The Chamber

The Chamber

Having survived the hatred and bigotry that was his Klansman grandfather's only legacy, young attorney Adam Hall seeks at the last minute to appeal the old man's death sentence for the murder of two small Jewish boys 30 years before. Only four weeks before Sam Cayhall is to be executed, Adam meets his grandfather for the first time in the Mississippi prison which has held him since the crime. The meeting is predictably tense when the educated, young Mr. "Hall" confronts his venom-spewing elder, Mr. "Cayhall," about the murders. The next day, headlines run proclaiming Adam the grandson who has come to the state to save his grandfather, the infamous Ku Klux Klan bomber. While the old man's life lies in the balance, Adam's motivation in fighting this battle becomes clear as the story unfolds. Not only does he fight for his grandfather, but perhaps for himself as well. He has come to heal the wounds of his own father's suicide...

A young man fresh out of law school tries to win a reprieve for his racist grandfather who is on death row. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Noah Johns mommy (mx) wrote: i just love this movie i want to own it.

Kelly R (nl) wrote: It looked really corny in the commercials, but it's hockey and I was in Canada at the time, so I went to see it. Plus, I like musicals. The music was terrible! No catchy songs or anything. And the story just wasn't that good either.

Michael B (ca) wrote: Very important message. Many of the good points from the book are missing, but the film gets it's intended point across.. Do yourself a favor and pick up the book.

danandriyo a (de) wrote: kurang setengah bintang lg sempurna :)

Yasmine G (gb) wrote: This movie revolves around the song "Elisa" by Serge Gainsbourg. Depardieu is, as always, fascinating.

Amanda C (ru) wrote: There's a lot of interesting imagery in Naked Lunch. The Mugwumps are fantastic creatures as are the talking, bug typewriters. The whole thing is like one large, drug induced hallucination. It's a bit hard to grasp onto anything concrete, but maybe that's the point. It's a swirling mass if insubstantial ideas on creativity and language and writing. Cronenberg's script is very literary, mirroring its source material. Naked Lunch is creepy and disgusting, but also fascinating. It's hard to look away.

Jessica C (kr) wrote: what a sad story... i like zhang's old works back in the 90's.

Michael W (fr) wrote: Rambiling film looks more like an excuse for a series of star-studded cameos. Highlights are Alice Cooper's live version of "Pain" and Blondie's "Ring of Fire".

Kate P (de) wrote: Wonderful vignettes...the way short stories should be, with that drive and sense of a larger story surrounding them. Thematically united by the Allied invasion of Italy, exciting and refreshingly devoid of any didactic agenda. Not life-changing, but simply good.

Morpheus O (ru) wrote: The whole premise/plot for this film is that this lady/the Mother, the main character, looks crazy as she looks, & demands help looking, for her daughter on board a plane where there is little, if any, evidence that the child was ever even on the plane, such as the passenger manifest. The main problem with that is the reality that, especially in a post 9.11 world, cameras are everywhere... There are camera's on school buses, long(er) distance buses (Greyhound, etc.), trains (Amtrak, Northern Pacific, etc.), public transportation, etc., etc., etc. Including inside of transportation hubs, like airports, etc. Apparently this film exists in a universe where camera's either don't exist or, perhaps, no one has thought to use them in such a new & innovative way... That plot hole is gargantuan & makes this story completely unbelievable, although not entirely uncompelling. As the story develops the idea of a hijacking, devised by the air marshal, & accompanied by at least one member of the flight crew, gets underway. That was so predictable that I, literally, laughed out loud... The rest of the film has more holes, inconsistencies & unlikelihoods, etc., in it, too. But, at this point, this film has become comedic farce. Such as why doesn't the Mother demand to talk to the FBI about her kidnapped child?! One might think that this would be common sense; in Hollywood, ..hmm, not so much!And the FBI always likes to interview hijackers. Carson, the air marshal, could have given them a story, that she would only communicate with him, for example; but that would look odd, at least, to the Captain, of the plane, as he's the only other person, other than the flight attendant who's in on it, that knows about the `hijacking`, as this `hijacker` has made no threats, no demands & has been seen carrying no weapons of any kind. Maybe the Captain is just an idiot, like, at least, most of the other characters in this film. When Carson is leaving the plane, to get the FBI, he does it with the detonator still in his pocket. In order for his plan to work he needs to detonate the bombs, kill the Mother & leave the detonator on her, so that it looks like she detonated the bombs; allowing him to leave the plane with his plan unfinished probably would've worked in her favor...And the only obvious reason that the flight attendant that's in on it is in on it is to keep the child's name off the passenger manifest. There is certainly no point in her not leaving the plane with the rest of the crew. When she is running away from the plane she does it by herself & she looks guilty as hell... And then there's the fact that the kid, apparently, did not wake up the entire time that she had been kidnapped, implying that she had been drugged. And did only, eventually, wake up at the end of the film...when it was all over, with no mention of the idiot that did this or how they did it. I did like the part at the end where the Mother has a moment, albeit a silent one, with one of the two Arab guys that were briefly accused of taking her daughter. I.e., they obviously did not do it. Translation: Not all Arabs are terrorists. The trailer for this film looked interesting, even compelling... What a shame that the actual film was, basically, the exact opposite.

Marilena G (kr) wrote: Maybe I've come to expect too much from Terry Gilliam, this movie had his signature all over it, but it was just underwhelming... hmm... Probably not recommended...

Justin J (br) wrote: this movie was god awful.