The Comedy of Errors

The Comedy of Errors

Two identical twins and their two servants (also identical twins) are separated in a ship-wreck. When, years later, they all show up in the same town, mistaken identities abound.

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James S (de) wrote: One great master of cinema pays homage to another in Belle Toujours, Manoel de Oliveira's pseudo-sequel to Luis Bunuel's classic Belle de Jour. Thankfully, De Oliveira doesn't attempt to replicate Bunuel's original film--Bunuel's and de Oliveira's respective styles are too singular and too disparate from one another for such an exercise to succeed--so much as add a footnote to it. As a result, Belle Toujours is a meditation on the past and the present and the inability to reconcile the two, and as such fits in well with de Oliveira's other films of late. Michel Piccoli commands the screen in the same roll he essayed 40 years ago, while Bulle Ogier steps into Catherine Deneuve's shoes and acquits herself admirably. De Oliveira has crafted an intriguing little film that, while occassionally frustrating, is ultimately served better by its differences from its forebear.

Ken O (mx) wrote: Very interesting, but there's a lot of stuff that isn't developed as it should, and some things that are unnecessary. Could have been better edited. Kinda reminds me of a student's late-night last-minute essay to hand in the next day...Wasn't bad though.

MF J (nl) wrote: The two lead actors are great as always , the film is ok , it's funny but far from being memorable.

BRUNO V (kr) wrote: Liked the again - clumsy Hugh Grant ... Nice relaxing film

Alejandro M (ca) wrote: El Daniel esta medio puos y daba risa por wey jajajajaja

James C (kr) wrote: an OK adaption of the novel. Could have been better.

Keating T (us) wrote: Shecky! got to love Adam for trying(first film). I gave an extra star bc his aunt is my dentist.

Lynda M (au) wrote: A lovely yet highly complexed and intelligent piece by Truffaut. It has many levels of depth, and although some may get lost in the story, it is well worth seeing a second time, as the subtlety somestimes can be missed.

DC F (gb) wrote: A little slow at times but ridiculously stupid which works to its credit and makes it a good shock.

Christina o (nl) wrote: This randomly came on tv and I watched it. For a mystery movie it had some funny parts to it. Go figure with Gene Wilder in it.

Art S (br) wrote: After his collaboration with Dal at the height of surrealism, Luis Buuel laid low and then re-emerged in Mexico where he slowly rebuilt his career with a series of commercial films for local producers. Some of these films are now recognised as important parts of his oeuvre (Los Olvidados, The Exterminating Angel) but many remain virtually unknown. El Bruto falls into the latter category. Clocking in at a trim 80 minutes, it is basically straight melodrama. Although Buuel's usual interests (surrealism, feet, insects) are absent, there is a strong Marxist undercurrent which aligns with his political orientation. A rich landlord hires El Bruto, more brawn than brains working at a slaughterhouse, to help him evict some poor tenants who are organized to fight. Poor Bruto punches a sick old man who later dies; even worse, he falls in love with the man's daughter who freaks out when she discovers Bruto is responsible for her father's death. All the while, the landlord's wife is virtually throwing herself at Bruto. Well, it doesn't end well for any of them. Worth a look but not up there with Buuel's masterworks by any stretch of the imagination.

Milla H (au) wrote: This is a tv movie, with a very thin plot and a very overacting Raquel Welch. Not excactly robbed of an oscar, but it`s a feel-good movie that I simply love.

Joan S (mx) wrote: The story of J Edgar Hoover was compelling, but the back and forth between history and current required some mental gymnastics. As a black and white film, there was too much black. Maybe on the big screen the black and white would be easier than on my home TV. Interesting but difficult

Ryan S (us) wrote: A brilliantly clever film with outstanding performances from the entire cast.

Pedro F (de) wrote: The Third Karate Kid movie it's very disappointing. The acting is mediocre and tired. The Script is bad and recycled from the first, like the second karate kid movie was. While the first one was great, the second and this one are bad and unnecessary follow ups to him. For me, the Karate Kid franchise begins to lose the goodwill from the first installment in this movie, because there is no good quality in it. It's just bad

Chad S (nl) wrote: Extremely good story, well done all the way around.