Copeland). Even though it was a joke a Hispanic person could take offense by the stereotypes related to Taco Bell. Taco Bell is known for its tacos which relates to a Hispanic culture but that doesn't mean all Hispanics like Taco Bell. Terry Crews who plays Latrell makes it obvious that he's only interested in white women. When he goes on a date with Brittany (Marcus) he ordered saying "I'll have white meat only," (Spencer) then he makes a face at Marcus implying that was his only interest. This scene woman could take offense thinking so she's just a piece of meat to you, literally. The writers made sure not to leave one race out. One of the most memorable scenes is when all of the girls are in the car and they are listening to music. Marcus and Kevin aren't interested in what they are listening to so they change the station. They land on an urban radio station and forget they are still in their Caucasian women disguises. A rap song comes on that involves the "N-Word" and they sing along. For an African-Americans that word is sensitive even though it was a joke one could take offense. Heather Vandergeld stated "These starving kids in Africa make me so sad. They don't even have to try to be skinny," (Vandergeld). Given that Africa isn't as poor as America would like Americans to think it is still a sensitive topic. If you've ever seen a miserable unfortunate commercial about help donating to feed the kids in Africa, you would know that though there are poor cities they are everywhere. Africa has been portrayed as if its entire country is poor. People who are extremely sensitive could take offense. The main racial joke was on the stereotypical white woman. The movie portrays that the average wealthy white woman from the Hamptons "We're all going to get together and go...Shopping," (Copeland). The movie portrays a complete bimbo and is incapable of doing anything valuable unless it involves shopping, sleepovers or a night out with the girls. Even though this does sound like a great lifestyle the movie doesn't showcase the hard working woman that earned her right to be able to do those things. There is nothing wrong with enjoying life especially if you've worked hard for it. White Chicks isn't meant to enlighten you; it isn't meant to make any sense. It is merely just supposed to make you laugh. Since this is a comedy film don't take it to heart or to seriously. The writers are all diverse and every race gets teased no one was left out. The reason why comedy films are made are simply to make someone laugh and smile. Whether something is stupid or immature so what! We all need something to bring out the inner child in us. Critics are going to critique because they get compensated to, regardless of their perspective that shouldn't alter yours. View this film or any comedy film with no expectations except to just make you laugh.

Chris T (gb) wrote: Naff, derivative and incoherent, but I only paid 3 for it at Asda, so I don't feel too cheated. Also features the most irrelevant allusion to Josef Mengele in cinema history.

Private U (es) wrote: It really struck me, I related to themes it explored. Willem Dafoe was fantastic. Only some of the music and the somehwat predictable ending let it down a little bit.

Faye C (kr) wrote: My favourite ever film !!!!

Richard B (de) wrote: Brilliant fun, excellent scenes for the era of film. Me and Dave have decided we need to get the rating up!!!

Eduardo C (ca) wrote: A Halloween classic with metal music.El heavy no es violencia!

Carlos M (ca) wrote: The controversy surrounding the way the Turks are depicted is not without reason, but the film is quite engaging (with a wonderful score) as a disturbing portrayal of hell as a Turkish prison, showing the ugly conditions faced by a very unfortunate man in a horrible situation.