The Concorde... Airport '79

The Concorde... Airport '79

The last of the 'Airport' series again stars George Kennedy as aviation disaster-prone Joe Patroni, this time having to contend with nuclear missiles, the French Air Force and the threat of the plane splitting in two over the Alps!

American based Federation World Airlines has just acquired a Concorde jet, which will make its inaugural commercial flight from Washington D.C. to Paris and then to Moscow as a goodwill ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christopher C (es) wrote: Pelotero es una pelicula sobre dos peloteros. Los dos peloteros son de la RD. Pelotero es una pelicula interesante y bastante divertido.

The D (au) wrote: A mildly amusing tale of a stolen native american mask, some Elvis impersonators, bent sheriffs and a tall trigger happy blonde. After an Elvis impersonators contest at an Indian reservation casino a mask is stolen by one of the contestants. All fingers point at John Smith(Slater). Given twenty four hours to find it by both the Indian chief and The Rancher, Smith has to work out which Elvis took it, the gay Elvis, Elvis Elvis, Little Person Elvis or Asian Elvis! Also interested is the aforementioned blonde and the two sheriffs.It's a very silly and brash comedy. Reminded me a lot of True Romance not least because of Slater and Oldman as one of the other Elvis' and the fact that Elvis was involved at all. Not too be taken seriously at any stretch, there's some quite quick dialogue. Of course it's not great and any longer than eighty odd minutes and you'd be fidgeting a bit.

Jamie C (mx) wrote: Good film just wasn't scary enough, More freaky than anything, It had a good plot just got too wierd at the end but it had a good twist to finish which i liked, Overall there are better horrors but at least Insidious tries something fresh.

James C (gb) wrote: Another example of great talent gone to waste. Granted, writer/director Roland Joffe hasn't made a good film in over 20 years, so one shouldn't expect too much here. He does have some great actors and the technical aspects of the film are all top notch, but the script is a mess and the film is really dull. This story of a journalist researching controversial founder of Opus Dei, Josemaria Escriva who finds out his estranged father his childhood friend has so many narrative problems that it just weighs the whole thing down. And hiring British & American actors for Spanish roles just makes it worse. That said, at least there are some bright moments for Jordi Molla, Charles Dance, Geraldine Chaplin and Derek Jacobi. Charlie Cox, as Escriva, is decent enough but Wes Bentley is completely miscast and buried under some really bad old age make up in the framing story set in 1982. Historically, I don't know enough about this period of Spanish history or the role that the Catholic Church played, but from the other reviews I have read, apparently a lot of this is white washed and/or wrong. The version I saw on DVD has the original score by Stephen Warbeck, but apparently the U.S. theatrical version was rescored by Robert Folk. The DVD features an interview with Wes Bentley where he talks about fighting his demons to get sober (which was an odd addition) and over 30 minutes of deleted/extended scenes which mostly feature the wonderful work of the supporting actors Molla, Chaplin and Jacobi.

Michael F (ag) wrote: This has a new soundtrack by Bob Dylan! Great!

David D (jp) wrote: Not a bad little indie; it obviously suffered somewhat from budgetary limitations and a certain plot-driven reliance on exposition, but it was different and intelligent.

Sarah G (es) wrote: Really liked the witchcraft part of it but it was a standard gory movie. In the jungle running around in the dark. Nothing new.

Yashwanth N (ru) wrote: a total failure by Mr. Bhandarkar.... was expecting him to keep up in the age of the Basus, Kashyaps and Banarjees.... seems like he put his faith in how well he could manage to fool you with the hype and publicitu...

Matthew S (kr) wrote: The documentary chronicling the making of this film is almost better than the film itself. While I do find this movie runs longer than it should, I always go back to it. The sheer beauty and idea of a man and his pursuit of a dream against all obstacles is not a new plot to cinema. However it has never been approached in this way. Klaus Kinski is unforgettable as is the cinematography. An amazing film.