The Champ

The Champ

The more you love, the harder you fight.The world looks at Billy Flynn and sees a has-been who seemingly never was, an ex-boxing champion slammed to the mat years ago by booze and gambling. But Billy's son TJ sees what the world doesn't. He knows his flawed but loving father is, was and always will be The Champ.

The Champ tells the story of a little boy named T.J. who is torn between his divorced parents: a loving mother and an alcoholic ex-boxing father who is now working on his come-back in order to give his boy a better future. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason C (au) wrote: After watching the epic B5 saga, this was a real let-down. The entire first half (ie: the first story) can be skipped with no effect on the second half and save about 35-40 min of your valuable time. The second half is mildly entertaining, but comes nowhere close to the legacy of the series. Seemed more like a low-budget add-on for JMS who had some spare cash to blow on a pet project that looks like it didnt' go very far. Maybe if more "stories" were present or if more work had gone into the story, CGI, etc., this would have been worth watching.

Marina N (it) wrote: Very light and harmless Australian romcom from the 80s. Not much substance but great scenery and some nice wind surfing. With a 18-teen year old Nicole Kidman. It's ok, especially for Kidman's fans.

monsieur r (au) wrote: A very young Mel Gibson running around in short, shorts and athletic t-shirts gets hired by a middle aged business spinster who eventually marries Mel even though Mel is incapable of anything but French kissing. He's not quite right in the head, as his folks, wonderfully played much older types, take care of him lovingly. A sister who is jealous of his covorting with this older woman, strikes out after the mother's well acted death. Helping Mel (ie Tim) through the grief of his mother's death, soon helps him through his father's death, who could't get past his wife's passing. "Tim", the movie, is about as far fetched as they get. Although tongues wag in this Australian beach town when Tim and Mary (ie older woman), the father is very supportive of the relationship, almost coming to blows with is his new son in law over it. Whle "Tim" is very much less than good cinematography, in fact it is like a tv movie as it must have been in Austrailia, and this is the big drawback and the reason for only a 70% rating. Truth be known, however, this movie, if you watch it to the end, is a very touching and heartwarming example of love conquering all. Mary (Tim's employer and eventual "lover", if it can be called that) is NOT "using" Tim at all, as most the town suspects. In fact, she shuns Tim's advances. The wedding is rejected by her at first, but comes as advice from a expert she sees on television. She does marry Tim, but you can see their honeymoon is anything but satisfying for her in any sexual way. She seems happy with that however, and the tale is about two handicapped persons, one (Mary) shy and retreating, and Tim who is 24 going on 12. A bizarre and most improbable plot, well acted by poorly filmed. Still, worth watching and that ain't too bad for me.

Ronnie L (br) wrote: The original Full Metal Jacket. Also based on a true story. Very realistic!

karmen1973 k (ru) wrote: ????? "????? ??????" c Barbara Steele ????????? ????????? ??????.

Simone L (us) wrote: Okay I utterly and truly love you Barbra but this film borders on the ridiculous, I couldnt stay awake throughout the entire film!

Matthew C (de) wrote: Gregory Peck channels Cary Grant in this screw-ball, espionage romantic caper. I don't think there's a single Arab actor playing any one of the many Arab characters. It's funny, has some crazy swinging music from Henry Mancini, and some totally over the top direction from Stanley Donen (his follow up to the actual Cary Grant film, Charade). I'm sure when this was made, they were tossing around "James Bond like" and there are some obvious parallels. But this is its own thing. And it's worth checking out just to see Peck playing a goof.