The Clowns

The Clowns

Fellini exposes his great attraction for the clowns and the world of the circus first recalling a childhood experience when the circus arrives nearby his home. Then he joins his crew and travel from Italy to Paris chasing the last greatest European clowns still live in these countries. He also meets Anita Ekberg trying to buy a panther in a circus.

Fellini exposes his great attraction for the clowns and the world of the circus first recalling a childhood experience when the circus arrives nearby his home. Then he joins his crew and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul B (ag) wrote: Cant wait to see it.

Cherita B (ca) wrote: i will love to see it

Huw G (es) wrote: A bit heavy on the battling and fighting, but pretty good sci-fi fun. Underrated like Jupiter Ascending.

Aaron D (ru) wrote: This film is gorgeous and is capable of creating existential questions in the minds of its audiences. "The House of Sand" is my introduction to Andrucha Waddington and to actresses Montenegro and Torres. I'm glad to have discovered it and them.

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mera l (jp) wrote: excelente guion, mala fotografia pero vale la pena el contexto

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LA L (it) wrote: The ultimate guilty pleasure! Enough explosions and violence to make you roll your eyes. Shut off your brain for two hours and enjoy the flight.

Samantha S (ag) wrote: What a dumb movie. Peter Weller vs. a rat.

Elgan D (ag) wrote: A beautifully shot picture with a couple of breathtaking scenes. There is more going on here than is at first evident but the story is not one which is fully engaging.

Pravin A (ru) wrote: The pacing was not right. But still worth a watch.

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