The Comedians of Comedy

The Comedians of Comedy

The Comedians of Comedy is an occasional stand-up comedy tour featuring Patton Oswalt, Zach Galifianakis, Brian Posehn and Maria Bamford that was documented in a 2005 film and 2005 Comedy Central television series of the same name, both directed by Michael Blieden.

Follow four comedians as they tour the States. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nate S (ru) wrote: I don't understand how this got made so badly when they had so much to work with.

Simon W (es) wrote: the film starts as a comedy and descends onto darkness as meek becomes more disturbed. a great film for music fans. and a good attempt at a forest of dean accent.

Richard S (de) wrote: A believable and deeply touching story of an unimaginable romance that happened in Holland in World War II and bloomed in the horrible camps at Westerbork and Bergen-Belsen. Two Dutch Jews, Jaap Polak and Ina Soep, did what young lovers do, in a sadly minimum way while they endured the terrors of the camps and struggled to stay alive. Their final escape from Bergen-Belsen, on separate trains bound in opposite directions, kept them apart only for a few desperate months. In this deliberately understated film, they dance at their 60th wedding anniversary and recount only as much of their experience as we would want-they maintain some privacy, while celebrating their love over so many years. The best moments for me were in a scene with school children on a family outing at a WWII camp location that remains as a memorial to the dead. Jaap talks plainly to the kids who stand listening, mutely attentive to the old man and perhaps unable to fully grasp the meaning of his words. A mother uses the moment to remind her children that "this man is Jewish, but he is no different from us." Jaap and Ina are old, and they are Jewish survivors of the Holocaust, and they are happy now. I don't want to be different from them.

Earl G (kr) wrote: A nice movie but very predictable. It isn't sad, but be sure to have a box of tissue nearby when you watch it.

Marketa G (ag) wrote: Fakt vtipny film, navic sceny jako vareni kafe a jizda vlakem mi byly velmi velmi blizke :-D

Adam F (ru) wrote: So Bad it's Good Rating: 3 / 5"Awake" could have worked as either an episode of the Twilight Zone or an episode of CSI, but as a movie there's just not enough material here to make it work. The story follows Clayton "Clay" Beresford (Hayden Christensen) a young, rich businessman with an urgent need for a heart transplant (well, is there any other kind?). He is in love with Sam (Jessica Alba), his mother's personal assistant. The two have to keep their love quiet because Clay's mom (Lena Olin) wouldn't approve. The two secretly get married one night and after the ceremony, Clay gets a page telling him a donor heart has been found. He chooses to have his friend Dr. Harper (Terrence Howard) operate on him despite the advice of his mother. While in the OR, Clay experiences anesthesia awareness, a rare phenomenon where a patient is paralyzed but still able to feel the surgery as it is happening to them (a condition that according to the intro of the film isn't that rare because while every year thousands go through the procedure peacefully and go to sleep, "30,000 are not so fortunate"). While being sliced open, he overhears the doctors talking about a conspiracy concerning the surgery and pieces together the plot against him by reliving his memories and observing previously overlooked details.From the very beginning of the movie, you're hooked because of the way the story is told. It's all in flashback, with Doctor Harper telling us that Clay dies at 6:32 am. Woah! You're telling me he's going to feel it all as they cut this guy's heart out with a scalpel and then he dies?! Sign me up! I wanna see this! But as the movie goes on, it begins to make less and less sense and there's so little material in the film (which, minus the credits lasts about 1hr and 15 mins) that you'll really wonder if they had an idea worth making into a movie when they started. After the intro, the meat of the story takes a really long time to set up. Minus this quick intro, it takes over a half-hour to get to the operating room. Once on the table the movie switches from flashbacks inside Clay's head to scenes outside the operating room while we observe the people in Clay's life as they sense something is wrong and try to figure out what that nagging feeling they have is about. The flashbacks explore Clay's past, with clues pointing towards who is part of the conspiracy against him and the scenes set in the present then tie these clues together as the treacherous people responsible for his future death try to avoid detection. My question is if you're going to start with a character telling us what is going to happen and Clay having flashbacks on the table, why not have the movie begin with the operation and then show us all of the characters this way? Overall, the story... isn't that interesting and sometimes, it's downright nutty. A big flaw with the film is that the two big premises are completely unrelated. The fact that Clay is able to feel the operation and overhear the conspiracy going on has no bearing on the actions of the other characters because they are unaware of his condition. Since he is paralyzed, he is completely incapable of saving himself so the movie would play out exactly the same if Clay was actually asleep. He doesn't have psychic powers or telekinesis or anything like that so all he's able to do is revisit his own memories and try and figure out what is going on while they cut him open. As you learn more about what the plot against Clay is and who's behind it, it's downright unbelievable. This plot required multiple people not recognizing each other, no lawsuits being brought to the hospital despite several cases of malpractice against the chief surgeon and towards the end of the film people completely ignoring standard medical procedures. For this last point I don't mean the villains ignoring medical procedures, I mean good doctors and ordinary people taking actions that are illogical because otherwise the plot would not be able to move on. Here's a perfect example: Clay is friends with Dr. Harper. The two regularly hang out together. Clay suddenly hears that he is about to have one of the most difficult surgeries possible, a heart transplant. He informs his mother, who suggests that a good friend of hers perform the operation, a man who is about to be named literally, the best surgeon in the country. Clayton refuses, despite the fact that he knows that his friend has been under tremendous stress because of the 4 pending malpractice suits against him. There are also several sub plots that are totally unrelated to the film that feel like they are inserted just to have us say "Oh no, don't let Clayton die! He's too much of a nice guy!" (as if the fact that guy is being operated on while awake isn't enough to make us sympathize with him). One story about him trying to live up with his father has a conclusion that's ridiculous and involves one of the most contrived plot points ever, amnesia.The movie frequently descends into unintentional hilarity because of how manufactured and flimsy the evil scheme is and how illogical the characters act. It falls into "So bad it's good" territory because it contains many of the essentials: over-the-top villains, nutty plot twists, bad acting and wooden dialogue. Jessica Alba, incredibly miscast and bringing in a pretty lousy performance wears a nearly see-thru white T-shirt at one point but otherwise, she's awful. A part towards the end of the film where Clay's Mom who comes up in her son's visions makes absolutely no sense and you will have to pausing the movie in bewilderment as you ask the people around you what exactly is going on. Some of those moments are real gems if you want to have some laughs. Unfortunately we miss out on a bunch of off-screen moments that would have been hilarious to see (like the steps that lead towards the big conspiracy on the night the film takes place) but are not included because the editor or director had the common sense to leave them out. No one could have taken this seriously if we had seen a detailed examination of the meeting where everyone involved here conspired against Clay and wrote down every step in their master plan. As an added bonus if you're a doctor or know anything about medicine you'll tear out your hair in frustration as soon as the plot really gets started.There are some things that work in "Awake" but those actually end up making the movie worse. How does that make sense? It's because you'll wish either they had been in a film who was actually good or a worse film that was truly hilariously bad because of its non-science (that's nonsensical science if you're not familiar with the term). It's bad, it makes little sense and it's half dull, half frustratingly exciting. I suggest you skip it unless your interest as a bad movie enthusiast has been peaked. Even then though, it's not the zaniest movie ever. At times, "Awake" is pretty boring. (On Dvd, August 16, 2013)

