The Christmas Gift

The Christmas Gift

Starring Michelle Trachtenberg and Rick Fox, “The Christmas Gift” is about ten-year-old Megan, who upon receiving a Secret Santa gift, is touched by its contents which end up having a huge impact on her life. Now a driven young journalist, Megan can’t shake her desire to thank the person who sent her that heartfelt gift over a decade ago. Determined to prove herself to her editor, she goes on the search for the perfect Christmas story, and in doing so, she finally discovers who her Secret Santa is. Inspired by a true story.

Inspired by a true story. The movie tells the story of a journalist whose life was deeply impacted by a Secret Santa gift that she received when she was 10 years old. She then sets out to discover who anonymously gave it to her, but ends up finding a lot more along the way. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Erol Y (it) wrote: After watching this movie, I began thinking about the ethical issues, raised by the movie. It is a captivating movie,

joey b (kr) wrote: Let me start by saying Black Metal is my favorite type of music. Now the review: I have followed the two main people in this film Fenriz & Varg for along time now - before Varg was in prison and the whole black circle in Norway was still up and running, before Euronymous was killed etc.,so i know alot about Black Metal and this movie to me was terrific, sure it mainly focused on only a few main people but there screen time was brilliant, i loved hearing the stories Fenriz & Varg told, loved the music they used in this film and enjoyed all the other back story stuff that was mentioned - did Varg kill Euronymous because he thought Euronymous was going to kill him?...or is Varg lying and did it out of pure hate? the film lets you decide. The one thing the film does not bring up is that Varg is pretty much a Nazi and it shows him as a pretty quiet fellow but is Varg's on camera persona just a character he is playing? who know's. Fenriz is rather funny in the film and made me laugh a few times. Overall if you enjoy this kind of music i think you will like this film, even if you don't like Black Metal I think the stories told should still be interesting enough to carry you through until the end takes you.

Simon D (jp) wrote: If Mads Mikkelson has done an average film or worse then I've not seen it. This is a splendid film, compelling story and great performances. I'm becomming a big fan of Danish cinema.

Neli F (au) wrote: Was not impressed at all. We see enough movies where all the action is about shooting and sex. The very thing that made Van Damme famous (besides his cute accent) was missing in this movie, because everybody can draw a gun and make some damage, but not many can deliver a good fight like he (used to?!?!) does.

Cody M (mx) wrote: Even though I found the story uneven, the focused look at devastation is strong here. The over exposed look also helped achieve that.

Iabell b (ca) wrote: This movie was no good. Booring!!

Diana A (ru) wrote: Sad, nostalgic look at Portugal's landscape from a Brazilian point of view. The music by Gal Costa is probably one of the high points of the fim, but its heavy handed flirt with French Nouvelle Vague is actually interesting too.

Erin O (au) wrote: Never heard of this one...

Art S (kr) wrote: When Interpol needs a "supercop" to go undercover to capture a notorious drug kingpin working out of mainland China, who do you think they call? That's right, Jackie Chan, starring here in a big budget (rather show-off-y) early 90s picture that capitalizes on all of his 80s success. You see he was already a superstar in Hong Kong (and other parts of the world) even if he didn't "break in" to America until Rush Hour in 1998 (despite some early efforts, including Cannonball Run). I saw Supercop at the Uptown Theater (Minneapolis) around 1992 or 93, at the height of my Jackie Chan worship. Revisiting it now shows it to be rather long-winded in its plot development (Michelle Yeoh is his mainland partner) but with a few astonishing set pieces. She drives a motorbike onto a moving train, he hangs from a helicopter above Kuala Lumpur. Of course, they do their own stunts and that's what makes the movie more exciting. But Jackie was "fresher" in Police Story 1 and his other 80s pictures (Project A, Armor of God, Operation Condor).

Jason T (us) wrote: Dolphin tale has lots of heart and some good cinematography. Great for the whole family. Don't expect any surprises though and the "feel good" nature is really heavy handed to you. A few unnecessary scenes as well.

Michelle H (jp) wrote: This movie changed my life. I was 9 and watched it three times in one day, inspired to become Dixie Leonard or convinced I was her in a past life. It's one of Bette Midler's best opportunities to showcase all her talents, albeit sometimes distracted by her unusual application of aging makeup. I hold this film entirely responsible for the Bette Midler stalker I would one day become.

emilio m (de) wrote: i looks kinda low budget in some parts and the movie is not that funny