The Children's Hour

The Children's Hour

A troublemaking student at a girl's school accuses two teachers of being lesbians.

The film is directed by William Wyler. Karen Wright and Martha Dobie are the best friend. Their relationship gets many challenges especially they are accused to be lesbians. What is the truth? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ken G (it) wrote: RULES DON't APPLY: (B) Wow, though much better than expected... I'm not sure the world is ready or eager for a movie about another eccentric millionaire (is there any other kind?); that said, there's an intelligence to Warren Beatty's performance and direction. And though this movie effectively aims to fill in some big blanks about Howard Hughes, it's ultimately stolen by young Lilly Collins as Marla Mabrey (in the way Mabrey stole Hughes' heart, too?) Viewers will be distracted by how many buttons this movie pushes in the here and now... but 'that was then...' even if frikkin Steve Munchkin or Mnuchin actually plays himself in this movie (w/o speaking) in a highly distracting cameo. Had I known, I might have blown this one off, but I'm glad I didn't... since Alec Baldwin shows up too! (As do more than a few far more significant cameos).

Fahad A (ru) wrote: high on adrenaline...with the shady ins and outs of the demon known by us as media...!great stellar performances...and a great storyline which keeps you on the edge throughout....its a pity the movie failed to work ..!

(ag) wrote: Bad plot, actors, effects. Another bomb to Sean Faris career.

Garrett S (jp) wrote: I finished this documentary having learned nothing. This was partially due to the fact that the subject of the film, Aileen, changes her story over and over, and comes across like a complete lunatic. This is to be expected, though, since it is about a convicted serial killer, and sanity is probably not the most common trait among serial killers. However, most documentarians dealing with crimes and criminals realize this, so they gather and present information from other sources (i.e., court records, crime scene evidence, interviews with police, witnesses, or victims' families/friends) so the viewer gets a complete enough picture to form an opinion. At the very least, the documentarian should question the subject's story, point out inconsistencies, catch the subject in a lie, etc. Nick Broomfield does none of this. He comes across like a gullible, naive child---simply absorbing story after story from Aileen and 2-3 other people in her life without ever questioning any story's validity, and without ever presenting a different point of view or opposing evidence. So I learned nothing. I still don't know anything about the murders or the case against Aileen. All I know is that Aileen was pretty wacky, and Nick Broomfield is a poor documentarian.

Tuco (es) wrote: This is a little toned-down film from Miike that features Riki Takeuchi in the lead role as Kunisada, who leaves everything behind to avenge the death of his father. Not as violent as other, more popular Miike films, but still tough as nails. The soundtrack features Flower Travelling Band's 1971 album Satori, which sounds like a cross between Black Sabbath and Black Flag and is very infectious. I read Miike found the album to be way ahead of its time and was delighted at how well and inconspicuously it cut into a movie made 30 years later. You might be, too.

Briana H (ru) wrote: what the fuck? tripped me out!

Jesse K (fr) wrote: A very interesting, trippy, unsettling psychological puzzler featuring a great performance from Tim Robbins.

Eric H (us) wrote: This is another action movie with no brains. But the fighting scenes are absolutely great and Van Damme really can kick. If you dont like no brain- solid action with Van Damme skip this one but for others this is a way to spend an evening!