The Cincinnati Kid

The Cincinnati Kid

An up-and-coming poker player tries to prove himself in a high-stakes match against a long-time master of the game.

The film is based on the novel written by Richard Jessup. It is about an important game between the Kid and the Man. The Kid is famous poker player and the Man is the reigning poker champ. What will happen? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Serge L (us) wrote: Nice reenactment but the abuses seemed a bit over the top at times. I did not believe them all. The girls were incredibly unsupportive also to the class lawsuit. The daddy though was a good moment in front of the group. Shame on them all! Shame on them. Very nice and unusual side story with the boy.

Emma C (es) wrote: Superb acting by Abbie Cornish, a great example of how a character piece without a lot happening can be so riveting to watch.

Kenneth B (fr) wrote: Hmmm. I'm giving this a 3 but only just. I found it interesting enough to persevere with and although it isn't exactly earth shattering it is decent. This is mainly courtesy of a solid Pacino performance who I think must be in every scene, talk about carrying a film. Although he isn't spectacular this is a timely reminder that he can still pull off a low-key performance. The main problem with People I Know isn't really anything negative in particular, it's just that there isn't really anything outstanding here.

Samuel J (ca) wrote: "It's my imagination because I have got a very, very fuelled imagination." Director: Shane Meadows Starring: Paddy Considine, Andrew Shim, Vicky McClure, Frank Harper Running time: 90 minutes Country: Canada, UK A Room For Romeo Brass is a good yet flawed film. It is a very firm and interesting story but there were some things in it that were a bit off about it. First the good things were that it was a very personal, affectionate and depressing story that would get you focused on it throughout the whole film. There was a lot of swearing involved but that was a big thing in this film. If there was hardly any it would be a lame film. It would fit with the story. I will give this film credit for being an extremely underrated film that should be watched but on the other hand there were some things that slightly disappointed me. It was mostly because the ending was very flat and I thought there would be more severe consequences but there wasn't all really which left me very slightly disappointed much to a friend of mine's dismay! Andrew Shim was absolutely fantastic as Romeo Brass. He is a very troubled young man who hasn't had a very good childhood because of his parents seperation and how his father treated the family. Because of this, Romeo turned out to be a very rude and arrogant boy. Paddy Considine delivers a very powerful performance as Morell that was very threatening and dangerous to be around. Considine is an actor who has received praise in only a few of the films he's done. This and Hot Fuzz are his most famous works in my opinion. I did like Considine in The Bourne Ultimatum despite he wasn't in it for a great amount of time. Morell is a man who becomes close friends with young boys Romeo and Gavin after he rescues Romeo from a couple of boys who were beating him up. Morell then starts to turn to Romeo's older sister Ladine who he has "feelings" for. He becomes very obsessed with her and her brother Romeo and his best friend Gavin. I could tell by this because he was around them all the time and wouldn't leave them a moment's peace. Shane Meadows is a brilliant director. I loved his work on This Is England and I liked his work in this one too. A Room For Romeo Brass is a film that is deeply personal and can be quite hard to watch on occasions. It is more of a drama than a crime film whereas This Is England is more of a crime film than a drama even though that had drama within it. I do still think Paddy's best performance is Hot Fuzz. Shane Meadows best film is still This Is England. I did love that one a lot! A Room For Romeo Brass is a good film that I enjoyed watching but didn't love. There were some things that I thought were a bit off about this film but apart from that it was a good film that I am glad I watched.

Damon R (fr) wrote: Still the best action-comedy ever made!

Amanda W (jp) wrote: Different/Not Bad/Kinda Liked.

Bill T (gb) wrote: I remember seeing this at a film festival and being terrifically bored by the whole thing. Well, tried to see it again, same result.

Jeff B (ag) wrote: Showing his age and literally running away with the circus, Roger Moore stars in this pedestrian Bond adventure where the title proves the most thrilling component. Seeing 007 dressed up as a clown pretty much sums up how silly, diluted, and unexciting this series had become when compared to the intoxicating high bar set during the swinging '60s. In this PG-rated spy adventure, a fake Faberg egg and a fellow agent's death lead James Bond (Moore) to uncover an international jewel-smuggling operation, headed by the mysterious Octopussy (Adams), being used to disguise a nuclear attack on N.A.T.O. forces. Two decades and several white hairs on, Bond comes full circle with his camp leanings by becoming a cheap carnival ride, boasting only one series hallmark with a slight - very slight - of hand making the duplicitous Octopussy seem like the big bad. Some amped-up action sequences might keep you invested but the only truly exciting component of this flick is its title.Bottom line: All Time Not-So-High

Performance P (mx) wrote: '49th Parallel' tells the unique story of a stranded U-Boat crew and their journey through Canada. Although this film can be historically as a 1941 anti-Nazi propaganda film, it has one of the more unique WWII plots. It is very similar to Mrs. Miniver except that in this film it is told from the prospective of those enemy combatants living within the homeland. The film does not have an overwhelming cast and crew other than Lawrence Oliver who only is in a small section of the film (but makes up almost one-hundred percent of the film poster). The director, Michael Powell, never received any Academy nods other than a writing nomination for 'One Aircraft Missing' in 1943. The nostalgia of reflecting watching these classics films is seeing the great stars of the golden era like Bogart or Stewart. This film is definitely lacking that. The film starts out strong, is intriguing but goes down hill as the plot thickens. A story of this nature should feature a lot of excitement and seclusion. It certainly features a lot of seclusion do to the locations of where the film takes place. The excitement definitely lacks though. As stated before, these are enemy combatants attempting to escape. Not a lot of escape flows this naturally exciting event. This is due to how the film was edited and how the story was told. Finally, the conclusion of the film was very anti-climatic. It was fitting but not fitting of what should have been an exciting conclusion.