The Collingswood Story

The Collingswood Story

My name is Rebecca. When I left for college my ex John thought web cams would help us keep in touch. It does however it also leads us to a dark secret when we meet and cam with Vera Madeline, an on-line psychic, who initiates a deadly reign of terror.

My name is Rebecca. When I left for college my ex John thought web cams would help us keep in touch. It does but also leads us to a dark secret when we meet and cam with Vera Madeline, an on-line psychic, who warns "rituals" are being performed in the house I moved into. Okay like anyone out there should believe some online psychic. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Swagrias O (gb) wrote: It's visual beauty does not begin to repair the disaster that is its storytelling. The love triangle was completely unnecessary and forced.

Tracy O (br) wrote: The tale of 2 friends and a prison away from home.

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