The Cell 2

The Cell 2

The Cusp is a serial killer who kills his victims and then brings them back to life; over and over again; until they beg to die! Maya is a psychic investigator who gained her powers after a 1 year coma after she was the Cusp's first victim! Now the Cusp Killer is back and Maya has little time to do what she has never done before: go into the mind of a killer unprotected and save his latest victim.

The Cusp is a serial killer who kills his victims and then brings them back to life; over and over again; until they beg to die! Maya is a psychic investigator who gained her powers after a... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Cell 2 torrent reviews

Benjamin P (us) wrote: "show me how you fight!"

Eliabeth K (kr) wrote: I think this movie is hilarious. I loved it. My friends and I have a tradition of watching it for a good laugh.

Jacob H (gb) wrote: A film that has been long overdue. Would have liked more emphasis on the actual lack of learning (critical thinking, reading, and writing skills) happening across the board in higher education but I will take what I can get.

Eyal D (de) wrote: An art-house entry that presents an intriguing concept but its execution from the very start is a real let down. For a nifty premise about a world in which an epidemic begins to rob people of their sensory perceptions, PERFECT SENSE is hardly gripping. Instead it increasingly gets annoying with some of its creative choices that hinder its dramatic potential. Much of the film is stilted and dull as the filmmakers tried to create a sense of intimacy when. clearly, the bigger story is the more interesting one. It's a real shame because PERFECT SENSE is filmed with artistic flair and could have have been far more rewarding to an audience looking for something smart to think about.

Abhishek K (nl) wrote: one of the best crime film.

Barbara C (fr) wrote: Deliciously twisted and an excellent adaptation of a really fine Jacobean play. Actors are great, but watching Derek Jacoby as a Karl Lagerfeld sendup is priceless.

Jason V (ag) wrote: A very good not enough known Scream like.Scream 3 is inspired by it, seting the action during a film shooting.

Felicia R (mx) wrote: I was watching it today on IFC... WOW.. true story comes real. Plus Jeremy Irons and Gong Li are inspiring amazing actor n actress!! Very beautiful backgroung of Hong Kong... recommended for anyone who wants go to CHINA or foreign. LOL

Niral G (ru) wrote: Typical Mira Nair movie. A little too "artistic" for my taste.

Anthony C (de) wrote: It's got non-stop laughs at every moment, what more can you want?

Brian H (es) wrote: Love this film! It was filmed in Pittsburgh, lots of shots from my old neighborhood on the Northside. I miss da'burgh Extremely silly and very funny with it. Matinee idol Hamilton gamely spoofing his own image as a suave Count Dracula stranded in disco-era New York. Always brings a smile to my face. You won't be able to get all in-jokes if you haven't seen the original Bela Lugosi version of Dracula (1931) before ...Absolutely hilarious! ^.^

Ben L (au) wrote: I personally didn't know the plot device used in Run Lola Run so if the story construction will be a spoiler to you, then I guess beware because I have to talk about it. I tend to really enjoy movies that explore the whole butterfly effect idea, and this movie does it by showing the same events with only slight changes and then presents how dramatically that affects the path of the characters' lives. What's really interesting is they also show quick flashes of how the different interactions Lola has with bystanders also changes their lives. One of my big complaints, though, is that there isn't any consistency to who gets these flash-forwards on each run through. I generally prefer (in films of this style) for everything to be the same except for subtle differences, however in this film there are people that Lola doesn't even come in contact with from one time to the next. I also am a bit confused, because I'm not sure whether Lola is aware that she is reliving the 20 minutes or not. It seems there are some snippets of information she is carrying over from one time to the next, but it's just not clear. I guess I would simply like a more defined set of rules to the strange supernatural way the story is being told.The acting is not at all consistent in Run Lola Run. Some actors are really great, and impress me with an emotionally nuanced performance, while others are flat and feel like they shouldn't even be acting in commercials. One example would be Franka Potente, because she has certain moments that impact me emotionally, and then later she's entirely too whiny in tone and lacks the confidence that I think they're trying to present in her character. However, despite the flaws I do find the story of the film engaging. I like that they present the entire thing in 3 distinct arcs, and some of the creative visuals they utilize are excellent. It's particularly interesting that each time they reset we are presented with a poorly drawn cartoon of the beginning of the run. I also like some of the split-screen techniques that increase the tension as time is quickly ticking away. Overall, the style of Run Lola Run kind of trumps the story-telling of the movie. I think they have a kernel of a great idea, but it never fully forms into a great film. It almost feels like there should be a director's cut somewhere that I'd enjoy more. A cut of the film which connects some of the side characters' stories we see in the first run-through but are left without on round 2 or 3. As it stands I'd watch Run Lola Run again, but it's not one that I feel warrants a recommend from me.

Eric J (ca) wrote: This film reminded me somewhat of "The Deceivers", which also starred Pierce Brosnan in the role of a British Colonial official. An interesting character study. The ending was a surprise.

Borhan K (ru) wrote: Double points for Double team. This is the combo of Van Damme and Dennis Rodman. I have to say for its time it must have been good cause if Van Damme and Dennis Rodman were A listers wow what was the world coming too.Personally as a fan of Van Damme i watched this for some light actionit has a lot of Basketball jokes about defense and rebounding scoring and even made fun of Rodman's pathetic free throw scoring.I did not realize back when i was younger this flick had Mickey Rourke playing the bad guy. Even back then he had the bad guy role down pat.If you saw this when you were younger you would have watched it for Van Damme and Rodman if you give it another go watch it for Mickey Rourke's bad guy performance.It has a coliseum looking thing that the final battle goes down and a battle between human and tiger.I would say if the kids want to watch this watch it with them supervised.but honestly if you choose to sit and watch this flick with the kids watch Harry Potter instead.