The Chaser

The Chaser

Joong-ho is a dirty detective turned pimp in financial trouble as several of his girls have recently disappeared without clearing their debts. While trying to track them down, he finds a clue that the vanished girls were all called up by a same client whom one of his girls is meeting with right now.

A cash-strapped pimp and former police detective draws upon the skills of his old job to track down his missing stable of prostitutes. And when he catches the killer, can 12 hours be enough for him to rescue his prostitute and prove the killer's guilt? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Laura M (au) wrote: What a great movie. I feel like the deeper I go in exploring Bollywood, the more I grow. This is another movie that had a lesson to learn. I enjoyed this.

Wrik S (kr) wrote: I think it was all sweet and nice. People who cant look at the positive side of this movie, are mentally sick....

Derrick W (au) wrote: I saw this movie on Netflix's instant I never seen a 'sex' (If you can call dry humping sex) comedy that was this creppy, unfunny and unsexy. I still can't get that image of Chyna getting her toes sucked out of my head....yuck!

William C (mx) wrote: Rating-3.5/10Hard Target is an action movie, or more of a cat and mouse game really containing much violence and Wilford Brimley. Now this is the kind of movie you find late at night on TV, and many will go and watch it, it seems on the outside a good action thriller directed by a known director and starring an action legend. The only problem for me was, it isn't very good and that action legend isn't either.Jean-Claude Van Damme is that action legend and for me he is poor here, his character works in the story well though and if watched in the right way, his performance can be ignored. The plot as said is like a cat chasing a mouse, expect the mouse is a human in New Orleans and the cat or cats should I say are the very rich paying to chase them down. A unique take on an action movie but so unrefreshing that I can't give it credit for having uniqueness here.The director I mentioned is John Woo who's first ever American movie is actually well done, but only from him. With a poor script and acting and a plot that does hardly any favours, this is one movie where I feel kind of bad for Woo. He as I say does it nicely, he seems to know what he wants from the actors but they don't pay him back, the villains of the show are the real star actors with Lance Henriksen and Arnold Vosloo being the best, not great for the bad guys to outshine the good.I'll give the film credit where it's due, and it deserves it in terms of the stunts and choreography it has, Van Damme does excel with his high leg kicks and powerful head smashes, but don't worry, the violence isn't too crazy for those who dislike it. The one thing that really again hurts this movie is the editing, the strange camera shots then coupled with edited shots of people, it makes the action scenes seem like some crazy movie that makes no sense, or maybe that's what it is possibly.Whatever your view on action films there is no denying this is not how to do them, Woo gives it a go as I said and does it well, but problems hamper this throughout. It's the kind of movie that I have come to expect though I mean there aren't many action thrillers similar to this that actually turn out good, even the best of them are usually only average. This I feel just needed a bit more heavy action, more fighting but with less insane death defying stunts that make this even more hard to believe. I think it is crucial John Woo is not remembered in years to come for films like this, and to be fair same with Van Damme, both can do much better.Overall I felt it is a bad movie as you might guess, but it isn't awful and not by quite a bit. It's a piece of film where you can watch it and not be too bothered by it, you won't finish with it and decide to smash things in anger about it, but you may just feel this should be more clinical. A big shout out to the man in my first paragraph Wilford Brimley, makes an appearance albeit for not too long but he is funny and his accent and jokes make the the movie kind of more fun than dark in his certain moments.

Mandela W (fr) wrote: Melanie Griffith's daughter Dakota is currently rising with fame. She is about to be in a movie in less than a few days. As I discovered last year that Dakota Johnson is the daughter of Griffith and Don Johnson I couldn't help but wonder what their individual movie careers were like. Not to long ago I finally saw a classic in the filmography of Melanie Griffith, Working Girl. Working Girl is all America story of an individual working at the bottom essentionally but dreams of making it big and trying to seize it when she gets her chance. Great acting and directing make this one enjoyable comedy pic. Tess McGill (Griffith) is a secretary out on wall street. She is a woman with many ideas and drive to make it to the top of the business. Tess gets placed one day placed with a new financial executive Katherine Parker (Sigourney Weaver). Parker has her do bitch work mostly but then after a skiing incident, she leaves tess in charge of handling her affairs. Tess comes across an idea for an investment in radio. Tess decides to run away with this idea and makes a deal with some top executives including Jack Trainor (Harrison Ford) whom she later falls in love with. The film begins with an amazing main theme that I just really loved. "let the river run" is an amazing song really well produced. Melanie Griffith sort of plays the 80's version of Peggy Olson from Mad Men. Only difference is that is her goal from the start is to move up the ladder while Peggy came to that decision much later in her years there. Also she is trying to do this at a stockbrocker agency. She is terrific here in this role! Griffith has a really sexy voice and is quite beautiful. Now I see where her daughter Dakota gets it fromSigourney weaver plays a role unlike any I've seen from her. she does this so well and shows her range greatly as an actress. She could have very well been the kind of type cast action heroine we've come to see but she ventured out in a great way. As far As Harrison Ford I Didn't think Ford was such a smooth criminal, he is real slick here. He adds a little Indiana jones swagger here to his character. Joan cusuack was pretty funny here as a good portion of the comedy in the film comes from her. mike Nichols does a fine job directing this story of a woman pursuing her dreams. He brings out performances from his cast that I'm sure many didn't think they had. Excellent film here. Decently funny, sexy and supplies itself with smart screenplay.

Private U (fr) wrote: Ildebranda Cuffari!!!

Carlton R (jp) wrote: This film is dripping in classic a list starts, It tells the true story of In the ensuing battle, Exeter was severely damaged and forced to retire; Ajax and Achilles suffered moderate damage. The damage to Graf Spee, although not extensive, was critical; her fuel system was crippled. Ajax and Achilles shadowed the German ship until she entered the port of Montevideo, the capital city of neutral Uruguay, to effect urgent repairs. After Graf Spee's captain Hans Langsdorff was told that his stay could not be extended beyond 72 hours, he scuttled his damaged ship rather than face the overwhelmingly superior force that the British had led him to believe was awaiting his departure, but also brings in personal accounts of the crew, this is considered one of the best and most factual of the war films at that time.

Leonard D (mx) wrote: One reason to give it a go, Halle Berry in her bra and underwear.

David S (mx) wrote: A good movie overall. It's just not much of a comedy, which the trailers make it out to be.