The Chosen

The Chosen

The Chosen follows the story of two teenage boys determined to remain friends despite the deep differences between their two families. Set in New York during the 1940s, this provocative film follows the son of an orthodox rabbi and the son of a secular father, raised to question everything around him, including his religion. A moving coming of age story.

In 1944, in Brooklyn, two Jewish kids become friends. One is from a very conservative family, and the other is more liberal. The issues of importance of tradition, parental expectations and the formation of Israel cause constant friction. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rich F (br) wrote: A depressing but somewhat informative watch... Makes me wanna watch WarGames from the 80s

Maria C (au) wrote: Great movie, too short in my opinion, should have been as a series. But Brenna Mc Crimon here is really one of a kind, and the pilgrimage from one side of the bridge to the other is really fantastic. Made me go there by myself ...

Justin Z (ca) wrote: A good, not great indie war film. The cinematography is top notch, the sets are well chosen and the film manages to make due with its clearly low budget. There is decent enough action in here, but it wisely shifts the focus to character development and survival instincts for a more human story. And though some of the morality/faith arguments are a little weak, it's handled with more subtlety and tact than you would find in other war moviesThere are missteps though. The acting is so-so, with the men playing Deacon and the sergeant giving the better performances. The British and southern characters' accents flip flop often and the medic's line delivery is rather flat. The music is also spectacularly unremarkable, with random shifts into blue grass for no real purpose other than that one of the characters is southern (it has no real impact as a result). The editing could have been better too, with some awkward cuts during action and conversation scenes that obscure what should be more clear.Not the best indie war film (though I don't know many off hand), but an enjoyable romp for those who want a nice WWII diversion.

Jared M (ag) wrote: Very crazy, but as always, Billy's dead feelings always stand out.

Jm A (fr) wrote: I wouldnt mind having that type of job. lol

Stefan G (au) wrote: The first question that immediately comes to my mind is this - who asked for a sequel to the Blues Brothers, let alone one that was made nearly two decades after the original? The whole film seems like it came out of a cryogenic freezer, because every aspect of the film felt terribly outdated. The story comes across to me as a slap in the face of common sense. Why would a group of people give up lucrative careers just to make bluesy R&B that clearly doesn't matter anymore? Speaking of that, the acting isn't too bad, but it seems like the actors didn't even care. Dan Aykroyd at least tries to act his way out of a bad movie, but in the end, it's too late. In my opinion, the film actually would have been better if it weren't loaded with special effects, and they even cut corners in that department. Aside from a fairly decent cover of "Ghost Riders in the Sky", there's nothing of merit. It's a film that's stuck in the 1980's, all while carrying that gimmicky "2000" label, which only further cements this film as a bitter old fossil.

Luke C (ag) wrote: This is a very solid film. It has a great cast with Alan Rickman and Bruce Willis. It has a very compelling character, great (but violent) action, and some great and iconic lines. Die Hard is a classic action/Christmas movie. I REALLY recommend it..

Lewis E (it) wrote: People who've watched 'The Sopranos' will be familiar with the idea but the irony of a Mafia mob boss needing psychiatric therapy is still not lost on me. Good old fashioned Italian gangster humour is present here, primarily through De Niro and his fellow mobsters' extended use of sarcasm. The comedy remains dignified throughout while there are a few really funny moments that stand out, especially the end when Billy Crystal is required to impersonate an Italian gangster. Definitely a well thought out plot that provides a solid foundation for plenty of joke opportunities. Make an appointment with 'Analyze This' if you ever want to be cured of boredom.

Matt C (gb) wrote: Far too glossy a biopic really to be taken seriously. There seems to be so much more going on in the life of Chaplin but we barely scratch beneath the surface in this paper thin effort. For rainy Sunday afternoons only.

Seth L (ca) wrote: Underrated comedy, hilarious from start to finish!

Jeff S (de) wrote: Better than many say it was, but still not as good as the original

Kevin R (us) wrote: This thing can take up any shape it needs to.Some scientific experiments in Scotland go badly wrong and strange beings begin emerging from the mud. When the mud creatures come in contact with humans, the humans begin dissolving until they die. The mud creatures are on a mission to take over the world. Can anyone stop them?"It is strictly forbidden for anyone to cross this point."Joseph Losey, director of The Servant, The Go Between, Mr. Klein, Concrete Jungle, Don Giovanni, A Doll's House, Accident, and Eva, delivers X the Unknown. The storyline for this picture is just okay and seemed like a Blob knockoff. The script and action was just okay and the cast delivers mediocre performances. The cast includes Dean Jagger, Edward Chapman, Leo McKern, and Anthony Newley."We only try to create, not destroy."X the Unknown was a movie I came across on Turner Classic Movies (TCM) and decided to give it a shot (I'm a huge fan of these grindhouse/drive-in classics). This is one of those bad concept movies that seemed to have tried to ride on the coat tale of The Blob. Overall, this is a below average horror movie that is only worth watching if you're a fan of this era's horror classics."We cannot break a swear."Grade: C-

Helio A (kr) wrote: Soy fan de Francis F. Coppola y me encantan sus peliculas. Youth without youth comenzo con una historia que generaba intriga y prometedora. El tema de la juventud, de los estudios, del amor, parecia ser excelente pero... tuvo que complicarla demasiado. Tal vez, concentrar la pelicula en menos aspectos, pudo haber sido mas efectivo. Inclusive, tiene ciertas imagenes, ciertos dialogos muy bien pensados que captan la atencion del espectador y la espectadora. Sin embargo, llega la mitad de la pelicula y todo se confunde, pierde el hilo y sin posibilidad de rescate. LA vi dos veces y la segunda vez estuve mas confundido que la primera. Pero este tipo de confusion, no es de la que alegra porque es una buena pelicula que logra abordar los temas, sino de una pelicula no muy buena que deja cosas en el aire y no se entiende como salen los temas. Asi que, cuando alguien mas inteligente que yo la vea y me la explique, podre entenderla y tal vez cambie su puntuacion. Mientras tanto, a menos que desees romperte la cabeza, no te la recomiendo.