The Cave of the Golden Rose

The Cave of the Golden Rose

In the middle of a war between two kingdoms queen died tragically while giving birth to her third daughter. The king wanted a male heir to his throne and torn by the death of his wife, decides to sacrifice the girl and leads to the Cave of the Golden Rose to give her to the monster. The child is saved by the White Witch who promises her a wonderful future. With a rebellious temperament, the princess, named by his father Fantaghiro behaves like a tomboy. But one day she must confront the enemy, the king Romualdo, which is in love with her.

During archery in a wood Princess Fantaghiro is discovered by the hostile king's son Romualdo. He is able to take a short look at her before she can escape and immediately falls in love ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ross M (es) wrote: Fairly enjoyable though very lightweight and uneven.

Marischa B (kr) wrote: I guess I was expecting some really lame b-action movie and I got a pretty exciting one instead. Not complaining mind you. Quite the opposite, the main actor here does fulfill everything a main character of such a movie has to do and/or be. It's not only his physique that is right, but also his presence. His relationship with another character tries to do something and might fail here and there, but it's still accomplishes a lot of things, story-wise.Of course it is not so much the story (or any message, if you want to read one into it), that will make or break the movie, but the action. While I like Rourke, he does seem a bit stale playing this role. It's a shame, a better villain, would have also been a better movie. As it is, it is decent and worth a watch

Brad D (ag) wrote: inspirational and eye opening. A MUST WATCH or EVERYONE.

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Jack P (ca) wrote: This is a wonderful love letter to the series, and Kaiju films in general. Where's the 90's trilogy focused on the dark and epic, this gem focuses on the lighthearted wonder of the Kaiju genre. Heart warming and a joy to behold.

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Matthew S (us) wrote: A near perfect film.

Maxwell S (nl) wrote: Demme, much like Scorsese, is always stylish, but still masterful. This is basically an 80's movie, but with a more original style. Throughout the movie we see a measure of how sane Charlie and Audrey really are. Also, the tension that loosens from Charlie's character and tension gained from the incidents caused from Charlie's free feelings. Audrey's emotions always set the whole tone of the scene. I also, for some odd reason, love it when movie all adapt from such a small incident (not paying the bill). I don't ever really say this about romantic comedies (even though this may rank among the best), I felt oddly touched by this. The scene where he talks on the phone "with his wife" and we hear the tone implying he isn't talking to anyone was a well made. Because we don't quite realize right away why he did that. But when you look back on that scene it gives you a feeling of sympathy. Anyway, Demme's a master and this film is very subtle about it's brilliance, but there is a lot of brilliance there. Trust me. Lastly, I'd like to say that the ending, which I liked (I suppose), kind of felt like an ending to "Do the Right Thing", which may sound weird, but it did.

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