The Circle

The Circle

A look at the urban society of the seventies. The story of Marta a young and pretty girl, who leaves her husband to search for her true identity. She doesn't quite know what she wants, but ...

A look at the urban society of the seventies. The story of Marta a young and pretty girl, who leaves her husband to search for her true identity. She doesn't quite know what she wants, but ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lanning (mx) wrote: I definitely did like this. . . . Shakespeare's final "tragedy." Hmmm . . . Okay, let me say this. The label "tragedy" is thrown around an awful lot. For instance, I'll bet one dollar that in years to come there are going to be people who call Bu--sh-- Jr's presidency a tragic one. Now depending on who's doing the talking, this is true. Tragic for us; not tragic for him. If someone eventually sees Jr's administration as a personal tragedy for him -- and believe me someone will -- well, I will laugh -- and then spit on the ground. In order to qualify as a tragic hero in my book, you damn well better be someone with whom I can sympathize. In the case of this particular production of Coriolanus, I have great difficulty finding anything about the titular character that makes me even remotely want to feel anything but a mild contempt, at best, for his plight. To pull an old chestnut from the feeble fire of memory: This is a guy who needs killing, and the sooner the better. He is surely no Macbeth, neither is he a Hamlet nor anywhere remotely near an Othello or a Juliet. Coriolanus is a justly heralded soldier, true, but what kind of human being is he? Well he is tragically vain all right, a qualifying tragic flaw, but he is additionally loaded with contempt for the common people, and he's a borderline horrible son, husband, and father to boot. I mean, who cares? I see him more as an oxygen waster than as someone who's actually contributing to the good of humankind. But that's just me.

Nicoara T (gb) wrote: nu am terminat de vazut filmul

Gunpowder B (au) wrote: An inhumane, but somewhat crudely relayed, portrait of reckless adolescent lack of humanity, that is promising in some ways and in others lacks any sense of identity, but allows Timberlake's ultimate range of talent to first become readily apparent.

David A (br) wrote: Un drama tan profundo como elAlma misma

Ciara M (au) wrote: I admire it just for its oddness. It didn't seem like it was trying to hard to be weird or amazing, and it managed not to be corny. Winger didn't exactly make her character's motivations plausible, but it's still an enjoyable flick.

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Orlok W (ru) wrote: The Relationship of Two Men With Women Along Thirty Years--Effective Relationship Drama!!

Morgan R (nl) wrote: I saw this movie in 1959 when I was seventeen and the only thing I recall with clarity was the "souped up" Chevy station wagon. I thought that was 'cool man', an old jalopy with a powerful engine. I liked that kind of deception. Also, I thought the filming was done in Watertown, New York and always associated the town with the movie. Everything else went over my head, so imagine my surprise when I viewed it last night. First off the Chevy had nothing to do with the film and Watertown was never mentioned one time. In fact the film was done in Manhattan and I believe Hudson, New York. Here's what I completely missed. It was about the increasing stress of full integration brought on by two monumental events: President Harry Truman's Executive Order 9981 in 1948 that integrated the military just two years before the Korean so-called 'police action' and the Supreme Court's landmark Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka which declared that 'separate but equal' affirmed in Plessey v. Ferguson (1896) was unconstitutional. This movie was about the everyday struggle citizens of this nation were experiencing in adjusting to these events. Black soldiers (Belafonte's character) returned from combat in Korea in 1952 to face persistent second class citizenship. Some families that tried to 'be white' (Kim Hamilton, who played the part of Belafonte's ex-wife). And then there was Robert Ryan's character, Earle, who still lives among us today. All this dynamic plays against Ed Begley's character's rather simple and workable plan to rob a bank in the small town of Watertown ... er, Melton, New York. The movie really isn't that great. I think it is the script and maybe the direction of Robert Wise. He had a great cast to work with, but with the exception of Begley there was no stand out performance by the other heavy weights in this production. Belafonte produced this project so I don't know how much influence he had over the script which comes from crime novelist William P. McGiven. Here is one review of the book. Belafonte was and still is an energetic activist for civil rights which may have influence this production at the expense of character and story development.

Dane K (us) wrote: Hercules (supposed to be known as Heracles in Greek Mythology) was one of the greatest heroes in Greece, but is represented in this mini-series that is, well, wussy. The first half of this mini-series is absolutely atrocious. Hercules doesn't even look like he's going to become a great hero, instead he is (and the actor portrays him) like a whiny English schoolboy bitch. The second half is much better. On the plus side, the story is of course excellent, albeit poorly executed, and the whole thing shorter than 3 hours. Also, I hated the inclusion of that waste of acting "talent" from Lord Of The Rings (Sean Astin - although anyone in that movie is a waste) in the cast - horrible.

Stephen S (de) wrote: This is basically just a shitty version of Poltergeist. Don't waste you time on this.