The Chair

The Chair

Psychology student Danielle inadvertently wakes a evil spirit while renting a century old Victorian house. In setting out to prove his existence, Danielle inadvertently frees and becomes a puppet of the spirit of serial killer Edgar Crowe. Danielle's sister Anna now must find a way to stop Crowe without killing her sister.

Danielle, a young psychology student, is trying to rebuild her life when she sublets a century-old Victorian house. Unknowingly, she awakens an evil specter lurking in the dark recesses of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Forest R (gb) wrote: Basically it was just as I had suspected it would be, the film is just a smug, self-congratulatory piece of marketing or propaganda promoting the superiority of the scientific worldview. It?s like one big music video (the film-makers said it was meant to be like a ?rock `n roll tour documentary for science?), interspersed with their favorite rhetorical slam-dunks on easy targets ? just the most laughable representatives of religion they happened to encounter over the course of the tour. It contained no real critical reflection, and no recognition of any limitations or shortcomings the scientific worldview might have. Science is essentially the religion of atheists, and they're just as chauvinistic and intolerant as other fundamentalists about their faith.

Hannah M (us) wrote: Disturbing, graphic, painful to watch. I felt sick to my stomach most of the movie. I wanted to scream and cry (I did cry.) This movie is a must see. Child abuse and abuse of the handicapped need to be put in the public eye.

John B (us) wrote: Good movie, I enjoyed this one and it's story about a funeral party and trying to right the wrongs of the past.

Christian M (ru) wrote: Informative and entertaining little doc.

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Sanchayan S (fr) wrote: One of the scariest Dragon movies , Dragon Slayer is exciting visually and adventurously encircling a live fire breathing drake and a unlikely hero of a sorcerer's apperentice who goes on to become an unsung dragon slayer. This dark adventure also highlights the ongoing social distinction between men and women and although it is shown in a crude way its good none the less. There is also an unnecessary love story emerging out of nowhere , not built upon sufficiently to flesh out the characters of Valerian and the others. Speaking of characters , the dragon steals most of the show with the roaring fires and thundering growls and good cinematography involving the dragon revealing it only when it is required. Visually this beast is created well with Stop Motion Animation and is another of those classic creatures which will go down in history. On the whole "Dragonslayer" can boast the fact that it has produced one of the best dragons in the history of cinema

Eric J (au) wrote: Well-made early Spielberg film. Goldie Hawn did much better than you might have been expecting. Good Cast.

Sean L (it) wrote: Two German citizens on different sides of the war effort find themselves at the center of a clandestine cargo-grab in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Marlon Brando plays the first, a pacifist expat who's arm-twisted into aiding British intelligence as a counter agent, while Yul Brynner takes charge as a disillusioned sea captain in charge of a precious Nazi payload. Though they're constantly at-odds, for reasons both above the surface and beneath, the two men have much more in common than either would like to admit. This makes for an interesting conflict, as both attempt to conceal a secret that would otherwise serve to potentially unite them. Commendable for the constant churn of its plot, which changes shape by the minute and drives its players to scramble in response, it deserves special marks for exploring the deep humanity of the cast. With but one exception, a first mate who's as dedicated to the Reich as Hitler himself, this vessel is awash in shades of grey, and that's a refreshing change of pace. Level-headed and even-handed, it keeps us guessing and even serves to shock on one jagged, violent occasion. A complex, intense, strangely overlooked WW2 classic.

Logan M (ca) wrote: A classic that has as much star power as it does charm.

Brian S (nl) wrote: It was surprisingly good, and kept a good pace and story while we went behind the scenes of Katy Perry's concert and personal life.

Rob A (ca) wrote: Natalie Portman's very first movie. Not a bad movie at all.

Anson H (it) wrote: Tons of fun. It's hilarious

Mike R (gb) wrote: Harmless little love story. Baruchel and Eve are charming enough to warrant at least one viewing.

Dushyant S (br) wrote: Brooklyn is a simple story told with amazing beauty and depth of emotion. Every scene is so aesthetically crafted and well acted that you can't help but feel for the protagonist. It reminds us to dream and to be fearless in pursuit of those dreams.