The Comics 2

The Comics 2

A few funny little novels about different aspects of life.

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Shantel D (fr) wrote: Kinda funny... really weird.

Anthony B (ca) wrote: It should have been a bit shorter (the last two shorts grow increasingly dull and listless), but when it connects (which it does at least 75% of the time), this collection skewers the delusional absurdity of the Ceausescu regime with brilliant deadpan humor.

Laura L (mx) wrote: While yes, most of the comedy goes amiss, solid minor characters (predominantly the kids) and delightful sub-plots astoundingly make the sequel the better of the two.

Kim K (jp) wrote: You know you've seen a great movie when you're still thinking about it days later. This is a great movie. I can't get it off my mind.

Calib M (us) wrote: the way it is presented. Everywhere you look this movie is labeled as a ''comedy'' which is awfully misconceiving. Sure ''About Schmidt'' as funny moments and is sometimes full of light hearted fun, but that isnt the main theme of the movie, it really isnt. Because of how this movie is labeled people expected a comedy, starring old man Jack Nicholson, who wouldn't want to see that, i sure would, but instead they got an incredibly powerful, emotional character study on a broken man's life. It's an incredible movie, i will say that, but because it's billed as a comedy, audiences probably left the theatre upset and disappointed, hence the ''low'' score on each movie site i looked at, which is a shame, because "About Schmidt'' is truly an incredible film.Jack Nicholson proves us yet again that he truly is one of the best actors to have ever lived, even as an old man he still shines with this brilliantly nuanced and subtle performance.The story is touching, the detail is impeccable, the score is truly affecting, and the cinematography is seamless. There really isnt alot to complain about it, except the marketing flaws and maybe the slow pace this movie has, which bothered a lot of people, but not me, i thought it was perfect for a movie about an old man, just like i think the slow-pace in a movie like ''The Straight Story'' where the pace of the movie is truly as fast as Mr. Straight's lawn mower. Which was perfect.All in all ''About Schmidt'' is a beautiful character study with yet another great performance by late and great Jack Nicholson

Sandra A (ru) wrote: cried. that says it all

Wulfric B (it) wrote: epic movie.the villain was one of my favorites of all time!

bob t (ru) wrote: Interesting, but no thanks.

Alana D (gb) wrote: This is a very touching film. Each of the characters are so lovable in their own way. I am very glad I finally saw it.

Chase M (us) wrote: I saw this movie in the theaters when it came out and at first, I thought it was good, but I needed to see it a second time to figure out if I really liked it or not, and when I saw it again, I really enjoyed it. Who does not like Bruce Willis? I mean, he has done some movies I am not a fan of, but John McClane is his best character and this movie mostly shows that. He comes into the situation trying to find his son and figure out what has happened. Turns out, his son is a spy and they both have to work together in order to stop World War 3!! So I mean, he still acts as he has in the 4 other Die Hard movies!! He gives you that feeling of relating to him as a cop and as a father and that is why we love John McClane. Yes, he did become a big time super hero in the last film and this one but he is still the character that we all love. Rating 4/5 Jai Courtney does a great job as John McClane's son. He does not have a good relationship with his father and he does not want his father to help him on his mission. But they do work together because they have no choice, and through the film, his son begins to trust his father again and it shows that he does love his dad, but does not know how to show it. They both show great chemistry on screen together and you could believe that they could kick some butt together!! Rating 4/5 Now lets get into the directing, John Moore has had some bad films. The Omen remake and Flight of the Phoenix were just bad movies period! But I enjoyed the Max Payne movie and I thought Behind Enemy Lines was a good action flick with good sequences so he has done some good work. There is no question that this was his moment to shine and I think he did a good job, not a great job, but it was good. He did miss some mistakes that were made in the film, like when McClane swipes the card for the elevator scene, the card is not slided correctly and it shows. Also, when the main villain calls his daughter, the numbers are showing on the phone as to dial the number, so he could not be talking to her at all. That is not good editing, however, he did a great job with the action sequences and angles. True their was some CGI, but he mostly used practical effects and I am really glad he did. The last movie was too much CGI to me so they went old school and the car sequence was the best car chase I have ever seen!! Definitely worth watching. The feeling was very different then the previous installments, but I like that part of the movie because it was not the same as the others and it stands alone. I might be the only one that liked the shaky cam, but it made it feel real, so good job their Mr. Moore. Overall, could have done a few things better, but John Moore did a good job. Rating 3/5 for DirectingThe screenplay was the weakest area of the movie. I mean, a file as a big part of the premise!! You could do much better than that Skip Woods!! The villains were not very impressive. Given away to early in the movie and they should have had just one villain that got help along the way, but 4 main villains is to many and they were not very strong willed. They also lost some of the magic from the previous movies, good chemistry between Bruce and Jai, but McClane and Jack should have been banged up way more than they were so they have to be more realistic in the 6th movie if they make it. Rating for the villain and screenplay 0.5/5 To conclude this long review, I did enjoy this movie!! It did have some bad moments, and the plot was the weakest of all the die hard films!! The villains were also the weakest in the whole series. It is not up to par as the original, the third or fourth movies, but I do believe it beat Die Hard 2. Bruce will always be John McClane and he might be a super hero in this movie, but that character still is here so I do not mind that much if he is a super hero, especially after all he has been through with the past 4 movies. Jai Courtney was pretty good, so props to him. If you like hard core action with great effects and if you are a Die Hard fan, then see this movie because it really is a fun 98 minutes! Rating 3.5/5

