The Color of Milk

The Color of Milk

Selma's mother died giving birth to her, and Selma's step aunt is living proof that men only cause trouble. So the 11 year old girl makes a deal with her best friends that they will stay away from boys and dedicate their lives to science. And by the way, Selma was probably born on another planet and not meant to fall in love with anyone. But what happens when her friends break the pact, and she actually meets a boy who's not like the rest?

Selma's mother died giving birth to her, and Selma's step aunt is living proof that men only cause trouble. So the 11 year old girl makes a deal with her best friends that they will stay ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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bri h (ru) wrote: British answer to cloverfield but better

Maruki A (ru) wrote: An amazing documentary on Ali, drawn from the personal experiences of his greatest rivals...

X T (es) wrote: A very problematic film. On one hand Seidl sets out to show the cruel struggle of the two main characters to make a living in foreign lands, having to work in some quite unpleasant jobs. There is compassion in the way they are portrayed. On the other hand there is an exploitative side to the way Seidl films the other people, a taste for the grotesque, a taste for the comic absurd that often comes across as condescending to its characters. The harsh treatment of patients in the hospital for the old and senile are reminiscent of the mental ward in Titicut Follies, particularly the absurd party at the end. The film loves to linger on these mentally incapacitated people, loves to listen to their senseless mutterings. It's during these scenes of cruelty that the film rears its misogynistic head. It wants to have its cake and eat it too. It strives for social critique but lacks the insight to be effective. It decries human exploitation but practices it in its own way. Then there is the question of how Seidl could have gotten informed consent from the patients, who are not exactly capable of giving it. Or does the fact that it's a fictional film negate such necessity?

Westleigh Q (ru) wrote: If you like owls that live in the ground, Luke Wilson, evil pancake houses, unnecessary sunsets, and homeless 12 year olds, this is the film for you!

Christopher B (fr) wrote: Here's a forgettable one for ya. If anyone gets too nostalgic for the eighties, you can always have them watch this for an easy cure. Great cast though.

Thomas R (au) wrote: Beautiful film from Spain, though it is more about the great flamenco music throughout.

Jakub M (jp) wrote: Great jokes about Britain stereotypes!! One of those good Asterix movies!!

Jake A (br) wrote: By no means the best of the disaster genre from its golden age in the 70's but with plenty of good action, a solid cast, great score from John Williams, plenty of satisfying stunts and a bleaker outlook of what a disaster can do this mostly holds up even today.

Katharina H (au) wrote: Very good one- especially the music :o)

John T (de) wrote: Good character development. It lost its believability at a few points: the Bill Murray sequence and the twinkie obsession stand out.

Luke R (kr) wrote: He's no "Rock" (Dwayne Johnson) just yet, but Stone Cold pulled off a pretty good acting performance in this movie. I would have liked him to show more emotion, but I get why he couldn't in this role. Some one liners wouldn't have hurt to lighten the mood, though. Overall, a fast-paced action flick that was worth the $1.95 I paid to rent it.

Brian P (ag) wrote: hilarious western with a smokin' hot Jane Fonda