The Chase

The Chase

Jack Hammond is sentenced to life in prison, but manages to escape. To get away from the police he takes a girl as hostage and drives off in her car. The girl happens to be the only daughter of one of the richest men in the state. In a while the car chase is being broadcast live on every TV-channel.

Escaped convict, Jack Hammond takes a woman hostage and sets off for the Mexican border with the police hot on his tail. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Elaine S (us) wrote: Awesome loved it. Didn't expect too

Anthony C (de) wrote: Yes its a rip off version of grave encounters but still worth watching.

Ham W (br) wrote: Not worthy Of Oscar BP

Jonathan P (us) wrote: Abraham lincoln vampire hunter if you just read the name of the movie u think it will be a Crap B movie that just SUCKS. If u watch the movie how ever u will see that its a realy good movie the premise of the movie is the title of the movie sound stupid but they make it work and i never heard of anyone who seen the movie that said its bad. i was quite shockt when i saw that it had 35% of criteces and 50% of audience on here. i feel like ppl just coulden t get over the Lincoln as a vampire part and didnt bother to see the whole movie its worth your time just trust me watch the movie.

Ashley T (jp) wrote: One of the most thought-provoking documentaries I've seen in ages, filmmaker Brett Gaylor investigates illegal downloading of music and movies, remixing of other artists, and numerous other subjects in a thorough history and breakdown of American and international copyright law. The main focus is on Girl Talk, a Canadian DJ who uses samples from as many as 21 songs to create often unrecognizable new works. How are his creations different from the "found art" of Andy Warhol? Or Walt Disney? Did Napster change the world? Should intellectual property be protected or accessible to everyone to use in their own way? If you've ever downloaded or ripped a song in your life, you need to see this movie.

Rohan N (us) wrote: super flop movie . I couldnt stand the movie . I completed the movie in 15 mins ( fast forward ) :-)

Sylvia Q (ag) wrote: The movie is well presented with the narration of Timofey, among others. Set in the background of Russia in the rise (or mess) of capitalism, anything seems to be marketable in its free market. As the hero is desperate for money to support his family, he smuggles Pu-239 (a primary material to produce nuclear weapon) for sale from his former employer who refuses to compensate him for radiation poisoning at work. He meets a thug, who is desperate to pay off his debts too. It is a tragic ending. Yet their legacy of love lives forever... Also, the pain of radiation sickness is overtly terrifying. Use of nuclear power must therefore be strictly regulated to prevent leakage and exposure to the air. This film can be educational for the ignorant ones.

Charmille K (mx) wrote: I Love this movie, it is so so so heart felt. And it is so modern it addresses alot of the issues in today's society like Immigration, and adoption. It is so heart felt.

Grady H (ca) wrote: My favorite by Apichatpong so far.

J B (ag) wrote: I haven't seen this one to rate it. Nor have I seen a Movie trailor to decide if I want to watch it.

Jer m (es) wrote: It may be the most pointless and most awesome movie of all time. It was pretty funny and somehow also epic.

Benjamin N (es) wrote: Impeccably realized.

erika p (nl) wrote: Never remake this movie, this was the best movie ever.

Bill R (mx) wrote: st vincent is a good little drama movie. Murray gives one of his best serious performances in a long while. it's not his typical role and it's not without humor but it isn't what this movie is about. McCarthy also does really well and her earlier acting comes out again aside from her latest comedic roles. the story progresses nicely and the young boy definitely shows progress as this proceeds. a nice story, we'll directed and over all good watch.

Thomas B (gb) wrote: **It's probably the best of the bunch. But when you're talking about the Hangover trilogy, that really isn't saying much at all.