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The Commanders Sword


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Stuart P (fr) wrote: Brutally raw and depressing. Turkington plays his comic persona like an open wound exposed on stage for the world to see.

Rafael L (au) wrote: Not usually what I watch but was pleasantly surprised. Good movie. Crazy chick+beta= problems.

Sree K (jp) wrote: story is ok. execution is ok. techincal values are the saving assets.entertainment value is bad. the final grade of the movie is C

Ekene O (nl) wrote: Grade: A-. Very funny. Good plot even though it can be a little disorganized at points. The humor can be a little childish but still makes this film entertaining for everyone.

Jennifer T (gb) wrote: An amazing but heart breaking story...have tissues!

Giovanni C (nl) wrote: Oh geez. What the heck is this crap!? And why did they think about making this in the first place!? George Of The Jungle 2 was an unnecessary sequel that made the first film look good. I remember seeing this when I was 12, and I didn't remember loving it, when I saw that they replace all the casts from the first one. Turns out that none of them were good, and that I expected something better. But no, because this is a direct-to-video, that tells you why this was never made in theaters. It was too crappy for it. The story was so messy that I just couldn't handle sitting through the whole movie, waiting for it to be over. If you are looking for a well-made movie, you will not find it here. Avoid this movie at all cost, please!!

Darrin C (us) wrote: LOL!!!! Way better than Joe Dirt. Funnier and dirtier just as one would expect from David Cross!

Nathan C (ca) wrote: What seems to be a witty comedy (or something like it) is not at all a treat, but a turd the size of Texas. The worst part is that this doctor and his lovely-looking women can't do anything to save this mess.Dr. T (surprisingly not played by Mr. T, but Richard Gere) works as a gynecologist, and is assisted by female nurses and interns. He seems to be the only guy who has an affection for and respects women around here, although he has women at home who have issues. His wife is retarded -- er, "regressing back to a childlike state" -- and one of his daughters is a brat, somehow obsessed with conspiracies. The good doctor goes against his values and woos a girl with a thing for golf. Meanwhile, his other daughter is getting married but she has a secret: she's a lesbian.There's a good cast delivering fine performances. Lyle Lovett lends his instruments to a great soundtrack. It has an effective sense of chaos to it. And Dallas never looked this beautiful.However, this movie sucks because its sense of humor thinks it's oh-so-obviously funny and satirical... but it's not. It's more of a chore watching this than anything else, because there was nothing entertaining about it. Everything is predictable, plot is dumb, horrible Texan accents, and characters hard to sympathize with. Also (spoiler) how the f--k could anyone survive a tornado while driving a convertible with A BROKEN HOOD? Due to that, the ending (which whisks him away to Mexico) felt more tacked-on than necessary. Many, many things did not add up. I'm sure I'm not the only one who felt that way.All in all, Dr. T and the Women was not just a terrible film [made by Robert Altman. Of all the people, it had to be that guy?!], but a complete waste of 2 hours. In my spoiler-filled review, I just saved you that time so you won't have to suffer through it. If anything can be learned from this, it's that Richard Gere needs a better agent.

Wade H (gb) wrote: After going back and re-watching this film. I was very skeptical into thinking I would enjoy it after many years of seeing it before. And I can boldly say that "Spawn" is not a great film, but it is still a entertaining one. A very flawed one at that. Every effect in this film is dated and most of the acting is bad. Leguizamo however steals most of the scenes. But, it's not as terrible as I feared. But a victim of time.

Brian V (kr) wrote: This was a decent bond outing. A fairly interesting, gritty, and unusual story, and a great first outing for Roger Moore.

Mitchell W (us) wrote: Eisenstein's most personal film, better than part one, which was pure propaganda.

Private U (nl) wrote: Beans beans beans beans beans beans beans beans BEANS

Matt M (fr) wrote: The Marx brothers try to solve the mystery of a stolen painting among the high society crowd at a party. Animal Crackers isn??t remarkable on a technical level and suffers from the staginess of early sound cinema. However, this is a problem that hardly shows at all after the first few minutes, as it is hard not to appreciate or find hilarious and greatly entertaining talent that the comic genius of the Marx brothers were able to bring to the screen.

Heather M (au) wrote: This was an interesting story with a great ending. The acting left a little something to be desired, but overall it is worth a watch.

ra r (mx) wrote: looney and goofy of a film ...sort of reminds me of wwe wrestling story event