The Color of Magic

The Color of Magic

Wizard and magic in a world similar yet very different.

Wizard and magic in a world similar yet very different. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin D (au) wrote: The Barrens is a horror that thinks it's a drama.A family of four head into the New Jersey forest, and run into a monster from the American folk legend: The Jersey Devil. It touches on some satanic plot devices, bad witch stories from the Salem days, and kids telling campfires stories about garbage they read online. Normally I wouldn't trash a movie for trying (and this one certainly does), but the problem with this film is that it's SO badly acted.The father, played by Stephen Moyer (of True Blood fame) is the only actor with any real experience. Sadly he doesn't bring any of that to this film. He starts as a distant, derelict, and somewhat dead-beat father, trying to reconnect with his son and daughter, and quickly devolves into a madhouse drunkard possessed by abstract visions and nightmares. He never once comes across as father, and acts like a genuine jackass throughout the movie. His new wife doesn't do a very good job at being amicable but the children... my god these two kids are the most annoying poorly devised children you've ever seen. They are what baby-boomers must think Millennials must speak like. The dialogue that is regurgitated out of their mouths, makes one gag at the very thought that someone put pen to paper and devised this film. Every second on screen is an agonizing display of ineptitude, that makes you weep for the future generations of young actors. I never once felt like they were a family, nobody showed any genuine affection or love towards each other, and every scene is a lost opportunity to make a genuine film.The most effort they put into it was with the monster, which sadly remains elusive throughout the film until the very ending. It almost makes it worthwhile until the screen lingers just a little too long and you can see the seems that connect the cowl to the rest of the body.Nothing makes up for the clumsy acting and direction of this film, and you shouldn't bother. Badly Acted Drivel.1.5/5

Maximiliano D (us) wrote: I saw the new horror film The Conjuring today, and I absolutely loved it. This movie was definitely scary & chilling. The movie was based on a true story of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren who were helping the Perron family who experienced paranormal happenings at their Rhode Island home. What I liked about this picture was that I loved the whole retro-70's look of it from the cars to the clothes. Even the opening credits looked like a 70's film. Also, I liked the fact that the movie is an old school horror film which uses sound effects and darkness to scare audiences. I loved the cinematography of the movie. Also, I liked how the film was directed by James Wan. As for the acting, I thought it was wonderful, especially by Vera Farmiga as Lorraine Warren. I liked the fact that it wasn't only a horror film, but somewhat a love story between Ed & Lorraine Warren. This film started slowly but builds up to the great scares. This is probably one of the best films of the summer so far. It's the kind of film you want to see again. I thoroughly enjoyed this film, and you will to.

Greg S (au) wrote: A lone gunfighter faces down an evil gambling baron in this western spoof starring members of the Insane Clown Posse, wearing facepaint and ten gallon hats and speaking in hip-hop patois. The joke wears thin fast.

Aaron B (fr) wrote: I keep stumbling across this flick, and I keep watching it. Really, it'd be 3 stars, but I can't help watching it, 3 or 4 times now, so I have no choice but to make it at least 4.

Alonso A (br) wrote: Juliette Binoche, the cinematography, the music (for god's sake, the music!), everything in the opening title to Kieslowski's trilogy is painful and beautiful at the same time. Such a powerful film.

Gregory W (nl) wrote: just ok wanna be smokey & the bandit

James H (ru) wrote: The winning cast makes this musical tolerable. Not many of the songs are memorable, but there are a few that stand out. Lavish production, excellent costumes and sets. Ethel merman is so well cast, and Donald O'Connor shows off his many talents.

Eric P (us) wrote: Another MST3K. How do they find these things? I wonder if any of the actors every say "yeah, I was in a film once ..."

Andrew J (br) wrote: Fun, well acted, but not to the story.

Christelle J (ca) wrote: He's from Nuneaton you know.hurrah for Ken Loach. I miss the BBC's gritty dramas. These days it's f'ing Cranford.

Stafford V (ca) wrote: Not what I was wanting from it, it was pretty bad.

Satyam S (kr) wrote: This is what precisely is the definition of an existential thriller.

Orlok W (mx) wrote: There's LOTS of snappy dialog in this film, all of it involving Ann Sheriden, & much of it involving Dennis O'Keefe as Danny Leggett or Robert Keith as Inspector Ferris. There are very few Film Noirs with a female lead, & this is one of them. Sheriden does a terrific job as the wife of a man on the run from the police & the mob. Is Ann faithful or faithless? Where's her husband? Does she care? These are some of the questions raised in the film. Lots of shadows, much of it filmed at night... Another 'Killer B'--What a pleasure it is to come across an old suspense noir you've either forgotten about or never heard of and discover it's a solid and engrossing movie. The script is tight and the direction is more than efficient; it builds tension while encouraging us to become emotionally involved with the two leads. It uses little touches to let us get to know the characters... Love on the Run!!