The Child's Eye

The Child's Eye

Bangkok, November 2008. Six young holidaymakers from Hong Kong are stranded in Bangkok when the airport is occupied by demonstrators demanding the prime minister's resignation: Rainie (Rainie Yang) and Lok (Shawn Yue), who are on the verge of breaking up, Ling (Elanne Kwong) and her brother Rex (Rex Ho), and Ciwi (Ciwi Lam) and her boyfriend Hei (Izz Xu). Their driver takes them to the old Chung Tai Hotel, run by Chuen (Lam Ka-tung), where strange things start happening as soon as they arrive: Rainie sees a female ghost and Ling a disembodied hand. At dinner that night, the three men mysteriously disappear. Under Rainie's leadership, the three girls - helped by the young Man-man and her ghost-seeing dog Little Huang - set out to try and find them in the hotel's underground passages, in between being haunted by the female ghost and a strange monster.

A group of friends find themselves stranded in an old hotel. As they uncover the history beneath the walls they're slowly drawn into its sinister past making it harder to get out alive! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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lalow h (au) wrote: I refuse to believe that this was made in 2011. The over-acting, the primary school color pallette, and especially the terrible music set this cliche piece of brainless kiddie pablum firmly in the 90's. Don't bother.

Shantel D (fr) wrote: Pretty good, but the ending broke my brain for a little bit.

Martin G (jp) wrote: Couple of twisted stories joining into one. Some funny moments. Enjoyed it

Julius M (kr) wrote: I've watched Filipino movies all my life, and it's safe to say that the majority of them... well suck. They are made up of mediocre stories, corny acting, and cheesy jokes. Although, there are those that are able to differ from the usual cliche Filipino movies, and there is one that stands above even those. "Magnifico" is that movie. This movie is unparalleled in all that it does and is one of the best that I've ever seen. The perfect acting from the cast of characters helps flesh out the well thought out, and deeply moving story. The tale of a boy who aims to help out his family by raising money for his grandmother's burial shows off the greatest aspect of this movie - the character development. As you watch this movie, you literally "connect" with Magnifico himself. You feel his concerns, you understand his decisions, and you "befriend" a character who is totally fictional. Seriously, you end up caring for the kid. This fact alone is what makes this movie worth watching, due to the fact that it does what few movies can do - create a bond from the audience to the movie. Yes, this is a Filipino movie, but even if you aren't Filipino, or don't understand Tagalog, WATCH THIS MOVIE. Turn on those subtitles if you need to. It's seriously one of the best movies I've seen in my life.

Kevin L (jp) wrote: A contemporary romantic comedy set in New York city about the relationship between an older guy and his younger protege. The older guy guides the younger through a messy and hilarious love story.

Giffy G (fr) wrote: I am SO on the fence on this movie. The movie was informative, was subtlely argued (and the argument wasn't the point of the documentary, which was really cool), and it seems that the interviews were representative and not edited to fit a predetermined mold of a cinemaniac. However, the movie maker treated these people cruelly. I didn't expect them to be lauded, but they were cast as malcontents who should be equally reviled and rejected. Most of the cinematic joy of this movie comes from the freak-show treatment of these people, and I like neither freak shows nor people who treat others like freaks. As a result, while I like thinking about the movie, I got very little enjoyment about watching it. The most effective part of the movie was its ability to make me think about my own movie watching habits. I too am a cinephile, and I have some OCD movie watching habits, and this movie made me at many points go, "At least I'm not that bad", which again attest to the freak show atmosphre the movie created. After reflecting on the movie, I am more aware of my movie watching habits than ever, and I feel a special bond with the people in this movie.

Matthias H (nl) wrote: Beautiful Movie about the great culture of the early thirties and its destruction... in Germany

Nicolas G (au) wrote: Film plutot interessant a suivre, la curiosite que vous avez pour decouvrir comment est disparu le frere du personnal principal ne vous laisse pas de repit : vous voulez savoir la verite et regardez jusqu'au bout!

Justin E (de) wrote: This movie is so stupid, but, I like it.

Blind P (fr) wrote: The Dead End Kids appear on a somewhat flimsy excuse to provide a foil for John Garfield and provide a mild level of entertainment. Leave your mind for critical plot evaluation at home for this one, lest you spend the whole running time cutting it up.

Thomas M (au) wrote: This is the best Street Fighter movie we could ever want or need.

Seraphic W (jp) wrote: Why are you here, reading sodding reviews, instead of actually watching what I can only describe as the Citizen Kane of action movies? GO, PEOPLE! GO GET YOUR DIE HARD-ON! (See? See what I did thur? May Zeus forgive me.)