The Champion

The Champion

Walking along with his bulldog, Charlie finds a "good luck" horseshoe just as he passes a training camp advertising for a boxing partner "who can take a beating." After watching others lose... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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The Champion torrent reviews

Tom H (au) wrote: "beautiful cinematography, that is it."

Gwen H (nl) wrote: I enjoyed it. Very real.

Ray N (mx) wrote: Silly and under-developed.

Erik B (gb) wrote: It has valid points to make, but it's constant whining in regard to film criticism is annoying. If you make shit, you get shit. Everyone has to deal with it. Be mature, stop complaining. Try again.

Becca B (ru) wrote: I thought the movie was pretty good. I definitely think there is a gender bias in the ratings for this film. Queen Latifah and Jimmy Fallon have good chemistry and they both are entertaining to watch and the car chases were fun and the slapstick comedy as well as the plot on how they caught the robbers. Maybe some male reviewers did not like the fact that the movie was more centered around women than men. I have found that on this site that movies that focus more on women than men are not rated as highly. At any rate, this movie was entering and enjoyable to watch. I would recommend it to anyone who doesn't have a problem with women being protagonists in a movie instead of arm candy or mother nurturers (madonna/whore roles)

Graceann M (mx) wrote: Beautifully shot ensemble piece about women of very diverse backgrounds interned together in a Japanese prison camp, and how they maintain their sanity.

Ahmed M (ag) wrote: Has a good story, funny, and entertaining to watch.

Cosmin I (kr) wrote: An underrated film...JJ Abrams once again shoots just shy of greatness

Aditya M (au) wrote: A tad overlong at 150 minutes, but warmly lit throughout by some good acting and beautiful cinematography.

Jo Y (it) wrote: Alan ladd got to see this one

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