The Chef, The Actor, The Scoundrel

The Chef, The Actor, The Scoundrel

During Second Sino-Japanese War, China suffered from cholera outbreak because Japanese uses it as an biological weapon. Four Chinese agents captures a Japanese scientist and his bodyguard and interrogate them by Chinese opera in order to get the vaccine formula. Written by tom0902000

Film is setting during the Sino-Japan war when Japan army used a biological weapon. A crack team of China converts agent kidnaps a Japanese general and his assistant to dig the information about antidote. In order to exploit the information, they dresses in disguise as a Japanese Chef, a highway man cum scoundrel and a classic Chinese actor. Could they find necessary information about the antidote? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Chef, The Actor, The Scoundrel torrent reviews

JP H (ag) wrote: BS, lame story, lame characters, and another FAKE representation of prison and people in it.

Melissa W (ru) wrote: Beautiful. Profundity in a small setting. Great.

Dean M (es) wrote: Started so well (very funny, got the message across), ended so badly (so cliche'd, ruined that message). Katherine Heigl is hot though, so at least that's something.

Jason M (gb) wrote: More rushed than Azkaban but about as good.

Lenny M (br) wrote: Should have been a one and done like a crunchwrap supreme, as much humor as you could get from this comedic format.

Roy C (gb) wrote: Jumping jingle bells and white dreads, from Kristmas Korner to the North Pole.

Elin k (ca) wrote: I think you understand now I want to see everything with Jon Bon Jovi!

Theresa J (de) wrote: I love Stephen King and the way he can show how people really relate to each other. I'm not always a huge fan of the syfy part of the stories, but the rest of it is excellent.

Andrew H (ru) wrote: Werner Herzog is an uncompromising, brilliant, badass motherfucker.

Juli N (nl) wrote: The Hopping Vampires rocked my world!

Dimitris S (gb) wrote: Black and white films used to prevent us several times from actually noticing the underlying notes.The incredible fact is..Terra Trema must be one of the openly,politically charged emeralds of film-making.The fishermen are nothing more but pawns of the system,the all-seeing machine.

Jose Luis M (ag) wrote: Gene Tierney en todo su esplendor , esconde detras de su belleza, a una mujer fria, calculadora y celosa, una villana memorable, aun tengo en la memoria la escena de ella remando en el lago.

Greg W (ag) wrote: columbia's version of 'dracula'

Tim M (br) wrote: A who's who of acting talent lead a fantastic David Mamet script in putting together a compelling story without a satisfying ending. There is a fantastic way to film interrogation scenes and then there is this. A brilliant switch to the ways things used to be done. Thank goodness for innovation.

Ane B (nl) wrote: A very well made period piece with an extremely beautiful soundtrack and great chemistry between the leads.

Christopher E (it) wrote: A solid, small indie sci-fi with an interesting story and solid visuals.Set in the very near future, an elite squad of highly trained marines, led by commanding officer Captain Bukes are sent on a routine training exercise to a remote island - the precise location of which no one knows and from which all communications are cut off dead. Accompanying them on the mission is 'tech head' Specialist Mills, a mysterious coder whose brain is interfaced with a computer.After watching the trailers, I was actually pretty excited to watch this film. It looked interesting and dark, and it honestly looked like it'd be a lot of fun. It's one of those small budget, secluded location films that makes this premise exciting.The story in this movie was interesting enough and it had plenty of potential, even if the notion of rogue robots wasn't too original. Although I enjoyed the story enough, it was very vague in setting up the world around everyone. There wasn't much explained and although it's not hard to understand the basic premise, I was more interested in learning about the world they were living in and why things were how they were. The story overall lacks depth and layers. The characters are fine. They're nothing special and they're all fairly one dimensional for the most part. These are the kind of combat trained personnel that you'll see in just about any sci-fi or war film, so why root for them? They serve their purpose and you do side with them, but they're not that memorable. The performances were also very split down the middle. Some were fine, some were lackluster, and some just made me laugh. The visuals and effects in this movie were solid for a small sci-fi indie flick. Obviously they weren't perfect, and it seems like visuals that are more meant for YouTube, but they work. They work decently and they're used to the best of their ability. The director put some really cool shots in the movie and did the best with what he had. Don't come into here expecting Class A visuals, but they are pretty solid overall. The action was pretty thrilling too. The action was directed and choreographed well, and I was actually hooked when the guns started firing. It was a thrilling and a fun ride to be a part of, and it actually makes this movie worth a viewing. In the end, "Kill Command" is a solid sci-fi flick and serves as a decent, low budget project. It's nothing really memorable and I'll never watch it again, but it still has some great moments and is well directed.