The Christmas Toy

The Christmas Toy

The Christmas Toy is a 1986 Emmy Award nominated television film produced by The Jim Henson Company, featuring Jim Henson's Muppets. Rugby the Tiger who remembers how he was the Christmas Toy last year, and thinks he's going to be unwrapped again this year.

When no people are around, the toys still play in the playroom. But since a toy will be frozen forever if a person catches it out of position, they have to be very careful. It's Christmas ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Igor A (jp) wrote: a da bese malku pokratok filmov? :)

Vivian D (de) wrote: This one of the funnest movies i've seen in a long time. I see it on HBO, and i watch every time i can. That fight scene cracks me uuuuupppp!!! I can't get enough of this movie. Keep up the good work.

Ajk D (jp) wrote: Good suspense movie in level with conspiracy theory

Morgan E (gb) wrote: The face noises were pretty obnoxious.

John C (de) wrote: Val Kilmer impressively channels John Holmes. Great supporting cast. The style in which it was shot and the score were superb. It grabs you from the word go. The bonus features offer the LAPD crime scene video which is 23 mins long.

Sandra W (es) wrote: Typical plot but it was fun to watch and had some funny moments mixed in with the romance of the movie.

Gabriel R (mx) wrote: Where else can you see 2 ducks duel on pianos.

peter h (fr) wrote: Surf Nazis Must Die (1987): from the good folks at (Sigh) Troma Studios comes this cheesy, corny, silly, stupid and rather entertaining 1980's schlock fest called Surf Nazi's Must Die. Before I go any tougher can you guess what this film might be about? If you answered Surf Nazis well done, if not well send your CV and a two page script into Troma studios about (oh I don't know) a KILLER CONDOM for example and make a lot of money of that one idea (by the way Troma has made a movie about a killer condom) . Anyway back to the film in question, yes it's about surf Nazis and no it doesn't involve Nazi SS troops on surfboards, nope the film is all about Neo-Nazi punks in the near future who terrorise the industrial beaches of LA after a massive earthquake. The leaders of the Surf Nazis called Adolf (of course) and his stiletto-heeled, leather- clad girlfriend called Eva (once again of course. Let me guess her surname, Braun I'm picking) and their (Sigh) Surf Nazis start a war with other suffer gangs like (SIGH) The Samurai Surfers (don't worry there are only three Samurai not Seven) and the Nazis kill the son of Momma Washington. This now means the Nazis now have one mad mother to deal with. Now to a cult film buff I'm well aware who Troma Studios and what kind of films the studio produces. For the ones who don't know this studio Troma is a notorious low budget studio which produces films filled with graphic gore, explicit nudity and sex scenes, terrible acting and tacky scripting. Now with Surf Nazis there is little gore, minimal nudity and sex scenes, average acting and decent scripting, even though the film is about an elderly African American woman who hunts down her son's killers which happen to be Nazis. I was expecting in all honesty something more poorly made that would fit the "So -Bad-It's-So-Good" mould quite well but this fits a below average mould and hell it's a Troma film of all things. The film has its entertaining moments but it's trying to be too serious considering its story line with average surf footage that belongs in any Pro-Surfer promotional video. With Troma's DVD release of Surf Nazis Troma appears little upset how it's not quite up to companies' style of film. What makes me think this dear reader? Well consider this the DVD release of this films special features seems to be compensating for the lack companies' style of film. The DVD has (for example) a bunch of trailer to more graphic Troma titles like the infamous BLOODSUCKING FREAKS which has more sickening violence and more nudity in the trailer alone than Surf Nazis has in the entire film! Overall Surf Nazis despite being a Troma film is decent to say the least, but it doesn't live up to the utter absurdity of the film's title. Come on think about it what would you expect from a film title like SURF NAZIS MUST DIE, a film about surfing Nazis troopers or a film about Neo- Nazi surfer punks that get chased by one upset elderly African American woman who hunts down her son's killers? Ok the whole though of an elderly mother hunting down a group of Surfer Neo-Nazis seems funny and bloody ridiculous but when its delivered in a serious way there is no way in hell it can be taken too seriously. That's the whole problem with this film it's trying to be taken seriously even though the source material is aimed at the sake of bad taste entertainment. 5/10 it's not bad but it's not brilliant by any stretch of the imagination

John M (gb) wrote: Bakshi's depress-a-thon about four generations living through (and tragically dying through) the 1900's. This really is depressing stuff, on the level of "Raging Bull." But, it is beautifully made, and the music sequences really pop! A road trip sequence is also very well done. See it for the unique artistry.

Jose L (de) wrote: This a great comedy classic and is it a coincidence that one of Stephen Sondheim's greatest and most beloved musical A Little Night Music is based on this Ingmar Bergman film which also considered now a musical theater classic.

Max W (kr) wrote: I knew this movie was going to be bad and watched it anyway, so I guess I got what I deserved.