The Choirboys

The Choirboys

A group of Los Angeles cops decide to take off some of the pressures of their jobs by engaging in various forms of after-hours debauchery.

A group of Los Angeles cops decide to take off some of the pressures of their jobs by engaging in various forms of after-hours debauchery. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ceph J (mx) wrote: Paul Preiss and Bart Fletcher are ok as Nate and Andy, two misfits who meet and bond while running away from a sleazy photographer. Preiss hopes to make into the army in Iraq to prove himself. Fletcher wants to make it to Hollywood but will have to face up to his responsibiities as an adult before the end. I like the natural acting of the two main actors but the movie becomes too much of a caricature of rural people; it's fine to have a comedy but this is a drama and none of the supporting characters are respectable. While writer and director Damion Dietz shows empathy for the leads, the other actors are simply there to make fun of and some of their actions are laughable. A mediocre movie at best.

Steve D (jp) wrote: Amazing! I love the entire series just a fun action movie don't expect more of this series and you will love them

George J (gb) wrote: great sequel to the first

Tatsuhito K (au) wrote: What a magical film! It's so sweet, so charming, so infectious that you can't help but smiling from start to finish. The winning chemistry between the leads and the terrific music make this John Carney's modern musical a masterpiece. Love the low-budget filmmaking style, and the songs are absolute aural treat. One of my all-time favorite films. Once sticks with you.

Boris v (ca) wrote: A very minimalistic conceptual movie about a relationship heading to it's bitter end. The movie begins with the last scene: the couple divorces. Why, you'll ask yourself? In 5 scenes we hop back into time and get to know where the relationship went wrong and how it all started. The beauty of this movie lies in the fact that it is more than just a concept. It's about real people. A lot of critics stated they couldn't relate to the maincharacters. To me, this wasn't a problem at all. Their personalities are quite clear but their deeper dilemma's stay secrets only revealed by body-language. The actors are beautiful, the story is amazing and concept is nice. Don't expect too much, but expect a minamlistic drama that is far from pretentious (thank god for that).

priscilla m (jp) wrote: This movie made me cry a long time ago and it still does today. Buddy is a excelent dog and a wonderful friend. I hope people love this movie.

Levonne P (es) wrote: Fabulous movie, and fabulous acting, on all parts. Whoopie was remarkable!

star r (kr) wrote: this one look like it mit be funny

Thatguy G (fr) wrote: old school fun. I bet the play is great.

Cayce B (es) wrote: great anime and book

aluap e (jp) wrote: he's a great actor ,and so funny

Kate C (au) wrote: This was one of my mom's favorite movies and I must have watched it a million times growing up. In many ways it typifies the American perspective in the fifties with regards to women's roles and communism. Had it been deliberate this movie could be seen as a powerful satire, rather its just a reflection of society at the time... and that is its strong point. Watching this movie paired with Garbo's 1939 "Ninotchka", which inspired this remake, is particularly interesting. What a great difference a war makes... the post-depression realism contrasts drastically with the 1950's lifestyle excess...

Dammy G (jp) wrote: This movie once again proves you can have a sexy woman on screen doing sexy things, but your movie can still suffer if your story is terrible

Matt H (de) wrote: Better than the last sequel; it held my interest, but I can't say its that good.

Facebook U (br) wrote: I was excited for this film back in 2012, so much so that I didn't even look up reviews so I wouldn't be influenced by other opinions. After watching I just sat with a sour taste in my mouth. The Possession is well acted and I appreciate them trying to have slow build up, but those thing only matter if your plot is interesting, and well The Possession is predicable, and if your movie is predictable, then that means all your build up just makes it boring, and despite having an excellent ending, The Possession really fails to distinguish itself from other horror/exorcist movies.