The Comfort of Strangers

The Comfort of Strangers

An Italian diplomat's son follows and seduces English lovers in Venice.

The movie follows an English couple who holiday in Venice to sort out their relationship and end up fighting for their lives when they encounter mysterious white-suited Italian Robert and his troubled wife. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Angel C (br) wrote: Somettimes, really bad acting can be a total hoot. But....if it is this bad, I would need some hardcore hallucinogenics.......or at least be really sleep deprived. I know you cannot always blame the actors, of course, bad writing, bad directing, etc....however, the cast is so read sounding, so indicating...can't these people afford some classes for crying out loud?

Griffin K (es) wrote: Sadly, the title was the funniest part of this one. Brooks is usually dependable, but not so here; stick with Defending Your Life or Lost in America.

Brandon W (it) wrote: In a regular day, my best friend was watching this movie, and I was wondering what she thought of it as I get curious about things like this. My best friend says that she loves it which I was wondering if I should watch it and then she said yes. I was worried about Uptown Girls because it has bad reviews, and the trailer didn't made it better either. So I tried to ignore those and just watch the movie with an open thought. In a surprising moment, I actually liked it, I didn't love it like my best friend did, but I like it. At first with the beginning, I was hating the main characters and was finding them a bit annoying, but when the movie keeps going, I was starting to grow on them. I was a bit bothered that with Dakota Fanning's character, she don't like touching things because of germs, but there were moments that she was touching things that people already touch. The plot is formulaic, and the beginning was a bit hard to sit through. The middle and end got better however, it was funny, and the chemistry between Molly and Ray is good. I'm genuinely surprised that I even like the movie and my best friend's recommendation of movies are getting better from a bad start like Romeo And Juliet, to a masterpiece like Gone Girl, I was actually interested in Gone Girl until she said that it's amazing film which got me excited more for it, to a good movie like Uptown Girls.

Arun P (it) wrote: Finally something from Fatih Akin that isn't depressing. Good watch

Shahrukh K (gb) wrote: SMECHER NU MAI EL POATE SA FIE

Kyle S (es) wrote: So many people I like, so poorly done. Poorly written, poorly acted, just bad. The only redeeming quality was envisioning what all those actors are like when they're getting outside of their minds. What could have been strange and wonderful, while somehow retaining its strangeness, really just ended up being a stupid, convoluted joke.

MF J (fr) wrote: One of these random movies or maybe just an excuse to admire the beautiful Demi Moore doing Striptease to make ends meet and get the custody of her daughter back. It's an ok film seriously but i guess mixing child support with striptease is a bit of a weird idea.... still Demi is Awesome so whatever....

Marilee A (ag) wrote: Voyeurism, Hmmm.I guess if Sharon Stone is your Neighbor.I have to go Spy on my Neighbors Now, LOL

Spencer P (ru) wrote: Pulsing with emotion, mental intrigue, and, yes, murderous scares, Hitchcock's most (in)famous film not only continued his iconic unpredictability, but planted the seed for slashers of the future (which may have not been a good thing).

Dominic D (kr) wrote: Awesome wholesome movie. They just don't make 'em like this anymore!

Tyler H (ru) wrote: Apparently in the 1930's they made bullets that didn't make bullet holes or draw blood. They also had hairstyles that became unglued with a single punch. Edward G. Robinson looks like an angelic fish. Also, this movie was pretty amazing.

Nabin B (jp) wrote: Never got a chance to see cancer victim yet but read about the cancer and the lots of pain involved. Decoding Annie Parker is a pain I can feel too, remarkable performance and one of the best movie.

Lisa J (jp) wrote: It could have been better. Some alright twists though.

Elliott B (jp) wrote: Funny reboot with Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer. Hi ho silver away! Railroads built with wooden bridges / vuaducts. Needs to be brick like the Victorians built them in Britain.