The Close Encounters of Vampire

The Close Encounters of Vampire

film by Woo-ping Yuen

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The Close Encounters of Vampire torrent reviews

Grant H (br) wrote: Pretty good movie. Though the story and its themes are fairly standard for Braff, they're still delivered fairly well with some solid humor, visually stylish direction and good performances from its cast, especially King and Gad.

Carlos Z (kr) wrote: Very interesting and well acted movie

Alex M (ca) wrote: This short film shows the lack of communication with the main characters which make them run to look for the meaning of what they didn't understand. It is quite sweet. It takes some time to know where the story is going, but you grab it, you enjoy it.

Panta O (us) wrote: A funny New Zealand romantic comedy directed by Taika Waititi waited 6 years to be seen by me! What a shame I didn't have a chance to see it in a cinema. But even on a small screen this film financed by the New Zealand Film Commission which had its world premiere at Sundance in the World Cinema Dramatic section of the festival , was impressive to watch. And to listen as well because the soundtrack features New Zealand artists The Phoenix Foundation, Age Pryor, The Reduction Agents, and Tessa Rain, along with M. Ward, Devendra Banhart and British group The Stone Roses. The story of two (or more) nerds was put together so well, that sometimes I wanted to become a nerd myself... Lily (Loren Horsley), a shy, wistful girl, is a songwriter when no one is listening. She got a job at a local fast food restaurant and has a crush on of the customers - Jarrod (Jemaine Clement), a geek who works in a video game store. Jarrod doesn't even notice her nd he has his eyes glued to Lily's workmate, Jenny. With Jenny not at work one day, Jarrod gives Lily an invitation to his "dress as your favourite animal" party to pass along to her, but Jenny crumples it up and throws it away upon receiving it. Lily retrieves it from the trash... and things start happening! The film's script was a result of the Sundance Film Festival Director's and Screenwriter's Labs workshops in June 2005. The film was shot entirely in New Zealand, in and around Wellington and Porirua, during 25 days in October and November 2005 with a crew of 35 workers. One of the things I really liked in this movie were the segments done in stop motion - utilizing both props and actors. Most of the critics in their reviews were comparing this film with Napoleon Dynamite but to me this New Zealand creation had its own distinctive style mainly due to above mentioned animated segments and the emotional honesty. partialy thanks to whimsical little interludes of animation, but mainly because it ties blithe absurdity to a rock bed of emotional truth.

Stevie S (es) wrote: Wow. This has to be the most awkward cinematic experience of my life! I adore Peter Paige as Emmett on Queer As Folk, and when I heard that he had made a film, I naturally felt the urge to check out his directorial debut. His character in this film is a sweet and genuinely kind person, but naive to the point where you wonder how he can even function in the real world. He's quite simply, still a child at heart. It's obvious that he never realizes that playing with random children at the park would cause the certain parents of those children to question his motives. To be honest, I felt a little creeped out watching this movie. I know it was meant to be sweet and funny, but instead of Paige's character being the innocent guy that you expect him to be, I thought he came off as more of a potential serial killer. But hey, that's just my opinion. What sucks is that this film could have been quite cute if it had been approached better, and possibly with a larger budget. It did have its moments though. I really, really wanted to love it, because Peter Paige is so perfect in everything else that he does. Perhaps the next film he directs will be more of a success. I truly hope so.

Anthony S (kr) wrote: A favorite of mine. An inspiring story told well with great performances.

ROY (es) wrote: Very Good, Watch It.

Alexander G (au) wrote: It has all of the regulars in except for Jim Dale, But it is a very good funny film

Brandon J (it) wrote: Just an amazing classic cowboy film. Amazing story, acting, and can't forget the music. Really an epic tale about greed for gold. Absolutely a trip to watch.

Im El Capitano A (de) wrote: I cannot believe I have not seen this yet! Well...there are so many great films out there and o so little time to watch them all!

Nguyen P (es) wrote: Ideas are not clear but inspired