The City of Your Final Destination

The City of Your Final Destination

28-year-old Kansas University doctoral student Omar Razaghi wins a grant to write a biography of Latin American writer Jules Gund. Omar must get through to three people who were close to Gund--his brother, widow, and younger mistress--so he can get authorization to write the biography. Written by Marisa_Gabriella, edited by Krystal Frauendienst

28-year-old Kansas University doctoral student Omar Razaghi wins a grant to write a biography of Latin American writer Jules Gund. Omar must get through to three people who were close to Gund, so he can get authorization to write the biography. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The City of Your Final Destination torrent reviews

tedrock (us) wrote: wow. emotional movie.

Jason S (ag) wrote: Ultimate scientific realism. I love this film. It was absolutely everything I wanted it to be.

Jane L (ru) wrote: Some storylines work better than others, particularly the Roberto Benini one, which gave him some wonderful opportunities to turn in his best performance in a decade. The Penelope Cruz storyline is humorous, but the other storylines are tired and uninteresting.

Z S (us) wrote: I wish I could give this 0 stars. Another user said they turned it off after half an hour, oh how I wish I had. I kept waiting for it to turn around, it never did. Plummer got an Oscar for this? It was painfully slow, and I found it extremely depressing on every level. Definitely one of, if not the worst film I've ever suffered through. I might prefer to have my wisdom teeth out again.


Kaila B (nl) wrote: awesome just because james marsters is in it

Private U (gb) wrote: happy to see a hawaii made local indie film... not too crazy about the plot but it wasnt horrible

Greg R (fr) wrote: not bad....Wahlberg is fine and the storyline keeps it moving...looked too much like a tv movie (which it is)

Hardy C (it) wrote: An inexplicable film that seems to have been inspired by the equally incomprehensible "Masked and Anonymous" that featured a befuddled Bob Dylan and a cast of stars in cameo roles. In this cinematic abortion it's former SNL players that pop up like bed bugs in a flophouse, with a very sexy Cheri Oteri stealing the show as a vicious neo-Marxist. I'm sure The Rock would just as soon have this deleted from his CV.

Eric R (mx) wrote: A dark fairytale of sorts about a young upper-class woman whose life is in a downward spiral. For starters she is dealing with the guilt of having an abortion, her brother is cutting her out of the family business and one night she leaves a party and hits an old man with her car. The films structure is unconventional, in that the film kinda jumps around juxtaposing different scenes. For the most part it does work, and fits definitely fits the tone of the film. The visual design of this film is really stunning. The lighting is just gorgeous, though if you aren't a fan of unnatural lighting you won't like it. Its a really odd film, that doesn't give anything to the viewer easily. Its strange and not for everyone but by the end I was convinced....

danny 5 (ca) wrote: i loved it. cool they had digweed in it

Grant H (br) wrote: Great movie. Funny, sweet, warm-hearted, with great performances from Matthau and Lemmon.

Stevie S (us) wrote: I love love love this movie!!!! The atmosphere is INSANE. And the soundtrack.....OHMYGOD!!! It's like serious and depressing, but quirky as hell. And everything just screams 80's! A true cult classic.

Chris S (ca) wrote: I didn't really like it. To be honest I felt that they way the filmmakers handled the zombies were pretty exaggerated.

Brian G (kr) wrote: Not just regular kid movie bad. Foul violent and immoral. What kind of "kid" movie graphically burns a dog to death?

Tor M (gb) wrote: A straight forward film with few direct happenings. We get to know poor afro-americans in a close to documentary setting. A man is feeling quite lost and tired of his daily life while his wife tries to encourage him. His kids are "just" kids, and his friends seem to be both a pain and a small lift of joy.It feels a bit flat, but still it's a very rememberable film caused by it's style and straight forwardness.The biggest archievement here is the remeberable photography of the film along with the fantastic poetic vibe and usage. Loads of great quotes here along some great scenes. The grittyness is also a pro factor - it's as ugly as it is pretty. It was pretty tricky to put it all togheter for me, so it never really gripped me either. A big piece for the so-called "black cinema" history. Later on, after I gave it some time to sink in and think of all the beautiful scenes and shots that where used here, it turned out to be less flat. This is a grower that will stick with you.Oh, a cool trivia piece is that Mos Def took a still from the film and used is as album cover for his record "The Ecstatic".8 out of 10 dog masks.

Lanfranco C (fr) wrote: Old "exotic" western

Chris (us) wrote: Stupid musical with Jimmy Stewart and Paulette Goddard. Goddard is really the best thing about this, Stewart is reliable as usual but really doesn't bring anything to the movie. The songs are lame, the sound quality is awful and it just isn't that good.

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Ruthie R (ag) wrote: Well, it's all pretty amazing and sweet and scary and fun until the shit really hits the fan and then it just sort of tries to make it all better with the ending but it doesn't really make it better. Still, pretty neat almost sorta super hero origin story lol