Garrett C (gb) wrote: It may be hard to tell anyone apart at the beginning of the movie, but as the ball gets rolling this film is utterly brilliant. I really feel like Ritchie out-Tarantinoed Tarantino in this film and Snatch, which are both more consistently funny and witty in their screenplays than anything big old T has done. Anyway, this movie is just bloody hilarious and a slice of truly genius cinema, which is astonishing given that this is a debut. It's delightfully madcap and convoluted. Not a film that will change your life, but it will make you glad you're living one so you can see it.

Stephane S (br) wrote: Inclassable! la baston version Street Fighter II est fabuleuse! :-)

Nathanial R (ru) wrote: F-(Terrible Movie)

Jon B (ag) wrote: Robin Williams takes a huge fall and keeps falling until he has absolutely nothing. I unfortunately saw this when I was throughly used to Williams' comedic performances. In hindsight, it's good to see him play a character unlike the usual ones he does, but the hopelessness of his character's situation and the people around him really got to me in a bad, bad way. This film would appeal to people who want to see Joseph Wiseman be a more sinister and uncaring person to Williams than he was to James Bond as Dr. No. I'd have more fun trying to shove molten glass down my throat. The movie was just that terrible for me to watch.

Josh L (nl) wrote: Watched this movie from 1984 last night. Managed to keep itself just above being terrible.

Zack S (ca) wrote: What happens when Francis Ford Coppola, just off of an artistic high from Apocalypse Now, commishiones TOm Waits to write a musical? You get probably one of the most artisctic musicals ever. WOnderful songs and ways that songs were placed in the movie and a ok story. Plus Teri Garr Naked.

David H (mx) wrote: Another grandious Adaption of a grandious Asterix Movie in this one they visit Egypt with many psychedlic Musical Scenes, the hottest Cleopatra of all Time, Jokes about Ceasars and Cleopatra's Relationship and many other Egypt-based Happenings amongst others Obelix brake up the Nose of Cleopatra one of the most important Scenes in the History of Film

Diogo S (ru) wrote: O enredo o habitual dos filmes do gnero, mudando apenas o seu contexto. Mas o contexto to, mas to risvel...

Andrew F (nl) wrote: Its my favorite movie, excelent actors that makes you get imersive in the movie, great history and my favorite endings of all time.

John F (de) wrote: Stylish black and white musical, made special by the fact that Eleanor Powell is at least as good a dancer as Fred Astaire. The final number is sensational - one of the best finales of any movie.

Matthew C (jp) wrote: If you're like most Hannibal fans, you wouldn't even consider this a Hannibal movie.

Dakota L (kr) wrote: The only reason to watch this is for Norman as punisher.

Holland K (ca) wrote: A wonderful look inside Disney studios during the early 40's.. the finale cartoon, "The Reluctant Dragon' was boring to me though.

Dennis R (us) wrote: Just the right mix of camp, sci-fi and comedy. Loved the pterodactyl drone. And you can't go wrong with Barr Corbin & Dabney Coleman.