The Colt

The Colt

During the heat of battle in the midst of the Civil War, a beguilingly innocent colt is born to Union Jim Rabb's beloved mare. Refusing the orders to shoot it, lest it prove a hindrance, Rabb keeps the colt as a consolation in these desperate times-a symbol of hope that leads the men of the First Cavalry on a journey of self-discovery and newfound brotherhood.

During the heat of battle in the midst of the Civil War, a beguilingly innocent colt is born to Union Jim Rabb's beloved mare. Refusing the orders to shoot it, lest it prove a hindrance, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Moses O (ru) wrote: A documentary about male grooming that could have been interesting, hovers around slightly amusing, but decides to say absolutely nothing in it's runtime.

Jesse O (ru) wrote: This movie is well intentioned and its heart is in the right place. But the reason this movie gets 2 stars instead of 2 and half (which was going to be my originator rating) is because of the acting of the little girl in the movie. This girl is seriously the worst child actress I've ever seen, she was absolutely beyond horrendous and she brought the entire movie down to this level. It would be one thing if this girl had 2 or 3 lines during the movie, but she has substantial screen time and it just makes the movie come across as amateurish when you have such an obviously shitty actress, and you INSIST on having her on screen. I'm convinced that this girl must have been the daughter of someone important in the cast and that's why she had such a prominent role. And it's like the rest of the cast was full of great actors, but at least they were semi-competent and compared to this little girl, the rest of the cast were clones of Daniel Day Lewis. But again, the movie has its charms, while still derivative of other films, it, somehow, manages to have heart. None of you are ever going to see this movie, so I don't know what's the point. But again, this is a well intentioned movie with one SHITTY child actress.

Sergel C (br) wrote: It looks very nice, even if the clunky dialogue and disjointed plot would never have been allowed through by Pixar.

Chris M (au) wrote: Ralph Macchio alert.

Sara S (ag) wrote: 4000 miles. insanity.

Vaibhav W (jp) wrote: Very average rom-com, which has less of com and more of Sweet November inspired rom

Private U (au) wrote: Chabrol and Huppert! The tittle is closer to "drunk with power"... I guess someone thought it would be clever to link it to Balzac when they translated it... :P

Kjerstun W (us) wrote: FRACKIN INSANE...scary isnt a good description..BIZZARE..MACABRE...HORRIBLE.... now thats better i wouldnt reccomend for anyone who cant handle shaky cheap filming but its supposed to be that way

Tyler S (mx) wrote: Not sure why this movie got the flack it did. I liked the story and the heart this movie had. Bruce willis is exceptional and its a feel good story about sacrifice and honor.

Candice M (us) wrote: Of all the Pumpkinhead sequels, this was the only one I found to be any good. I appreciate horror flicks that take time to develop the cast of characters before they're killed off, and this movie did take the time to give many of the characters some back-story and personality. The plot's also interesting without being overly-ridiculous, since it's hard for a horror movie to go wrong as fast when the killer's (or creature's) motive is good old-fashioned revenge. There were some cheesy parts here and there, especially when Tommy takes his second fall into the mineshaft, and some of the repeated background music didn't help in this department. The plot itself was also quite a stray from that of the original's. However, compared to many sequels in the horror franchise, this one really isn't that bad, and is much better than the latter sequels.

Patrick G (ca) wrote: damn this movie is fun to watch and some scenes were scary

Bill T (us) wrote: Curious timepiece about the oh so 70's 'sport' of Roller Derby. Raquel plays KC, a derbyer (/?) who is trying to eke out a living while crazy politics happen all around her. Being traded, having people traded around her, being a pawn, playing a pawn, in outer words, just like any other sport. I suppose the story is ok, but the real focus in on the derby itself which is appropiate considering the time period. It just seems a bit much now...

Thomas A (es) wrote: One of my all time favs.

Mike W (it) wrote: Great John Wayne movie comedy classic

Danny L (au) wrote: the name says it all

Ben S (au) wrote: The first act is the best part about this post-WWII potboiler. After Van Heflin's big secret is revealed (too soon), the film becomes more of a melodrama. Still, it's well shot, and Heflin and co-star Robert Ryan are in fine form.

Lauren H (nl) wrote: Great screwball comedy with Cooper and Stanwyck in top form. I'm usually bored by Cooper's earnestness, but it works well for this part. Stanwyck is the standout, though, shooting out words at a mile a minute and charming not only Cooper, but a whole cast of excellent character actors. The denouement where the professors best the baddies is one of the most triumphant examples of brains winning over brawn. Also watch for Gene Krupa in the night club scene, leading his band in 'Drum Boogie', first on the kit and then on a box of matches.

xGary X (gb) wrote: Paul Newman plays a horse trader raised by the Apache who finds himself the protector of a group of travelers when they are ambushed by outlaws. Obviously another variation on the Stagecoach theme, Hombre instead casts the "Indian" as the anti-hero and the white men as the villains. This switch-around forms the basis of the story as the main topic is that of racism; the steely-eyed Newman is initially shunned and vilified because of his native American heritage but finds himself emotionally blackmailed into becoming their saviour as soon as they need his help. Newman is extremely charismatic as the enigmatic frontiersman, the irony being that the actions the whites see as "savage" are in fact born of the cold logic of a lifetime struggling for survival. The white characters are shown as either hypocritical or naive and soon forget their moral outrage when they find their lives on the line. The plot may be a little predictable but it's also a very interesting character study and social commentary with a superb central performance from Newman. Well worth a look for those who like westerns with a brain.

Matt M (kr) wrote: The suspense keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire film. The best "based on a true story" film I have seen and was thankful it wasn't given the Hollywood treatment of exaggerating and changing the story.