The Cave

The Cave

After a group of biologists discovers a huge network of unexplored caves in Romania and, believing it to be an undisturbed eco-system that has produced a new species, they hire the best American team of underwater cave explorers in the world. While exploring deeper into the underwater caves, a rockslide blocks their exit, and they soon discover a larger carnivorous creature has added them to its food chain.

The movie shows us terror lurks deep beneath the surface of the Earth. Particularly, bloodthirsty creatures await a pack of divers who become trapped in an underwater cave network. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason C (mx) wrote: I'm not entirely sure why this film has a relatively low rating; turning the focus of the standard zombie set-up from consumerism to teen romance works nicely and there are some very funny moments along the way. Admittedly it is no laugh riot but anyone who has either experienced young love gone wrong or seen it close up will find many wry observations as Zach gets the second chance he never deserved.

Cat R (de) wrote: Good documentation of the pharmaceutical exploitation of women but is ciscentric+heterocentric (one briefly eluded to lesbian couple does not count) and biosex essentialist.

Patric C (us) wrote: Too bad the amateur style was very noticeable. This is one of the rare instances where I would agree with a bigger budget remake, because the originality in Zombies Anonymous should not be ignored, it's something not often seen in horror.

Wendy M (jp) wrote: The real story of City of God. Different place same theme, and not entertaining.

Joseph H (ru) wrote: Doesn't seem interesting

Lewis E (br) wrote: Entertaining merely for the kilt-wearing Samuel L.Jackson coming to England gimmick but there are 51 reasons not to watch it including its overacting, plot incoherence, excessive profanity and general poor attempts to replicate a Guy Ritchie film.

Patrick S (br) wrote: Brilliant, simple, heart-breaking, important.

Kyle F (nl) wrote: Turned it off in the middle