The Condemned of Altona

The Condemned of Altona

A dying German magnate invites his youngest son and daughter-in-law home to discuss the future of the family's shipbuilding empire. There, the daughter-in-law stumbles upon a secret of the family's Nazi past.

A maddened German war criminal lives in a secluded house owned by his rich father who lets him think the war is still on 20 years after the fact. However, no deception can last forever. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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jeroen v (br) wrote: Closely related film to "Persepolis" and "No-one Knows About the Persian Cats". Equally well told though with good acting from especially Boosheri. You wanna personally let all the young upstarts of Iran know that your heart is with them. Hope they all get to see this film, it helps to see your own struggle confirmed and acknowledged.

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