The Chart of Love

The Chart of Love

Dr. Ichito works at Honjo Hospital. His longtime friend Dr. Tatsuya Shindo, who comes from Tokyo, begins working at Honjo Hospital. In their university days, Tatsuya was referred to as "the conscience of the medical school". Ichito notices a difference in Tatsuya now, as he leaves work on time. Then, Ichito's senior colleague Dr. Nukita collapses.

Dr. Ichito works at Honjo Hospital. His longtime friend Dr. Tatsuya Shindo, who comes from Tokyo, begins working at Honjo Hospital. In their university days, Tatsuya was referred to as "the... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lanky Man P (fr) wrote: Another remake with no point.

Leonardo V (au) wrote: I've just seen this movies. It's absolutely ludicrous. How nobody realised that the father was a lunatic right from the start is beyond me: he has fits of rage, is senselessly jealous, sleep walks, leads his family into the middles of the woods despite rumours of bear attacks and the fact that a per on went missing the day before. He is completely crazy right from the start and yet nobody questions him. Besides the awful characterisation of the protagonist, there is also the fact that the director is too heavy handed, like someone who missed the "Horror 101" class in college. The monster appears too early and in too much detail (so you can count each and every special effects mistakes). The violent scenes are as subtle as an anvil and I bet they used the same props to make human and deer intestines.

Ryan A (ru) wrote: Country Strong is an movie of an famous person that fights for her dreams.

Ana M (br) wrote: Meh. Los que estn muy bien son los dos nenes que representan a los personajes principales de la historia en los flashbacks.

Robert H (br) wrote: Love anime? Even when it's live action? How about if it's family oriented anime done live action? Cause that's what crazy world Kitaro lives in. Some of CG is very fake but because of the nature of the movie, just works. This is fantasy Japanese style which means plenty of spirits, weird looking creatures and lots of silly.The one aspect I really could have done without was a ratman character who was not only a main character and villain but also acted as the comedy relief. The only other aspect about this film that I thought could have been better done was the main characters from the spirit world who mainly just looked human. Because so many other characters were so bizarre with their character design, the plain human ones really stood out and took away from the fantastic aspects of the film.Kitaro isn't a great film but it sure is bonkers in some areas. Worth checking out as a family if you are looking to get young ones interested in foreign film.

Thomas B (jp) wrote: A great lead performance from Ray Winstone brings this up a peg or two but a tired plot and an uninspiring script are glaringly obvious. Full review later.

Paul P (gb) wrote: Baumbach takes on another dysfunctional family and provides another compelling flick.As with Wes Anderson, Baumbach has developed a look and feel to his films which focus on affluent creative types who have made questionable choices throughout their lives. This film is no exception and its the characters that hold the attention as opposed to the story which is minimal. That being said, the characters populating this film are pretty great.Kidman is excellent portraying Margot as an ice queen who alienates everyone around her. I love watching her in films like this as she excels in parts like this. Jack Black and Jennifer Jason-Leigh are also pretty great as the sister and brother in law who bear the brunt of Margot's actions. If you are a fan of Baumbach's other works, it is likely that you will find lots of interest here, if not this is unlikely to convert you. Personally I like his take on the world and enjoyed this a lot....

Shane W (jp) wrote: It has such an interesting concept but at the end of the day...this movie made me want to die. Even if it was as stupidly as these guys...

David B (ca) wrote: Engaging black 'comedy' about a psychotic Forrest Gump-like orphan who goes on a rampage to find his parents, although the funny moments are few and far in between the depictions of dysfunctional family life, drugs, sex and shocking violence; this film has some really great, original camera work and an awesome soundtrack (including some 'Noir desir')

Samantha S (au) wrote: Fairly typical chick flick with Johnathan Schaech providing the beefcake. Waste of acting talent with the superb older actresses having little to do but look upon their younger selves.

Andre T (ca) wrote: Classic spy movie of ww2 based in a classic book by Ken Folett.

Christy P (fr) wrote: All enjoyably characters, and it's definitely got a comedic edge, so the cheesiness isn't really uncalled for. The ending is somewhat sad, but abrupt enough to not really be that heartbreaking.

Heather E (us) wrote: One of her better movies

Jeannette W (nl) wrote: I watch this when I'm in the mood to cry.

Katherine C (jp) wrote: Brilliant acting and a great story combine to make this a highly enjoyable movie, but it's not for everyone. The storyline is not an arc; it is a flat telling of events. I love that about it, and this is one of my favorites.

Brandon O (mx) wrote: /10Acting - 8Writing - 7.5Dialogue - 8.5Plot & Characterization - 8.5Cinematography & Editing - 8.5Soundtrack/Score & Set Design - 8.5How much I enjoyed it personally - 7.5