The Comedy

The Comedy

Indifferent even to the prospects of inheriting his father’s estate, Swanson has been insulated his whole life by the bubble of privilege. He and his hipster friends live in a tepid social paradise, a.k.a. Williamsburg, where their good fortune breeds indifference and recreational cruelty. They pacify their discontent with games of mock sincerity and irreverence, as though humor itself were dying and had nothing left to do but turn on itself. Testing limits to break through their numbness, they act out like spoiled children – with ironic beards and beer bellies.

The comedy film of Rick Alverson, is starring Tim Heidecker, Eric Wareheim, James Murphy. This has no clear narration, instead showing individual scenes of Swanson's behavior as his talent. Swanson is a wanderer who lives in a boat. He and pal always imitate strangers they meet up . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Phillip S (ru) wrote: I Love this documentary, i was an opiate addict for 8years peaking at 500mg of Morphine a day before i got clean, this doc. reminds me alot of my youth and the idiotic things we would do thinking we were untouchable it also shows how drugs are a problem no matter who you are or where you are drugs will be close by. PS... I would like to add, they take the subutex out of context, if it wasnt for subutex or suboxone i would most likely still be an addict, they have helped many opiate addicts get over their addiction, few abuse them in the way of this film but it can really save someones life as well, i took it for 1year under the care of a Dr. and have never taken an opiate since

William W (us) wrote: This was an outstanding debut by the New Zealander Blomkamp. Consistently enthralling and keeping one at the edge of his seat. THIS is a recent film, like 'Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World', that should have spawned sequels. Much better than his follow-up, 'Elysium' (I haven't watched any others he's made since; hope he doesn't end up a cinematic one-trick pony like M. Night Shyamalan...).

Ton Q (ag) wrote: It's hard to find comedies that impress me, and being aimed at children rarely ever helps that, but it's almost as if Bedtime Stories didn't even try. There are no memorable scenes, or even memorable plot points, and watching it was dull and devoid of both humor and emotions. This movie isn't even bad, but just flat out boring. At least if it were bad I might have gotten something from it.

Justin B (au) wrote: More comedy driven than Necropolis and only a tad bit worse.

Misie G (fr) wrote: T. D. Jakes made an excellent movie. A lot of people who watch this movie can identify one way or another.

joseph e (gb) wrote: Well unfortunately for the 2001 film "Pearl Harbor", I think I have found a film that beat it in being more engaging and more dramatic, despite a less-popcorn movie feel, and the non-100 million dollar budget! !! Dark Blue World, or (Tmavomodry svet), isn't going to win you with high priced action scenes and effects, but it will get you with a lucid story line, that is drenched in heartfelt dialouge and makes you feel pride. So what about the acting? Well of course this film is forgien and includes both Czech and English dialouge, but you can still really feel that they know what they are doing on screen and are just as good as our Hollywood counterparts, and maybe , especcialy in this film, maybe even better then some of them. The score was rather impressive , although it wasn't as good I expected, but rather still as good as I was hoping. It really meshed well in the riht action scenes, mellowing out when it was a really good time for it to slow down. Yes, somehow this film kept me thouroghly enganged throughout, and I rather found this film as a little gem for my collection. I am not sure why, but this film is a film in which you neer hear of it, but when you do, you can't stop not hearing about it, from yourself!

Peter N (nl) wrote: One of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Bill T (es) wrote: After dismissing this one quite a number of years ago after maybe watching 20 minutes, I watched this again tonight and it was far far better this time out. This almost could be the best Child's Play movie after the original.

Knox M (gb) wrote: A nicely crafted docudrama that just doesn't work because of the sleaziness of its egomaniacal protagonist.

Muffin M (ag) wrote: Georgina (Lora Zane) throws a sleepover party for her friend Jamie (Kim Cattrall), a moderately successful actress, on the night of Jamie's fiance's bachelor party. Jill (Dana Delaney), Jamie, Marcy (Cynthia Stevenson), Rachel (Laila Robins), and Georgina have been friends since childhood, and as the evening progresses they talk about a variety of topics: Georgina's heterosexual fantasies and her uncertainties about Chris, her live-in lover; Jamie's doubts and insecurities about marriage; and all of their attitudes toward sex and sexual fantasies.also stars Olivia d'Abo, Tim Choate and Glenn Quinn.directed by Julianna Lavin.

Matthew C (br) wrote: Though not as uproariously funny as The Kentucky Fried Movie, this sketch comedy movie has plenty of great bits. Tons of awesome cameos and very quotable gags. And it has 3 of the very rare minutes of Arsenio Hall's career where you might mistake him for a funny person.

Grayson D (nl) wrote: It's not great but there is still plenty to enjoy.

Carlos I (au) wrote: So ridiculous, and corny. But it's still kinda fun in a schlocky so-bad-it's-good sorta way. Van Peebles accent is particularly funny.

Josh F (mx) wrote: Thought this was just OK. Thought Michael Douglas was great. Story was ridiculous, of course. Not terrible.

Scott D (gb) wrote: I am watching all of Arnold Schwarzenegger's movies in order, this was #5. This might be my least favorite one so far, and the first 4 were not good movies. How this movie has a sequel and reboot (that is somehow worse than the original) is a mystery. It's Arnold's first starring role, but he really doesn't say much, and most of the plot doesn't make any sense. James Earl Jones is some sort of evil snake (literally) and Conan and his friends have to kill him for a bunch of reasons. That's the best I can do here. I guess if you are going to watch one of the Conan movies it would be this one, but unless you are Schwarzenegging like I am, don't bother.

Alexis A (es) wrote: richard pryor is a funny mother f%*#%*!

Jairo A (kr) wrote: Pros: Jason X has a cool concept, not the same repetitive concept in some of the previous films. The kills are pretty cool and that machine that repairs body tissue is AWESOME! Where do I buy one of those? Take my money now!!!Cons: Some people may not like the whole space setting of the film (though I do). The actors delivered some really bad lines at times...may not have been their fault but these lines were weird/out of place. In fact, the weak dialogue in some parts of the movie is preventing me from rating it a little higher. Final Grade: 6/10 OR 3/5

David W (kr) wrote: OHMSS is like the ugly duckling in the Franchise, unloved, but radically different

Juan Diego L (nl) wrote: Una historia muy bonita y conmovedora, Julianne Moore hace un papel excelente al igual que Alec Baldwin. Es entretenida, pero los hijos no me terminaron de convencer y siento que no hubo un cierre correcto de ella y su familia.

Eddy M (mx) wrote: Such a tragic ending to a wonderful athlete. A great movie.