The Catcher

The Catcher

A trapeze instructor encounters the supernatural while trying to enjoy a beautiful summer day.

A trapeze instructor encounters the supernatural while trying to enjoy a beautiful summer day. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bryce M (it) wrote: Writer, Director and star Joseph Gordon-Levitt displays his talent as a director and continues to show he can play any role. Even a porn addicted meathead.

Sherry Z (gb) wrote: OK. Didn't it was a silent movie going in. The ending was ridiculously sad

Frank E (br) wrote: That's my school!!!! So awesome to see my school (I'm at Saint Paul, but I have also taken courses at Ottawa U) in a movie. The film was a lot better than I expected too. Yay Canadian films.

Roro A (nl) wrote: gooooooooooooooooooood

Ville P (fr) wrote: In the near future a cop Alex (Olivier Gruber) must face terrorists, renegade cops and cyborgs. Cool action scenes by director Albert Pyun. The script and sense falls behind, but this is still fun. Tim Thomerson gives very diffrent style of a role as a main cyborg Farnsworth, Brion James and Nicolas Guest are the left and right hand.

Jordan W (fr) wrote: the movie couldve been way better than it was

Andy G (fr) wrote: crawlspace is ok horror movie about a milarty team searching for a woman in small tunnels in faculty. C+

Robert H (kr) wrote: I remember the first time I saw this film, the Beta tape looked so tempting from the shelf in Jumbo Video that I just had to see it. And boy did it pay off. I totally had a blast... of course, I was also a tween. The second time I saw the film I was on a "date" with someone and she wanted something that was funny but maybe a little scary too. Seeing Terrorvision on the shelf I couldn't help but think back to my young days and think... this would be perfect. Neither of liked the movie at all and turned it off after about 30 minutes. We had sex instead. Now having seen the film a third time... I am brought back to my childhood and loving everything about this film. The low budget, over acting, crazy concept, lame humour, the dreadful 80s stereotypes, the great gooey grossness and physical FX, etc. all speak to me in ways that make me giddy with delight. Of course, the movie is still terrible. But it's sooooo bad it's good. Well at least for me it is. What I'm most looking forward to is my next viewing of the film. If paterns continue it will mean I'm likely going to get laid at some point that night ;) Bring on the Terrorvision!!!!

Joanna S (us) wrote: "From the first, I knew that behind those lovely eyes is the brain of a very clever woman, who could never have traveled eight hundred leagues without a purpose."

Pavan R (au) wrote: A star cast with a sweet movie...and some really romantic and touchy moments...

Greg S (au) wrote: A tortured artist discovers that human blood is what his paintings have been lacking. No sooner does he begin killing for his art does his bankability begins to skyrocket. Yet another explotation piece from the H.G. Lewis.

Sachit T (ca) wrote: Almost perfect if not for the predictable end.

Jos M (au) wrote: Una Meryl Streep desaprovechada y una hermosa Uma Thurman.