The Comedy Man

The Comedy Man

A middle-aged stock actor goes to London to try the big time. After much frustration, he lands a job doing TV commercials, gaining wealth and recognition. He eventually gives it all up to return to stage work and keep his pride.

A middle-aged stock actor goes to London to try the big time. After much frustration, he lands a job doing TV commercials, gaining wealth and recognition. He eventually gives it all up to return to stage work and keep his pride. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kimberly K (it) wrote: Heartbreakingly Beautiful.(TM)

Elad W (jp) wrote: Weird and bad movie, that's all I can say...

Stig H (ru) wrote: Watch Sarah's Key after this one.

Robert Z (es) wrote: Wanted and Desired is a documentary that refuses to make a direct judgement on Roman Polanski with regard to his infamous conviction of having sex with a 13-year-old girl. However, in so doing it exposes America's relationship with the mass media, revealing an ugly truth that overshadows Polanski's undeniable act of wrongdoing. The documentary covers all the obvious areas that surrounded Polanski's case. It neatly illustrates how Polanski's made a name for himself in Hollywood in the build-up to the two major events involving him that shook the whole film world; namely the murder of his wife Sharon Tate by the Manson gang, and his unlawful sex with 13-year-old Samantha Geimer. The footage used in Wanted and Desired is impressive, and portrays Polanski as a big player in Hollywood during the vibrant Sixties period. All the footage of Polanski himself is collected, and Zenovich does not personally nterview with him, maintaining a sense of impartiality. The most interesting information in the film is provided by the District Attorneys responsible for both the defence and prosecution of Polanski. Neither of them gives their opinion on Polanski in relation to the case, but both reveal instead that the Judge for the case was a spotlight-obsessed man whose hesitant decision-making on the case was completely intertwined with how the media would perceive him. Wanted and Desired does not attempt to portray Polanski as a wronged or guilty man, but instead points to the media-frenzied culture of America as leading to the Polanski's escape from America and the lack of resolution to the case. The media is shown as tainting the case on every level, right up to the judge, as the DAs working on the case attempted in vain to get on with their jobs and complete the case. Even the victim herself, who is interviewed for the film, stated that such was the hawkishness of the press that the trauma of being caught up in their circus made her lose sight of the initial wrong done upon her. Using soundtracks and footage from Polanski films, Wanted and Desired draws ironic parallels between the themes portrayed in his works and the corruption and frenzy surrounding his case. On top of revealing the media's influence, it also harrowingly depicts the shattering effect that Tate's murder had on Hollywood, and the dark side of the Sixties counterculture. Aside from the footage showing Polanski after the Tate murder, he is not portrayed as a sympathetic or endearing man. Yet one does come away from the film feeling that Polanski's escape to France was the kind of 'Fuck You' that the American media culture deserved. No one denies Polanski's wrongdoing, not even Polanski himself (who after all pleads guilty in the case). However, Wanted and Desired uses his case to illustrate a culture so gluttonously obsessed with its sensationalistic media that it has lost sight of the most fundamental aspect of its own justice system; impartiality.

Harsh C (gb) wrote: OK for the first half hour but then just long and stupid

Rajiv P (gb) wrote: same concept of days after 2mrw. but the story line is good

Freeman M (ru) wrote: Paul Giamatti doesn't squander his opportunity to shine as a lead.

Tim H (kr) wrote: Clever and interesting. It's a shame more people haven't seen it. The flashes of Stalin in Joe's face during sex was both horrifying and hilarious.

Jon P (ca) wrote: Exploring materialistic appetites and human alienation in 71 scenes, Michael Haneke's mixed-up drama is a choppy art film ripe with mixed meanings.Arguably the strongest message revolves around mankind's aching need for authentic human interaction, with materialism as a barrier to communication. But there's many a thought to be shared on media fear-mongering to boot.Essentially, the film is a rather depressing series of sharp cuts between separate groups of miserables, which almost - kind of - come together in the cutthroat end. Fortunately, the film's littered with a bunch of killer scenes and interesting ideas along the way. A thought-provoking montage not for the impatient.

Zach M (de) wrote: Alex Winter makes a really cool and hilarious comedy about people that get turned into freaks by a circus headmaster, played by Randy Quaid.Some great effects and make-up.Lots of good actors help the movie out: Brooke Shields, Keanu Reeves, Mr.T, Bobcat Goldthwait, Megan Ward and of course Alex Winter.

Richard N (us) wrote: From the opening titles featuring the jazzed up arrangements of Strauss' Also Sprach Zarathustra, you are somehow drawn into Chance's blinkered tv reality, Seller's portrayal being simultaneously empathetic and comedic, his own personality seemingly invisible as he literally inhabits the character of Chauncy Gardiner giving what was surely the ultimate performance in any of his films. The plot itself is fairly far-fetched it has to be said, the simpleton gardener ending up almost as a presidential advisor and lauded by the media once he's taken in by a kindly but ailing billionaire. The issues it raises are intriguing - the premise of who being as important as what you know, questioning our perception of those deemed simple, the clash of generations, the often ambiguous nature of information gained through television, authorities and political authority in particular. The closing lake scene wrong-foots the viewer, pulling the rug of certainty from under us and forcing us to re-evaluate everything we've just witnessed, adding another, ethereal, dimension to the film. At that point it felt as if Chance had undergone some sort of other-worldly transformation into the comedic equivalent of Eastwood's man with no name, allowing us to over-write our own narrative onto his blank canvas of a past. Definitely worthy of a couple of hours of anyone's time I would say this is one of those must see movies. How Sellers failed to win an Oscar for this is something of a mystery as his performance was simply mesmerizing, a role he was surely born for. It has to rate among my top 20 films, one of those that you tend to watch again and find things that you missed on previous viewings, a true test of a great film in my opinion.

Kevin R (it) wrote: I ain't nobody's fart catcher.Three Italian brothers are surviving by any means necessary in Hell's Kitchen. One brother survives through brute strength, one by being a con artist, and one as an underground physician. The brothers work together to try and build up the strong brother's confidence to win a wrestling match and take down a rival."It's my monkey, grease-ball.""It may look like you, but it doesn't belong to you."Sylvester Stallone, director of Rocky II, III, IV; Rambo; Rocky Balboa; Staying Alive; Expendables; and the upcoming Rambo: The Last Blood, delivers Paradise Alley. The storyline for this had a great beginning but then trails off when it focuses on the wrestling match over the family in the slums storyline. The acting was okay and the cast includes Stallone, Anne Archer, Lee Canalito, Armand Assante, Kevin Conway, and Tom Waits."You fishing for a compliment or something.""Yeah.""I'll mail it to you."I grabbed this off Netflix since I never heard of it as I enjoy most Stallone pictures. The bar setting was very cool and well done and the script was pretty clever; but unfortunately, this takes a Meatballs direction. I wish they stuck to the bar setting and plot, a little like Bar Fly. Overall, this could have been a good film but falls short."A flying rat!"Grade: D

Adam R (us) wrote: (First viewing - Late teen years)

Bryan B (ca) wrote: MST3K version gets *****