The Coffin

The Coffin

Following the Thai custom to cheat death and rid oneself of bad luck, a man who lays in a coffin for an evening subsequently experiences a series of terrifying incidents

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:86 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:Thai,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:ocean,   statue,   ghost,  

Following the Thai custom to cheat death and rid oneself of bad luck, a man who lays in a coffin for an evening subsequently experiences a series of terrifying incidents. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stephen S (jp) wrote: Excellent film. One of the best World War II films I've seen.

Brian B (es) wrote: This is still a four star movie. Not as well put together as the others but by no stretch a failure.

Domenique D (us) wrote: An overlooked gem of a film.

Kevin D (jp) wrote: Well that was certainly weird. There's a lot of positives about [i]Flourish[/i], starting with the whole reason I saw it, Jennifer Morrison, and her [i]House, M.D.[/i] co-star Jesse Spencer in a karate gi. But really mostly Jennifer Morrison. And given developments on [i]House[/i], it may have been my last chance to see her. Jennifer Morrison is brilliant as Gabrielle Winters, a woman who lost a teenager she was babysitting, being interviewed in a clinical setting and spinning a bizarre tale to explain what happened, showing he has a tenuous grasp on her faculties at the best of times, telling a story that shows her moving through an evening piecing her own life and identity together moment by moment from snatches of lucidity and whatever facts she can glean from hazy memories. Morrison's frenetic character Gabby is unable to keep words and concepts straight from sentence to sentence (dropping her coffee and looking for the car keys then asking her roommate for the coffee keys), and it's both funny and intriguing to watch the impossibility of communication with Gabby. Some of the mystery that hangs over the film is worthwhile, like wondering how the fractured Gabby can have stable relationships with other people like her rooommate, and why someone would trust her to care for their child. It really calls into question whether she was always like this, and Gabby gives some reason to believe she had a sharp mental break that caused her to be like this. The story within the story, her recollection of what happened That Night proceeds in a linear fashion cutting between multiple characters and locations, a bizarre plot involving spycraft, rogue teenagers, adultery, dead bodies, and a feverish man with a karate gi and a gun. It's grounded enough that the reliability of Gabby as a narrator doesn't come into question until the end. The interviewer points out several problems we should have had with Gabby's story, like the parts she didn't witness, and the fact that he's in it. Everybody in the entire story seems very confused about what they're doing, and why, and inventively bridges the gaps between intentions and reality the same way Gabby does, which means it's impossible to be sure to what degree they're real people, and to what degree an extension of her imagination. Gabby can't find her car keys, and outside a car thief can't figure out how to start her car, she hitches a ride but the driver can't take her where she's going or explain why... when she tells the story everybody seems to share her problem with transportation. On some level this is fascinating, but after twenty minutes of searching, I really just wanted her to find her car keys. After an hour and a half, I just wanted one person to know where they were and what they were doing. [i]Flourish[/i] doesn't come to a satisfactory resolution of any subplot, so it's a hard slog, and other than Gabby, none of the characters are people I really wanted to know more about anyways. So good for Jennifer Morrison, not so good for the audience.

Chris W (ca) wrote: As far as being a writer goes, I may personally just be a hack amateur wannabe, and, even though I plan on being a professor, I'm not there yet. Regardless of all that though, this movie really clicked with me, and I found myself really tapping into its frequency. The inclusion of Bob Dylan makes this already great film even better. If you're not into Dylan, or at least not later Dylan, you probabky won't agree. I think it fits perfectly though, so I'm glad it's in the movie. Even though my intro to this review showed my inability to completely relate, a movie about passionate people struggling to deal with all life puts them through is something that everyone can get, even if the specifics differ from the viewers' own personal experiences. The weary, stoner, neurotic Grady Tripp is a great character. He's someone you can love and feel for, yet he's still very ragged, and you wonder why you should continue to care, if you ever really did to begin with. Michael Douglas is fantastic as Tripp, giving one of his best performances in years. Tobey Maguire, I feel, is channeling Bud Cort's work from Harold & Maude, and it pays off. He also gives an excellent performances as the troubled and mysterious prodigy. Katie Holmes has a smaller role, but she's also pretty good. Sometimes I forget that she does have talent. Downey Jr. and McDormand also give fine performances as always. I liked that this was a small movie, and that it has high artistic vlaue, but that it isn't too pretentious or artsy, and that it became a sleeper hit. I haven't read the source material, but it seems like something I could see myself enjoying. There aren't a whole lot of overtly cinematic moments, with lots of abundant style and flair, but this is definitely a "film" as opposed to a "movie". This ranks, along with L.A. Confidential, as Curtis Hanson's best film, and one you would do well to see. It's charming, touching, and very entertaining.

Eric W (nl) wrote: One of Divine's cutest and most audience-friendly roles. Probably the closest Divine made to a family film (aside from Hairspray).

Jeff W (ag) wrote: Light hearted giallo from the consistently terrible Margheriti. Fairly boring for the most part with very tame kills. The two highlights are the Jill character and the catchy "Nightmare" song. Worth checking out, but be warned it's defintally low tier giallo fare.

Benjamin W (fr) wrote: A fascinating amount of special effects, especially for its time.However, even though the classic story of Orpheus is easily recognizable, there are certain points in the film that render it confusing (possibly due to its "modern" interpretation).

Janet M (ru) wrote: Dont really care for Sienna Miller. I'll skip this one.

David M (mx) wrote: Great movie, grim, but somewhat up-beat by the end, which is nice for a Ken Loach movie.

Chris B (fr) wrote: Great movie! I never thought I could enjoy a silent film but this film changed that. This movie is very fun to watch and a quick pace. A great time piece movie. Unbelievable acting, directing, and score. I loved the dancing and could watch George Valentin and Peggy Miller dance all day.

Spencer H (es) wrote: Now that's what I call a heist film.

Mohammed A (jp) wrote: It's good movie to watch