The Client List

The Client List

After she and her husband lose their jobs, a former Texas homecoming queen inadvertently finds herself in the middle of a prostitution ring after she unknowingly accepts a position at a massage parlor.

The movie follows a mother who secretly turns to prostitution to support her family when her husband is unable to work, but soon she finds herself in trouble with the law and faced with a major decision: reveal the names of her bigwig clients or lose her kids. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Girish B (de) wrote: may be we shud have got rotten tomatoes for the ticket price....

WS W (jp) wrote: In addition to the common dragging, un-condensed drawback in Japanese features, the impressive confrontation scenes (between women) seen in TV series were gone too. What remains is the deja vu, formulaic scenario in court/prison/office dramas only.

Lance C (ag) wrote: Take all the good things out of Broke Back Mountain and the Joy Luck Club, mix them together with a smidgen of Communist Propaganda, two cups of ultra-feminism and then go eat a turd. It will taste better than this film.

Le D (au) wrote: Heard of it in horror movies forums so decided to give it a try. Quite frankly, I was expecting more. The end is predictable so I wasn't surprised. Some scenes are hard to watch indeed. I guess my tolerance for rape and murder scenes has higher standards now. Not a movie for anyone under 18-20 FOR SURE!!!!

Gman H (es) wrote: Sweet movie.Quite a remarkable story about Paul Potts, who would have thought it![7/10]

Magill F (au) wrote: A decent story about being a substance-abusing misfit in a small town. The narration is offbeat and interesting, and the movie on the whole reminded me of a Canadian version of the Billy Crudup film "Jesus' Son". A truly grim and tragic tale, and not a film I'm likely to watch again. Still, I'm glad I saw it.

Matthew R (ag) wrote: Paul Rudd is hilarious in this film about a single mother trying to raise her daughter and falls for a younger man. Good acting and fun story.

Dave C (ru) wrote: In late 78, Richard Boon, then manager of Buzzcocks took me to a horrible pub in a horrible estate in Manchester to see a band he said was special. It was Joy Division.I talked to Ian Curtis a number fo times at shows and this documentary captures a raw guilt that everybody involved felt after Ian hanged himself.Years later people still feel it, they feel they should or could have done something and didn't.This film captures the feeling absolutely and is a riveting watch, or perhaps it's just me.Watch it alongside Control and it adds a 3-D feeling to teh ghosts.

Tran N (gb) wrote: Beautifully told and artistically done, a must-see for everyone. Amazing acting by all the leads. This indie movie is definitely a blockbuster!!

Bella H (kr) wrote: It was good but they skipped a lot of the details of the book.

Adrian W (au) wrote: Interesting plot with good acting. I don't know about the historical accuracy of this, but what I liked about it, is the way it treated the subject of mob culture among middle-class people. The latency for this sort of behavior is still present today in most Western countries (at least in the three I have lived in: Switzerland, USA and Australia). It won't take all that much to rouse these sentiments again and movies like this remind us of that.

Sam M (jp) wrote: I'm sure the original is superior, which I hadn't known existed before I watched this remake.

John t (gb) wrote: This movie is halarious..It is men playing women. It is much different than those other drag queen movies.They actually play women and not just men in drag. It is very funny..I love COCO PERU!!! will make you laugh out loud..

Rosa S (gb) wrote: I love historical! Funny and sweet.

Andy S (ca) wrote: Another great performance from Mifune, who is convincingly playing a man several years his senior and Shimura, whose quiet sensitivity lends this story the weight it needs.

Hillary D (mx) wrote: Cute flick about people believing in an unlikely student who has strong hopes of attending Princeton University. Fostering this youth & giving him an opportunity opens the doors for many lives.

Andrew B (us) wrote: In the midst of the up and coming west coast "gangsta" rap music phenomenon that was about to sweep across America is popularity, Boyz in the Hood takes you to the place that these songs are written about. All people from the suburbs know of South Central LA is what NWA and Snoop Dogg have told you about it in their albums. Sounds kind of grimy and rugged, but in a cool and tough guy sort of way, right? John Singleton takes that thought that is bobbing in your head and puts a bullet right through it. This is a devastating look at what most young men in the Los Angeles ghetto have to deal with on a daily basis. Just walking from a picnic down the street to your house, not even a block away you have to worry about someone driving by and opening up fire on you. Not just a couple random shots from a handgun, but from an automatic military rifle, because of course you did something for them to cause this behavior, right? Wrong again, they are shooting at you and trying to end your life because you may be wearing the wrong colors or maybe they just don't like your neighborhood for some unknown reason. What Singleton does with this movie is great, because up until Boyz in the Hood gang violence was glorified in music. There is no glorification in this movie at all. If you come away from watching this movie thinking it is cool to be "hood" or live in the "ghetto" you have to immediately have your head examined, because you have lost your mind. A harrowing look at not only how violence and gangs have an effect on the people involved in this criminal activity, but also how it effects the people around them, their family and friends. We get a unique look from all perspectives in this movie. From the mother and father to the gangbanger and the do good star football player athlete and they are all stuck in the hell they are forced to call home. There is a very poignant scene at the end of this movie where Dough Boy played by Ice Cube just kind of shakes his head and realizes people get killed every single day in their area and no one will ever hear about it or even know about it. He is not mad at this realization, he has accepted this fact and has come to terms with it. Which is sad in its own right.

Ian W (ag) wrote: I haven't seen an ice hockey movie this good since the legendary The Mighty Ducks from Disney. This has heart, drama and is just enthralling, with Seann William Scott as an unlikely hero. Thankfully, a sequel is due out this year.

Jordan P (ru) wrote: I really loved this!!!!!!

Atheer O (ag) wrote: occasionally funny but not that much.