Dan H (us) wrote: one of the best films I've ever seen. well worth the watch if you're into stupid humour!

Jesse O (ca) wrote: This is, perhaps, less interesting than any movie dealing with the subject of satanic cults and satanic rituals should be. I've always found movies like this to be incredibly fascinating and not even for the reason you might think. I don't know, but I see movies like this or cases like the West Memphis 3 and the paranoia/hysteria it takes for an entire community to come down on a group of people just because someone else told them that they belonged to a satanic cult without any legitimate evidence. And this is in reference to the West Memphis 3, these teens were convicted of a crime they did not commit, nor did the state have any evidence to justify its claims, and remained arrested for close to, if not, 20 years. I'm not saying this film deals with that, because it's been covered ad nauseam in various documentaries and books. But I just wished the film dealt more with what drives someone to believe these things without any actual proof of them actually happening. Because the film does deal with that type of paranoia, but it doesn't really go in as much detail as it probably should. The problem with the film is the fact that it's not exactly sure what it wants to be. As Bruce keeps investigating these accusations of sexual abuse and satanic rituals, his mind is opened more to the possibilities that these things are actually real. Despite the fact that, again, there's nothing to suggest that these accusations are based on something that actually happened. It's all about the power of paranoia and suggestion, because a lot of the 'memories' these cops are using as evidence of any actual crime taking place have been constructed as a result of the suggestions the cops made. It's been proven that memories can be easily manipulated. There have been studies performed where people, as a result of suggestion, admit to things that they simply have not done. But the film doesn't play with that in a clever way, Bruce starts to hallucinate about the satanic sect coming to his house at night to perform rituals on him and force him to take part in their sacrifices. It's to the point where you're not sure whether it really happened or if it's a creation of Bruce's own memory, taking everything around him and everything he sees and hears and his mind just filling in the blanks. After a bit of that, the film goes back to the fact that it was all collective hysteria and none of it actually happened. It's not that I didn't mind that they went back to something that's real to solve the crime, but it comes across more like the film wanted the best of both worlds. They didn't want to commit to it being a legit satanic cult nor did they want to fully commit to it being something imagined as a result of suggestion. And, really, you can't have it both ways. I mean, you can and this film clearly attempted, but it's like have some balls and take a risk and commit to one. Because the way it was done here felt really unsatisfying. It just didn't work. The acting is solid. Ethan Hawke, Emma Watson and Daniel Thewlis are all good. So no complaints there. I do have some complaints regarding the casting though. So Emma Watson's character accuses her family of being members of a satanic cult. There's the grandmother, her father and her brother in the family and, goddamnit if they did not feel like a family at all. Google Emma Watson, Dale Dickey, Devon Bostick and David Dencik and tell me if they look like they could be an actual family in the real world. This might not be such a big deal, but the entire story is predicated on Angela, Emma Watson's character, hating her family so much that she'd come up with these lies. It'd be a little more believable if they looked like an actual family instead of just random actors being cast together to play a family. Ethan Hawke and Emma Watson looked more like family and, before watching this, I even thought that they were. It is what it is. That was a major flaw, to me. That and the fact that, honestly, the flick is a little on the dull side. The acting is solid and everything and Alejandro Amenabar clearly has an eye for visuals. It's just a shame that the story is a major letdown. This isn't terrible or anything, it's just below average. I can't really recommend it, even if it is available on Amazon Prime.