The Cheat

The Cheat

Life story of a charming scoundrel, with little dialogue other than the star/director's witty narration. As a boy, only he survives a family tragedy when he's deprived of supper (poisonous ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Harjit S (us) wrote: i want to see what do in 1942

Karsh D (jp) wrote: Cat and Mouse scenario where Winstone tries to catch a Maori wrongfully accussed of murder. Good story well played out by the main leads.

Ashlyn K (kr) wrote: it was a little graphic like nudity not really gorry!!!!

Jessica R (jp) wrote: I thought this movie was one of the worst examples of a horror film I have ever seen. The acting was shotty and was full of stereotype characters that were awful. The retired drunk cop trying to redeem himself and the young female cop trying to make a name for herself on the force. Not only was the acting forced, and seemed straight out of a high school play, but the camera work was fanatic and the music at times overpowered the dialogue. The only saving grace of this movie was that the gore was awesome. The story had potential but needed finalizing. Overall this was just awful.

Jaime R (ag) wrote: Stephen Frears looks at the topic of immigrants in such a gritty and fascinating way.

Lee M (de) wrote: Develops into an insightful meditation on the nature of friendship, as well as a peek into the psyches of two people who think they've dealt with the past but have actually only pushed it aside.

Matthew D (ag) wrote: Well put together film, quite a few funny moments, def worth watching

Konrad R (jp) wrote: You must take into account that it's Chinese, so has to be a bit cheesy. Fortunately the amount of propaganda is negligible. Visually rather pretty. Might be interesting for someone interested in Asian movies in general.

Andy P (ag) wrote: Altman's mosaic has a wide and richly drawn variety of memorable characters that seemingly collide chaotically but despite the very loose narrative and overlapping dialogue, this clever film which equates the folly of politics with the sleaze and dishonesty of the entertainment industry feels so brilliantly, acutely and perfectly structured.

Lester Y (de) wrote: It's a Jesus Franco movie about lesbian vampires. Starring the gorgeous Ewa Stromberg. /review Actually, it's a very well made sexploitation horror film with some pretty, tasteful camera work and an amazing soundtrack. It also has some camp value aside from the high quality of the picture. There are enough absurd WTF moments to make up for the lacking plot and minimal atmosphere, if you're not into that kind of thing.October 2008 film #3.

Ross D (mx) wrote: classic movie, with the epic feel of ten commandments

Brian C (de) wrote: Interesting but not particularly exciting.

Stuart S (mx) wrote: Low budget but quite funny film roddy piper is the boyo

Matt N (kr) wrote: Jean Reno and a young Natalie Portman make this film work. Oldman is psychotic and in command. International version depicts a stronger sexual aggressiveness from Matilda towards Leon but it never goes over the line.

Elijah P (mx) wrote: Well... it's shrektastic

Albaab R (fr) wrote: From the director-writer team of "500 Days of Summer"...better in some ways. I miss dialogue like this...felt like a documentary, the banter was so real. A decidedly non-romantic romance...creeps in with the feels.