The Clever Bird

The Clever Bird

The Fanitsa hired employee in the electrical shop of Luke Mani. He knows that the shop is not doing well because of Luke's kindness and his inability to help around the world. The Fanitsa in little time putting a class without knowing Luke, arranging and avoids the trap of erecting friends Michos and Filotas with rich homogenous from Egypt, Iro Danezis. Soon the company will be back on track and Luke falls in love with Fanitsa ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:91 minutes
  • Release:1961
  • Language:Greek
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on play,  

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jason l (kr) wrote: complete and total crap fest, the acting was terrible, the story was terrible and the animated sequences were stupid. This is nothing like Diary of a Wimpy Kid, it just wishes it was.

Brad S (br) wrote: I didn't feel much for Nim's fate...not as much as I felt disgusted by the ' evil professor' that slimes his way through life. It shows how different times were in the 70's and how important the flower generation were to changing the worlds perception of humanity. For the history lesson alone, I didn't mind this doco.

Nektaria T (br) wrote: Idiots and Angels is a beautiful animation with striking imagery and a unique ability to change its tone and message in a heartbeat. What starts off as a comment on banality turns into a noir thriller then transforms into a morality tale before surging head on into romance. It's also a superhero film and also a comedy. Just as the animation morphs with wildly inventive transitions so does the story and pace. Plymton has an excellent eye for imaginative and outrageous imagery and often one is uncertain if what we are seeing is really happening or just in the characters mind. The soundtrack as well as the visuals has a lot to do, essentially making up one half of the experience and it just shines with some great choices of both classical and contemporary pieces.

todd s (jp) wrote: There are dialog captions in English, but not all on-screen titles are translated. If they spent the money to translate the dialogue, why not the narrative titles? In "other words", English-speaking viewers are welcome, but only to a point. After all, we can't get enough of Remy Girard, Isabelle Blais, and Emmanuel Bilodeau.

Carlo V (mx) wrote: Death Spa is like a thesis on shlocky 80's horror sensibilities, and the only argument you need in defence of movies being an art form. Scene after scene it is gorgeous, interesting to look at, and moves at an impressive pace. This shit is so in line with what I look for in a movie it's scary.Also Michael and his lawyer were 100% fuck buddies."All right bitch, I'll show you fried chicken."

Lee M (mx) wrote: Between a 7/10 and 8/10, Stands up extraordinarily well: mostly because of two outstanding central performances, Gary Oldman as the talented, blase Orton, and Alfred Molina as his thwarted, Hancock-esque murderer Kenneth Halliwell.

Kevin W (ca) wrote: One of the first post-Apu films of Ray?s career takes as its main themes religious obsession and superstition. The opening titles refer to Kali, a revered deity, who is then worshipped during an elaborate ceremony by the community of a small Indian village. Rumour has it that Kali is sometimes reincarnated in human form, a belief which is taken most seriously by the old and infirm Kalikinkar. When his son, Uma, leaves to study in Calcutta, he becomes reliant on his daughter in law, Doya, whom he believes to be the goddess reincarnated after a feverish vision. Despite initial scepticism amongst some in the village, and even within the old man?s own family (his other daughter in law thinks it?s ridiculous, and is proclaimed jealous, whilst her husband seems to ?believe? just to please his father who favours his more academically minded son), such is the old man?s influence and authority within the village that many become convinced, especially when the Doya appears to perform miracles. A peasant brings his dying child to see her, whom she apparently cures.Her husband believes the old man is out of his mind, and tries to take his Doya away from the village to Calcutta. However, she is now convinced that she is indeed Kali reincarnated, and refuses to leave with him. The true test of her divinity arises when her nephew, Khoka falls ill. His mother, unconvinced by the whole situation, refuses to take her son to see Doya. Her husband tells Kalikinkar, who then insists upon Doya curing the boy. Of course, tragedy strikes.Doya?s husband, upon his return, is the only person who can make sense of what happened. Kalikinkar thinks the boy died because he was punished for his own sins. His son tells him he was responsible, because he didn?t send for a doctor to treat the boy. His faith was so blind that he thought Doya would save the boy?s life. Doya herself is stricken with grief having failed, and descends into madness.Ever the humanist, Ray highlights the dangers of fanaticism and religious obsession, but approaches this with great subtlety and care, rather than a heavy-handed approach. Doya finds herself exploited by those more powerful than her, who project their beliefs upon her and strip her of her identity as well as jeopardise her marriage. These beliefs are held at the expense of rationality, and those who hold them most put at risk their own families in order to prove them. Yet Ray never strays into being too judgemental with these religious obsessives; he just presents them as being misguided, though this doesn?t prevent the tragedies which occur. Another splendid film by one of the greatest film makers of the twentieth century.

Ethan H (au) wrote: Story: A musician named Lem Siddons takes a job as a clerk in a general store. While at the same time instilling values in the local boys, becomes scoutmaster for the local boy scout troop, troop 1. Later on the boys stumble upon a war game and Lem is mistaken for a war spy and treated as a POW. I'll let you see what happens next. Characters: The entire cast was great and well acted. also, the main character is played by Kurt Russel. Humor: Even though this is a drama, it has a few funny scenes, but not much. Overall: Follow Me, Boys! is a classic and heartwarming family drama. If you're looking a good movie to watch with your wife and children, you should check this one out!

D (gb) wrote: Just say no to Coolio, you'll thank me later.

WakeWRC89 (au) wrote: 90s classic. Good memories of this film.