The Chimp

The Chimp

The Chimp is the nickname of a teenage boy (with large ears) who lives in the small town of Balyktchy, Kirghizstan, a former part of the USSR in central Asia. His family is being torn apart by his dad's alcoholism, his emotions are being torn as he sees his friends pair off into couples, and his job working on the railtracks is uninspiring.

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Moya W (fr) wrote: This is a sweet romantic christmas comedy. It's a movie that you can see many times. It's entertaining for the moment but it won't leave much of an afterthought.

Ashley N (es) wrote: What a fabulous movie! Claire Danes does a superb job acting, and the movie itself is educational and inspiring. A true story about woman with high function autism, and her ability to surpass her limitations and the expectations of society, which enabled her to make meaningful impacts on the cattle industry and our understanding of autism. Especially enjoyed the experiential insight into some of the special talents and challenges experienced by those with high functioning autism.

Shannon S (ag) wrote: Cute, but not great. It feels like Comedy Central trying to train a new generation, especially when you begin to recognize many of the bit actors.

Barry T (de) wrote: NOT funny or clever could have been better

Ga L (mx) wrote: Really want to see this one.

Andri A (mx) wrote: Another good korean movie about war...

Allan C (de) wrote: An amazing cast in an interesting story about Sean Penn and his brother, Christopher Penn, reuniting with their estranged father, Christopher Walken, who ends up being a rather scary rural underworld crime figure. The Walken role of Brad Sr. was originally offered to Robert De Niro who turned it down because it was too dark, which gives you an indication of the type of film you're in for. The Penn boys quickly find out their father is a local criminal and end up starting their own criminal crew with their friends to steal farm equipment and whatnot for their dad. The script is by Nicholas Kazan, who I've always liked, and was directed by James Foley, who I've also always liked and thought was an underrated director (especially for his excellent "After Dark, My Sweet"). I remember this film at the time being derided by some critics as being over-directed by Madonna's music video director, but watching it now, the film seems rather subdued by today's standards of directorial stylistics. There's also some nice cinematography, though I will admit there's some show-offy stylistics here and there. It's an interesting role for Walken, who's played plenty of scary individuals before, but I don't remember him playing a scary redneck before. My only complaint about the film is that it feels strangely subdued emotionally, which hurts the power of the film some, but it's still a good story with an excellent cast, which includes. Mary Stuart Masterson, Tracey Walter, R.D. Call, David Strathairn, Kiefer Sutherland, Crispin Glover and Stephen Geoffreys.

Ultra V (jp) wrote: Well Executed Reenactment of 1994 GIGN Valor!

Shaun B (fr) wrote: Little Susie is very young, very pretty, and very very evil!One of Lucio Fulci's more obscure films...and for a good reason-it just isn't that good. The gore is minimal at best and it can't fall into the giallo genre proper though there are some moments where it does delve into such Italian tastes. Unfortunately, Lucio Fulci perhaps set out for good but it's nothing more than a Eurotrash movie filmed in NYC and Egypt. What does Egypt have to do with it? You've heard of The Exorcist right? Right. The atmosphere presented here is a direct rip-off (concerning Egypt and evil things) of the vastly superior Friedkin movie; otherwise it's nothing more than one of Fulci's worst films that are available on DVD...and to be honest I don't understand why this is available at all.