The Confirmation

The Confirmation

Eight year old Anthony is somewhat uneasy about spending the weekend with his alcoholic, down-on-his-luck carpenter dad Walt while his mom Bonnie and her new husband Kyle go to a Catholic retreat together. Walt is just as uneasy about spending time with Anthony, especially since their first day together is a series of characteristically unfortunate events, including his truck breaking down, his landlord locking him out of the house, and the theft of his toolbox, which he needs for an upcoming job. As Walt and Anthony set about finding the guy who stole the tools and improvise around their other misfortunes, they begin to discover a true connection with each other, causing Walt to become a better father and Anthony to reveal the promise and potential of the good man he will become.

A quiet weekend turns into an adventure of a lifetime when an alcoholic, down-on-his-luck carpenter and his 8-year-old son search for the thieves that stole the man's prized toolbox. Along the way, they both begin to discover a true connection with each other. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brad S (es) wrote: This is a well made, but relentlessly dark film. It stars Kelly Reilly("TrueDetective S.2"), Jack O'Connell("Unbroken") and Michael Fassbender. It's a horror-thriller about a group of young teenagers terrorizing a happy couple. It's done in a fairly realistic manner and is quite violent. It definitely stays with you after the film ends. For genre or Fassbender fans only.

Steve R (kr) wrote: Henry Fool - She was an ugly and mean-spirited kid, but she knew how to play upon my weaknesses, which, I admit, are deep and many.An art-house flick for those who like portraits about fringes.Director and screenwriter Hal Hartley delivers an interesting interpretation of worlds colliding. We are introduced to Simon Grim (James Urbaniak), a garbage-man who has a beer for lunch and is the sole breadwinner for his household consisting of himself, his mother who does nothing all day, and his sister Faye (Parker Posey) who spends her time being the local go-to girl for sex.Into this family stuck in neutral comes Henry Fool (Thomas Jay Ryan) to rent their basement. Henry is a witty, self-absorbed, wanna-be novelist that refuses to work at anything else other than talking about his non-existent talent.To pass the time he establishes a friendship with Simon who is in need of direction and convinces him that he can be a great poet if he puts his feelings onto paper. In the meantime, Henry dodges his past while inadvertently making a future for both Simon and Faye but in a way no one could possibly predict.Henry Fool - Look, Simon, I made love to your mother about half an hour ago, and now I'm beginning to think that maybe it wasn't such a good idea.Henry is a charming ass that reminded me of coffeehouse poets at the local level who are only there for the scene. He is aptly named as are the Grims. The acting is very good but the script and direction are better. Hartley knows what he wants to show you and you get it in all of its crass splendor. This film is not for everyone but it does take a small slice of dead-end lives and shows you what can come when unexpected change is allowed to flourish. As a commentary on celebrity and the effects thereafter, it does score.And the final scene was splendid.Henry Fool - It's a philosophy. A poetics. A politics, if you will. A literature of protest. A novel of ideas. A pornographic magazine of truly comic book proportions. It is, in the end, whatever the hell I want it to be. And when I'm through with it it's going to blow a hole this wide straight through the world's own idea of itself. They're throwing bottles at your house. Come on. Let's go break their arms.PS: My wife hated this film and thought the sequel was better. Personally, I also thought the sequel was better but this wasn??t bad. The review will be coming next week

Justin A (br) wrote: It's in kind of an awkward spot really. It's less comedic than most of Chan's other movies, and not quite as violent as the previous Police Story movies. I saw it in theaters as a kid and didn't enjoy it as much because it was more serious than the other Chan movies I had seen before. Years later though, I can say it is much better than I had remembered. There is tons of action and probably some of the most dangerous stunts to show up in any of his movies. Seriously, the entire sequence on the moving train and helicopter as well as a motorbike had to be life threateningly dangerous. It was all worth it though as this is one of the more action packed Jackie Chan movies you'll see. It's not quite as good as the first Police Story, but I'd go so far as to say it's as good as the second.

Becca A (de) wrote: I wanted to marry her when I saw the moonlight shining on the barrel of her father's shotgun.

Veronique K (ag) wrote: full of stereotypes, especially the description of indians as ape-like barbarians or christianity-converted dim-witts. i watched it just because i was curious how claudette colbert looks in color movies, and her costumes are sorta plain without the genius touch of paramout's travis banton, not doing colbert justice. henry fonda feels lacklusterly awkward with his un-becoming pig-tail. the reason i could be able to abscent-mindedly finish viewing it is its striking photography of inland wilderness, and how soothingly wide the blue sky is rendered along with limitlessly grand pastures, cliffy hills and the massive forests of tall pines(who knows what kind of tree is that..) manifests the aloof charm of primitive inland america despite the people in it weren't (portrayed) half as charming as its breath-taking landscapes. i would certainly watch it again to doze off while gazing at those striking views of celluloid nature.

Andy C (ca) wrote: While cleaning my DVR I came across this. OK, I knew it was there, but whatever. I laughed when Efren or whatever his name was got lynched, because I'm a noticeably bad person, but then I cried at the end because the horrible picture quality mixed with black and white strained my eyes a lot.

Christopher B (ag) wrote: The torment of PTSD haunts a civilian survivor for decades afterward. Steiger and director Sidney Lumet were both nominated for several awards, and won a few of them in Europe. In 2008 this film was awarded a place on the National Film Registry - well deserved.

John R (us) wrote: John Wayne.130624: Downgraded half a star. These actors took this project way too seriously. In 1945 it was probably a good thing, expected. Now, it just comes across as overdone. Always had a place for PT Boats however, hence three stars. PT109 is better in my opinion.