The Christmas Tree

The Christmas Tree

A French-American millionaire (William Holden), his girlfriend (Virna Lisi) and his war buddy (Andre Bourvil) try to grant his dying son's every wish.

Since the death of his mother, Pascal, ten years old, spends his holidays with his father, the rich Laurent Segur. One day, when diving near the shores of Corse, an aircraft falls into the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David D (nl) wrote: I second the worst movie I have ever seen comment. This movie makes me not want to watch anything, ever again. Breaking the dvd / bluray, cutting myself deeply, and getting gangrene would be more entertaining than this absolute garbage. It is not worth the sub 10 dollar cost even for a coaster. Explosives are the only fitting death for this steaming pile of a movie.

Ville H (ag) wrote: Just niin huono kuin kaikki on sanonu. Ei naurattanu kertaakaan. Ei oikeastaan herttny muutenkaan mitn muuta kuin vsymyksentunteita... "hertt vsymyksentunteita" hmm. No joo, mutta l kato.

Myriane B (au) wrote: Le meilleur film que j'ai vu en avion. - The best movie I ever watched on a plane.

Francis T (es) wrote: deja que les 2 autres etait pas tant bon ...

Tom W (es) wrote: I would like to give this movie more, and if the first-timer fraternal partnership learn from this film, I will no doubt be favourably reviewing their future releases. This is an antipodean Zombie effort. Quality should be guaranteed already. These guys are clearly familiar with the earlier works of one Peter Jackson, as the opening scenes are so reminiscent of Bad Taste and Braindead that it could almost be the work of the goreman himself [note to kids: before LOTR trilogeee, the man did some arguably better works in Oz Gore] The thing that surprised me about this movie was that the CG special effects did not look amateurish (for the most part). The shot of the cow in the beam of light was masterful, and apart from the 'wall' it mostly convinced me. I particularly liked the ominous clouds. The gore was pretty well executed, though a touch fast at times, and appeared a bit sporadically for my liking. That said, the main technical downpoint of this movie was the filters. Do not adjust your set guys, it is all this blue. That said, the acting is everything we have come to expect from the OTT Southern Hemisphere filmmakers. Stealing the show is the policeman with a mouth on him like a nun in rehab and taking an instant dislike to everyone. Also effective is the quiet, brooding 'Marion', and the leading lady, though not as shining as the rest, puts in an adequate performance. The downfall of this film is the story...I have given the film a '7', as what it loses in lame plot, it makes up for in effort. It is trying to make a film that is not just 'zombies arrive, holy shit, blam blam', but has a couple more features. The problem is that the extra dongles are largely superflouous, and are the main cause of the film's loss of energy about 2/3 of the way through. The other cause is the lack of awareness on the part of the director as to who is the lead character...the film follows so many of them equally in the 2nd half that we forget where we came in. Still, that all said, the film is excellent fun, surprisingly well executed visually, full of ludicrously great performances and some small touches and lines that should go down in zombie film history, my personal favourite being the zombie fish.

Randy P (br) wrote: Not bad for a low-budget movie, but i have to admit without the actors performances this cheesy movie would flop.

Sean R (mx) wrote: Although I have a deeper understanding of physics than the regular "Joe Watcher", this movie offered something. It allows those educated in particle physics to connect and join in on the emotional roller coaster that is the days leading up to a experiment of such great importance and those that are not up to date in the field a glance at how vast and unexplored the particle universe can be.

Valrie M (jp) wrote: Great but too long :-/

Linda S (ru) wrote: I rented the movie because Christopher Walken was in it. It ended up being a decent movie. Makes you think.