The Clinic

The Clinic

While traveling across country with her fiancé, Beth wakes alone in an isolated clinic to a mother's worst nightmare. Just how far will she go to save her child?

A road trip turns into a battle for survival when Cameron and his pregnant wife, Beth, stop for the night at a desolate motel. But later somebody has stolen their babies with other 5 mothers, and the deranged sixth woman is killing each mother trying to identify her baby. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dailiesel M (es) wrote: wake up people a good movie my respect to the actors,My respect to ben affleck for his movie I do not know because wb says he lost money,This movie has to have an Oscar or some award..

Charles M (it) wrote: A humourous look at the English Second Language culture in South Korea in which Koreans try everything they can in an effort to learn English. As a former ESL teacher I am probably a bit biased. I give this film an A rating. I liked it so much I bought the DVD.

Teemu L (br) wrote: Plot full of holes, stupid story, over-acting and under-acting and so on. Looks quite good though, scenes and landscapes are okey.

Ian G (au) wrote: Fantastic, swashbuckling , intruige and treachery abound in this superb offering - infinately better than any of the three musketeers films or of the dire pirates of the caribean franchise. This is how this genre should be portrayed although the relationship between Lagarder and his ward is a bit dodgy.

Nicholas A (de) wrote: Arrrrghhhhhh why? zombie no.1 sucks ass as a filmmaker

Kirsten C (it) wrote: AWESOME!!! non-stop cheesy effects of the most exquisite kind. all the english speakers sound like deaf trannies. the music is actually really catchy, and the whole thing is just so bizarre and wonderful. also? i had no idea the Japanese did blackface. wow.

Art S (br) wrote: Noirish western (in color) that sees second string lead actor John Payne nearly strung up based on circumstantial evidence when a self-styled avenging Federal Marshall (Dan Duryea) turns up in town - on the 4th of July, also Payne's wedding day. As in High Noon, Payne finds that his so-called friends in the town where he has made his home for the past two years are suddenly reluctant to stand by him and willing to back "the law" even though there are good reasons to believe that the Marshall, named McCarty, is on a crusade and won't be stopped by laws or otherwise. Obviously, this film was designed as a rebuke to Senator Joe McCarthy and his friends over in the House Un-American Activities Committee who encouraged the blacklist in Hollywood (that stopped suspected Communists from working on any films). It is pretty overt. However, Payne's background has nothing to do with socialism or even community feeling - he is accused of killing a man over a poker game gone sour. Allen Dwan's direction is relatively undistinguished and the whole thing feels a bit rickety in this day and age. But, that said, it comes as no shock to find that we still have grand-standing politicians (around the world) who will try to make a career by speaking loudly and belligerently about their "values" pillorying those who seem to affront them. Go away ye petty tyrants and wake up sleeping masses.

Brad G (ru) wrote: "That girl had a lot of friends in that little black book." Touted today as Hollywood's first CSI Noir, Mystery Street sees Detective Ricardo Montalban (is it wrong of me to immediately mention "KHHHHAAAAAAAAAANNNNNN!!!!!"?) invite the help of Harvard Forensic Scientist Bruce Bennett to solve the murder of "Skeletal Girl," a collection of bones washed ashore the beaches of Boston. The scientific investigation is fun and it's cool to see The Bride of Frankenstein (Elsa Lanchester) worm her way through the mystery, but as the film resolves itself I found myself caring less and less about the goings on. The Mystery is just not that interesting. Shame. VF.

Wesley H (ru) wrote: Hachi doesn't break any major barriers when it comes to dog films, but it does offer a story that is emotional and heartfelt.

Aman A (fr) wrote: A movie with so much promise gets derailed along the way, lost and redirected. I hope this movie gets redirected. The Comedy has its moments, but the ludicrousness wears on and on and while you hope for a pull together at the end when all characters converge, LO and behold, it gets more ludicrous. Quite a poor rendition and avoidable.

Andrew S (ag) wrote: Tangled may be a straightforward romantic adventure, but it is filled with impressive visuals and enjoyable music.

Barry K (ru) wrote: Nicely done Freddie Francis film with a wonderful cast. Timothy Dalton, Jonathan Pryce, Stephen Rea, Patrick Stewart, Julian Sands and Sian Phillips.