The Cat Returns

The Cat Returns

Haru, a schoolgirl bored by her ordinary routine, saves the life of an unusual cat and suddenly her world is transformed beyond anything she ever imagined. The Cat King rewards her good deed with a flurry of presents, including a very shocking proposal of marriage to his son! Haru embarks on an unexpected journey to the Kingdom of Cats where her eyes are opened to a whole other world.

Haru is a girl who one day saves the life of a cat that turns out to be unordinary cat. Haru then finds herself involuntarily engaged to a cat prince in a magical world where her only hope of freedom lies with a dapper cat statuette come to life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mayank F (br) wrote: I am trying to sum up the number of times i hv seen orphanage kids haunting.If u can't be original, be nothing.

Steve S (nl) wrote: An entertaining documentary that covered an event that I didn't know existed. It really just made me want to go golf.

Elena S (us) wrote: Scifiction movie that almost same with leonardo dicaprio's film

Kevin M W (nl) wrote: How can anyone learn to love or love freely when we all come from such flawed backgrounds, when no one knows how to love? This work intelligently explores this dynamic with two souls who come together specifically because of their tangled roots and their innate distrust of even themselves. Put this on a double feature with The Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind.

Walter M (es) wrote: "A Somewhat Gentle Man" starts with Ulrik(Stellan Skarsgard), a man of little words, being released from prison after 12 years which he faces with no little reluctance. It is a little surprising considering he is quickly greeted by his old boss, Jensen(Bjorn Floberg), who sets him up with housing with Karen(Jorunn Kjellsby) where he is able to get a Polish channel on his old television.(This is also proof that there is simply no escaping 'Dancing with the Stars' but maybe he can tune in an Andrzej Wajda film.) And Ulrik is able to get a job quickly as an auto mechanic for Sven(Bjorn Sundquist) where Merete(Jannike Kruse) warns him to not even think of it. Well, maybe it has to do with Jensen telling him he has to repay his debts, starting with killing the witness who put him away. In general, I have a theory that films will not mention when a protagonist has committed a murder for fear of losing sympathy which "A Somewhat Gentle Man" disproves in its own offbeat, deadpan and often amusing way.(Admittedly, that woman getting rudely dropped in a dumpster was not funny in any way.) Much of that goes towards the movie's central theme of adjustment and accpetance for ex-cons. But some of the plotlines actually feel more like digressions. And even with a subtle change of tone, the movie is simply too long for its slight aspirations. That's even with the always welcome and charismatic presence of Stellan Skarsgard who is entirely credible as a middle-aged sex symbol.

judith c (de) wrote: A movie well worth seeing. There are bumps in the construction of the film but it has a strong point of view and gets it across in a way most unusual in today's market: with fondness towards all. Yes, it requires some suspension of disbelief but that's OK for a humanist like myself, tired of the headlines of the rapacity of our kind against itself. Thank you for the entertaining respite and thank you, AJ Cook!

Zoran S (br) wrote: I think this is the best of Hsiao-hsien's most recent films. It's a homage (of sorts) to Ozu but it also is not merely an exercise in recreating his difficult style. This is wonderfully understated and wonderfully moving at times.

Drew M (gb) wrote: As a mental exercise, I loved it. As a film, I thought it was okay. I found reading about the mechanics and piecing together the timeline to be far more enjoyable than watching the movie itself.

Rmi M (jp) wrote: Il manque l'emotion qu'on ressent dans le bouquin.

Andr D (kr) wrote: El documental de Wi Wenders acerca del disenados Yohji Yamamoto, es un pretexto para hacer una serie de reflexiones profundas, enigmaticas y complejas, no solo acerca del mundo de la alta costura, sino tambien de la experiencia moderna. Veala acompanado del libro de Roland Barthes "El Sistema de la Moda" para una experiencia doblemente intensa.

Kyle G (mx) wrote: Admirable and heart-warming, insofar as the travails, beautiful fellowship, and eventual parting of a Russian soldier and a strange Mongolian hunter deep in the wilderness of 1907 Siberia has any emotional impact at all. The setting left me cold, figuratively as well as literally, starting with obvious, unnecessary narration from Arseniev and continuing into an incorrigibly soporific and boring plot. More than two hours of ghastly, frigid, hyper-patient life doesn't necessarily compel me as a viewer. The visual style is mesmerizing and masterful, and the project must have been a perfect salve for a wounded, uncertain soul -- as Kurosawa was at this time -- but this is unfortunately not exactly a transcendent, crucial piece of art for the viewer.

Carmela M (us) wrote: Born Free is a heartwarming film with a great story. It's a real piece of art.

Jonathan P (us) wrote: Other than a lot of wasted potential and a young James Caan Lady in a Cage is a watchable yet dull suspense movie about a lady (terribly overacted by Olivia de Haviland) trapped in her stair elevator after her electricity is cut. James Caan as a scummy thief gives a cringe worthy performance but does give a glimpse or two of the talent that was developing.

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