The Choke

The Choke

A hot young band playing at clubs and raves across the Northwest. Handsome lead singer Dylan Brown has a bit of an ego problem, guitarist Mike Prichard is a true womanizer, dark and ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   band,   rock,  

A hot young band playing at clubs and raves across the Northwest. Handsome lead singer Dylan Brown has a bit of an ego problem, guitarist Mike Prichard is a true womanizer, dark and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Richie W (mx) wrote: While watching a depressed kid who has to deal with the death of both his parents isn't the most pleasurable thing to watch, norman manages to find a positive spark here and there.

Michael P (au) wrote: I was really looking forward to this film but was disappointed. I'm a fan of the Duplass bros. and their style and films. I'd say this is the weakest film by them to date. It's definitely in the mublecore style and is shot pretty well but the performances were ok and the story/conversations were weak. I never really felt any horror even though it was intended to be a horror comedy film.

Leah C (au) wrote: It was a weird and stupid movie, but it was funny. Most of those stars go to Cillian Murphy's weinie.

Brandon M (es) wrote: Definitely a flawed film, but funny, smart, and entertaining, as well. It will always be a favorite a mine to watch when I need to be cheered up. Haha.

eka a (nl) wrote: I like this movie very much

Jared L (fr) wrote: The best movie about pool I've ever seen. Which is to say the only one I've seen.

Vinni C (au) wrote: Um dos melhores filmes que j assisti. Excelente elenco, excelente aenredo, um belssimo musical.

Jeff G (es) wrote: Now this is what the film ??Shoot ??Em Up?? should have been this film is action packed, funny, campy full of energy you don??t take it seriously for a minute as one situation gets more ridiculous then the last one. The film is Successful with very few stars and a limited budget. The Chemistry and charisma of the two leads help. This is the film where I discovered Mark Dacoscus (I Saw ??Only The Strong?? Years Later) who handles most of the action where as kadeem Is the everyman and the comic relief like a low budget but good version of ??Rush Hour?? tag team of Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. Then add in Brittany Murphy as a over the top horny teenager who helps them. Her scenes are perfect and add to the lunacy and infectous energy. It??s rather sad when she Exits the film. You will find yourself praying that she makes another appearance. This was a star making role for Brittany Murphy her full comedic talent on display. Considering this film so over the top nothing seems out of place or too bizarre. The Story is mark dacoscus is transporting a energized battery in his body that gives him endless energy he is trying to deliver it to a rival company who will remove it. When his company tries to kill him they try to stop him along the way so that he is practically a fugitive who kidnaps out of work Kadeem hardison for his car and promises him a million dollars half of his pay when he delivers the battery. Then in the final battle must face off with a guy who has a new and improved version of the battery sure allof this is ridiculous but it is also fun and entertaining. This is a must see a definite rent if you can find it and if at all possible buy it at 14.95 it??s worth it.

Jeff B (de) wrote: Not much special here. Madeleine Stowe really stunk it up.

Galina R (ca) wrote: The romantic fantasy "Wings of Desire" directed by Wim Wenders was released in 1988. The film is about two angels who roam the streets of Berlin and observe humans. Wings of Desire is difficult to understand at first because it is in German and subtitles are used. The movie was very interesting if only you could get passed the horrible subtitles and the German language. The two angels Damiel (Bruno Ganz) and Cassiel (Otto Sanders) are invisible to humans except children and other angels. They go around listening to peoples thoughts and they often comfort the ones who are feeling depressed or stressed. Damiel falls in love with a trapeze artist named Marion (Solveig Dommartin). Once he falls in love with her he realizes that he wants to be human and be able to feel, taste, and experience things. Every night he finds himself at the circus where Marion performs. One night he was there and he read her thoughts about how she was scared to fall because it was a full moon. After this takes place Damiel talks to Cassiel about how he wants to be human but Cassiel doesn't agree with him. The one thing that makes the movie interesting is the cinematography. The film is in black and white but also in color. Cinematographer Henri Alekan had impressive transitions from the change to black and white to color. The black white was used only when the point of view was seen from the angles eyes. Therefore color was used only when the point of view was seen by humans. You may begin to ponder on this and wonder why he made it like that. The black white is stating that angels can't see in color only the humans can. Just like the angels in the movie Henri Alekan's camera seems like it just glides around the sky and observe things. The photography throughout the film is smooth and it doesn't get faster or slower with the change of what's going on. The language in the film makes you just want to change the movie to something that makes more sense. The film is in German and it gets complicated to follow along with the subtitles and pay attention to what is going on at the same time. Poetic language is also used throughout the movie. The poem "When the child was a child" pops up during the entire of movie. The poem is describing how children used to be and how they are now. The mood of the film is calm. It shows the patience in the angels and how the just observe and don't rush into anything. The movie is very slow going and it takes a while to understand everything that is going on. The one thing I liked about it is how it keeps you on edge and guessing about what is going to happen next or if the angels are going to take the fall to become human. It makes you think about life and how we can't take everything granite. The angels are wanting to be able to feel, smell, and taste things just like we do and are willing to give up their wings to be able to do that. My opinion on the movie is that it could be better if it wasn't in German and if we didn't have to use subtitles. When watching a movie you want to be able to focus on everything that is going on not looking at the bottom of the screen reading along with the words. If you can get passed how slow the movie is and the horrible language and subtitles I definitely recommend you to take the guide with the angels around the city of Berlin. At the end of the film you will be satisfied you did.

Allan C (jp) wrote: Uneven horror anthology boasts a strong cast (Jack Palance, Burgess Meredith, Peter Cushing), a veteran horror director (Freddie Francis), a smart writer (Robert Bloch) and a better than average wraparound story. That story involves a circus sideshow named the Torture Garden, where Dr. Diablo, Meredith, invites patrons to witness his funhouse horrors, but for one group, he invites them to see something truly terrifying; a glimpse into their own doomed futures, which then leads to the four tales of terror. Like most anthology films, the quality of the episodes varies and subsequently the overall film suffers. The one about a possessed piano is the worst and the best is the Jack Palance/Peter Cushing one about two Edgar Allen Poe obsessed men and Cushing's private collection. Slickly made and less gothic than most of Hammer and Amicus productions of this period, but like most anthology films, it's a bit hit or miss.

James H (mx) wrote: Interesting old classic, a bit heavy on the atmosphere but it held my interest for the most part. Nice cast, decent story. A bit melodramatic and hokey though.

Carlos I (mx) wrote: So schlocky and ridiculous, but quite a bit of midnight movie fun. Good drinking movie.

Alan R (mx) wrote: Given how many people love this movie, the only way I can understand it is as a self-referential parody of itself. The movie: Chance the gardener, AKA Chauncy Gardener, is misunderstood as an oracle of wisdom rather than a moron. The critics: the movie is misunderstood as oracular and wise rather than as a totally implausible bore.

Elle M (es) wrote: This film made no sense, had no scares and amazingly bad effects. What just happened? I can never get those two hours back!

Sarah B (es) wrote: Greatest movie of all time. Yes, it is! Don't argue with me!!

Steve W (us) wrote: Oliver Reed is fantastic in his role as the victim. He is simply born a werewolf, not bitten or scratched. As he tries to find true happiness to cure his affliction, fate would not let him and it ends on a tragic note.The make-up and filming in Spain make it a bit different. It also takes a while to get started before the introduction of the adult protagonist.I noticed that the style of the new Wolfman film resembles this film. The suit with ruffles, Benicio looking like Reed and a few other details.A fine werewolf film from Hammer.

Rob A (nl) wrote: Very well acted. Different.