The Combination

The Combination

Set in the maligned western suburbs of Sydney, Lebanese-Australian John gets out of gaol to discover his younger brother Charlie is caught up with drugs, hookers and crime. Charlie oscillates between the streets and school. Daily clashes between Scott and Charlie's gang escalate. This feud spills into the streets in a territory and identity battle that turns bloody.

Set in the multi-racial suburbs of Sydney, Lebanese-Australian John is released from goal to find his younger brother Charlie caught in the very same world of crime that put him behind bars. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David J (ag) wrote: For some reason I couldn't completely get into this documentary. It was interesting, but I had a lot of unanswered questions when it was over.

Lateef R (ag) wrote: They should have just named this The Fight Club Identity.

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David P (us) wrote: One of the best golf movies out there

Heather M (gb) wrote: This movie did not age well; I remember liking this a lot more years ago. Of course we could say that I had horrible taste in movies when I was 16.

Gabriel C (ca) wrote: Philadelphia tries to raise awareness of AIDS and homophobia into the mainstream, resulting in an absorbing and poignant courtroom drama with a heartbreaking performance from Tom Hanks.

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